Tuesday, August 02, 2016

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“Great art is at once surface and symbol.” (Oscar Wilde)

Ban all Squirrels with RayGuns!

Today I got a new horror-scope that doesn't bode well for my Tower project.  Here it goes-

Leo (July 23–August 22)
Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is pretty good, Leo, but his codexes hold many more secrets. In fact, some of them are even more brilliant than we initially realized. Unfortunately, this is not a Mona Lisa month for you. Any attempts to create a transcendent masterpiece will not only fall short, but fail spectacularly. Your energies would be better applied to humbler tasks. Do you know how to codex?
Now what...? 

Just returned from studio where I was making Frankenstein squares out of the trimmings off the real ones.  This one has scraps from five, more than I usually need.  But remember, I will hide it.

This is tiresome, they are really ugly and I have to dismantle the tower a few feet back so I can mingle in the not-nice ones in the center somewhere.  I cut up another good quilt today, I am getting down to hard decisions-  but it was pink and I am not a fan so buh-bye!  No more pink quilts (it was made from old quilt blocks and kind of pretty-  I was always proud of how well it turned out, even though it recalled upset stomachs and Pepto Bismol.

If you came over from Facebook, welcome.  I have some stuff somebody might want and 
I'll be as truthful as I can be.  I want to get rid of these quilt blocks, I always thought I could use them but they are doing nothing but getting old along with me so I am offering them up in batches for best offer over postage fee.  Please make sure and tell me which bundle you want and basically I will take any offer so feel free to try!

First, A stack of 15 black and cheddar-colored blocks.  Machine sewn and not bad, though she has my same problem with cutting of points in the pattern.  But not to mind, this is a wild combo-  not all are black prints and checks, some deviate into blue so all together there is something kinda interesting going on.15" blocks, two of them (below right) have a yellow and white check rather than the ocher.  Four T pattern.

Next, we have a bunch of string pieced blocks, see upper left, nicely done, not thrilling, but somebody with some vision could make something from these OR YOU CAN USE THE PAPERS that are still intact, pages from Montgomery Ward or Sears and fabulous for collage or even scanning and printing onto fabric-  you'll find some use for the ads I'm sure.  There are maybe 12-15 of these sewn into four patches so your work is half done!

A cute little log cabin, maybe crib sized, all sewn together with an amazing odd collection of fabrics. This might be something to practice your long arm quilting with.  Maybe a teaching sample for your grandchild.  I dunno, I must have been drinking when I got it, I had some hare-brained scheme I'm sure.  

Now we get to some really CRUDE embroideries.  I cut up a quilt that had most of these sewn in but couldn't find a reason for them to all be together so I separated them out into themes, very rough themes...

2 DOGGIES, same design, both have LIPS!  (about 8" square)

The PATRIOTIC theme, really crude, but maybe you can sew them together into a monitor cozy so you don't have to look at the worst candidate.  7 of these, about 8" square

DUTCH boys and girl.  Three of these are the same pattern.

And a bunch of GEOMETRICS star shapes, 6 pieces, very rudimentary cross stitch.

And finally, 9 embroideries of little Amish kids-  I know they are Amish because they don't have faces, they are wearing pinafores and bonnets and are WORKING!  Anyway, do I have takers on the 9 Amish kids?  Actually 8 kids and one pig.  
I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Do we NEED an ART PART too?  Okey dokey-  that I have for you:

French artist Juliette Clovis produces hybrid works that merge nature, history, and myth with the female form, covering simple porcelain busts in wildlife, flora, and spikes. Her additions are either painted on or applied to mask the face, obscuring features like abnormal growths. These ambiguous females question the power that is split between humans and nature, toeing a line between being gentle and unnerving. 

Now, get in touch right away  (sdonabed@gmail.com)  for your pack of quilt blocks.  Remember, I said best reasonable offer above postage so I am not expecting to retire from this little pop-up sale!  What I AM expecting is to rinse out the bin and pack it up with more crap I have lying around, though I will miss the dogs-with-lips.

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Max said...

Ignore the horrorscope . . . and start looking for a mini pallet jack to move that tower around! Since it is an autobiography you can offer it to the Jaffe as an artist book . . . just sayin'