Saturday, August 06, 2016

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It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. 
People are either charming or tedious. -Oscar Wilde

Have no clue what this is about.

Worked all ay yesterday sewing up the Frankenstein quilts-  the odds and ends sewn together to flesh it all out.  Today I found a baby quilt that my aunt made for me when I was born AND Max sent me a quilt I made who-knows-when but it has my name on it so it must be so.  Unfortunately it is exactly 24" so it's only one layer.  The baby quilt might make two layers but it's awfully thin so I doubt it will help much.  I took a break today because something is wrong with my thumb and I can't hold scissors or rotary cutter, I'm hoping it gets better with some rest, and yes I am typing without it, very inconvenient.

Also, out of the blue I got a quilt back from a friend who told me she had it-  turns out it is exactly 24" square so I only have to take out the center and it's a go.  My signature is on it but I'll be damned if I remember making it-  it does look somewhat familiar but it's a mystery as to why on earth I did it.  And the colors are a bit weird, but then so is the whole project!

Now you know ugly!

To continue, there's another ART PART waiting for you here:

Seattle-based paper artist Kate Alarcón has an uncanny ability to turn paper materials into lifelike flowers and plants. Alarcón works primarily with European crepe paper in various weights to create delicately rippled petals, stems, and has even perfected techniques to craft convincing succulents. She shares all of her creations on Instagram and occasionally offers workshops if you’re in the Seattle area.

(The kitchen Ikea plan for the minuscule condo arrived this week)

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