Saturday, July 30, 2016

labia pyramidal wiener

Schopenhauer’s central premise is that talent achieves what others cannot achieve, 
whereas genius achieves what others cannot imagine. 

Squirrel Paper Weights ( I guess?)

And it's double Squirrel Extravaganza today as I celebrate hitting FORTY SIX INCHES on my quest for sixty!  So I celebrated with a piece of my former quilt, 'August' as the 46" marker:

Today I spent quite a long time piecing together a few more squares from cut edges and unused smaller extra hunks-  trying to make the best of quilts that just don't fit the 24" format.  Anyway, here it is as of this afternoon, after a bit of Photoshop cropping so I will see what the finished piece might look like-

The really exciting thing, and the reason I was able to go so much further today is that I unearthed another log of quilts that I hadn't seen on my last go-through.  I added 5 new bigger quilts and three smaller ones to the cuttery.  I could only get one square and lots of extra edges off the smaller ones, hence the growing pile of the robot quilts (those squares made from pieces off finished squares).  I also found a whole giant plastic bin of additional old blocks I had never put together-  the problem with those is that they need to also be backed and stuffed and quilted so it takes so much time, even with my quick and dirty methods for the unloved work.  But I'll hold back those until the end when I get more desperate.  I think I might have 8 more inches of finished quilt squares but many I have to piece and quilt before I can string them on.
As I go I am pulled in 2 directions-  as you know I am leaving the cut edges and the interior circles unfinished because I am trying to destroy this stuff, not make it perfectly finished off.  As it is I have spent way too much time on this. One real perk is I am cleaning the studio as I yank stuff off the walls and out of bins and off shelves.  And it certainly needed it.  I am planning on doing a bit of studio interior design when I get this all moved on to it's new home-  I want to get rid of a few shelves and bring them home to my garage for stuff like bike helmets and baby car seats and gardening equipment.  I think I can probably liberate 2 of the big shelf units if I set my mind to it.  I am anticipating that at some point I will have to put the studio on the market and the more I can get rid of now, the easier it will be in a few years.  No hurry yet, just anticipating that there will be a day when I absolutely won't need equipment and supplies I have been collecting since college.  And admittedly, the Syracuse 50 year reunion was this summer.  On graduation day I saw my World History teacher from high school walking the aisle as a distinguished alumnae and I was shocked that anybody so old would be able to walk at her 50th reunion.  HA!  Hats off to ya, Mrs. VanDerhoff-  you rocked!  I'm aiming for my 70th now.

Enough of this, I'm sure you want to move on to the ART PART by now-

Swiss-based artists duo Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni are the artists behind NEVERCREW, a street art collaboration that now spans over two decades. Through artworks that primarily take the form of large-scale murals, the artists seek to highlight and ask questions about some of the largest issues facing humanity from climate change, immigration, and humankind’s exploitation of nature. Seen here are a collection of murals from the past few years including a recent mural seen at the Grenoble Street Art Fest in France and others from Cities of Hope in Manchester.

Sigh.  Wish I had said that!

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Anonymous said...

Miss read the number and though you were at 96inches.
Got myself a bit excited.
I am really starting to like this tower of textiles.
Computer just suggested testicles!?
Love to read your words and look at your art.
Cheers Jan.