Thursday, August 25, 2016

visionary screen visit

“Remember that all is opinion,” said Emperor Marcus Aureli

Squirrel martini?  Squirrel perfume bottle?  Tail-in-Flames Squirrel?  I don't know.

I took yesterday of from the studio, had my stitch group but nobody did any stitching-  we gossiped and ate lunch and had a 'girl's' day for a while.  Nobody is here, it's so bloody quiet we have to make our own fun.  And besides I have been working full time on these stupid Autobiographies, and badly needed a day off.  Maybe with these pictures, even though the pieces are still unfinished, you can see more of what is happening. 

But today I was back at it-  was turning on the AC at 9 AM and I turned it back down at 3 to go feed and walk the dogs, then back again at 4 for another three hours before having to hit Publix to buy up some things I'll need if the current weather system becomes a reality.  Anyway, I got massive amounts done today-  I made more small circles and bound them for the second piece and I made EIGHTY TWO more leaves to hold the names of the rest of my quilts.  I think this is enough if I only put on tag on for the different series I have of like quilts-  basically they have the same names and a designation number.  So, with no further ado,  this is how I left it tonight as I left in the almost-dark!
82 more partially bound leads should be finished tomorrow and added on to the top cover of the tower piece.  

Autobiography I- 1975-2000
Quilts completed in the last quarter century with stand-ins for missing pieces, sold pieces, and donated pieces.  The top most project, close-up in the middle picture but missing in the full picture, is leaf shapes with all the quilt names on the undersides.  To date there are 102 sewn on, and I have 85 left to go-  they will cascade down over the top portion of the quilt stack.

Autobiography II- Chapters and Paragraphs

And here's a closeup of the bound circles sewn on disrupted  clamshell pattern to canvas.  I haven't yet attached all the smaller circles which are somewhat 3-D on the surface.  I am also interrupting the static top and bottom lines as the smaller circles spill off the surface.  


And we segue to the ART PART~

Collectively titled Zobop, Jim Lambie's vinyl tape installations mark off floors and stairs with colorful and repeating patterns, typically consisting of seven to nine rotating hues. The site-specific works conform to the architectural outline of each space, tracing the sharp edges of moulding or square bases of monumental columns. To begin each new work Lambie first outlines the widest possible edge, typically starting where the floor meets the wall. From here, he alternates widths for his lines, mixing up thin strips with those that are a couple of inches thick until he reaches the center of each space.

3 comments : said...

hmmm, didn't realize you were calling it Autobiography. Looks more like a Memoir in 3D.

Max said...

Looking good! Now all you need are wheels for it!

Deanna said...

Amazing, Sandy. What a lot of quilts you have made. Clever autobiography.