Thursday, July 28, 2016

tweed circle champ

"The problem with political jokes is, they get elected."
                                        ~Henry Cate, VII~ 

Not my favorite squirrel pillow-  etsy has a ton of them, mostly screen printed like this one.  Now, if I had a log house in the woods again...

Took my time getting out of here this morning-  I was going to get a pedicure and let it dry hard in the studio while I worked, so I checked to make sure I had my Emergency Pedicure Sandals in the car and discovered they had fallen apart from the extreme heat!  A glue failure!  So instead I went to the studio and got out the E-6000 and alligator clamps and they are all nicely back together.  I guess I should keep them inside instead.  

But I did get a lot done today-  my new yarn skeins are wound, I picked up and stashed stuff away.  I finished my latest Artists' Book elaboration piece and have it safely in it's envelope and on it's way, and then I got down to cutting up a few more quilts.  I hit the 44" mark today:

and it is looking more and ore possible that I will make it to 60" except that I am now down to a few pieces I really wasn't going to chop up.  I am searching my soul.  Seems like neither of my kids will give me back any quilts they have and I know that would get me over the top.  I may have to think up something  different for the top, or worse, cut it off a few inches. We'll see what happens.  I guess I should have listened when somebody suggested spacers in-between the quilt blocks, though that would be cheating I suppose.  Oh well, too late now.  Progress on the wall pieces isn't chugging along at the same rate.  I need some silver bias tape and am too lazy to make it-  will go on the hunt tomorrow, perhaps I can find something that will work at the upholstery shop.  I still have an unused stack of squares about 3" deep that I want to intersperse in between new quilt  squares.

Ready for an ART PART?  Here goes, it's an animal theme:

Bleeding shark tea bags!

Kiev-based glass artist Nikita Drachuk of Glass Symphony (previously) continues to crank out all matter of tiny glass objects from birds and bees to slugs and salamanders. Drachuk primarily uses a technique called lampwork, where a high-temperature torch is used to melt colorful glass rods.

And you know I'm a gal who can't resist a little taxidermy...WHAT are they doing???

With that I'm heading to Netflix-

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