Saturday, August 27, 2016

comparative forth comparator

“Love is blind; friendship tries not to notice.” 
– Otto von Bismarck

dull as dirt.  Talk about not looking at a real squirrel and then drawing one!  
Squirrel eyelashes?  Round ears?  No claws for climbing?
Gimme a break.

Oh Babe!  You OK?

OK, SUE ME.  I didn't go to the studio except for a short time yesterday, just enough to finish off the 82 leaves I had started the day before.  And I did it.  These are the leaves that have the names of all my quilts on their backs, something nobody will know about (or care!) unless they turn one over.  That will set them wondering WTF 'Postmodern Pigeons' or 'Leadville Twins' might actually mean.  I got the leaves pinned down and then went back with renewed vigor today. Now it's done. Done Done Done.

I still have more circles to appliqué on the wall piece but I was able to take some photos anyway, and can photoshop out some of the pin heads holding it together.  It also still needs a false back but that can be done at a later date.  Or never.  Lets Just say neither of these things are going anywhere soon, if ever.

In Other Studio News, yesterday the basket I keep all my buttons and beads in busted down the seams when I tried to pick it up so I invested in some small-tool boxes from Home Depot.  They are actually two boxes that open from both sides so double room.  Today I sorted out my buttons and got them all into the bigger 2 sided box.  Tomorrow I do beads and I'll put them in the two single sided boxes.  I am throwing out a ton of stuff in the process.  No more plastic buttons, just keeping the vintage and special ones I have picked up over the years.  I found a set of ceramic cat buttons I'll have to use to make something for cat-crazy Hazel.  And for the new baby I have six different zoo animals, tiny little things really only usable for a baby so I gotta get cracking' on a new project.

So, the clean-out has started as I go.  My thread boxes are a mess and need replenishing-  today I had to resort to dark blue when I needed black and was too lazy to venture out.  I hit the spots with the marker and it's OK but I should have used black to start with.  My sink in there is disgusting, I'll work on that tomorrow too.  My final objective is to empty off one of my six big steel racks so I can use it in my garage.  It would give me more room in the studio, more storage for the garage, and just give an all around feeling of accomplishing something, a feeling I certainly haven't visited with the Autobiography project.  (Other than unrolling all my quilts and cutting them up which was certainly in the satisfying column!)

Certainly.  Don't you know you can't learn ANYthing from your own work?  All the information you need is Out There somewhere, you need to go find it.

And it the ART PART!

Forget your run-of-the-mill cutesy balloon dogs and crowns twisted at kids birthday parties: Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto elevates the inflated craft of balloon animals to an entirely different level. The Japanese artist uses a multitude of balloon colors and shapes to sculpt creatures you might not normally associate with the children’s party activity including insects, giant isopods, baboons, and scaly lizards.

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