Sunday, August 28, 2016

violet aggression violin

“I am not a teacher but an awakener.” (Robert Frost)

I truly never thought of a squirrel as a 'party animal'.  Oh well.  If you feel a little embroidery coming on...

A Saturday with nothing to do!  This never happens, but I finished up (for the most part) on my two new pieces in the studio and decided to give myself the gift of time.  I had twenty different things I COULD do today but chose instead to drip Visine into my eyes or keep them closed.  For some reason they are feeling awful today.  i know I need a good night's sleep so I'll try again tonight. 

Yesterday when I finished I sort of went around kicking the furniture until I found my new segmented storage boxes so I amused myself buy consolidating a bushel sized basket of buttons into one little double sided box.  And throwing out all the rest.  I am SO proud of myself.  Of course the beads will be harder and I really hate to pour them into the compartments because then they are hard to catch, so whatever I have already strung or in those nice glass tubes is going to be kept.  Everything loose in the bottom of that basket will be a goner, thrown to the raccoon family that has moved into the dumpster.  So, if you see any blinged out raccoons, they were initially here at my studio.  

I'll go back to the studio tomorrow and pick up the piles o' shit I've got lying around.  I was able to use so much in the Tower, whole sections of fabric from years ago, and whenever there was a scrap smaller than a foot, I tossed it out.  Much more to do there, and while I am cleaning it out I am planning my next attack.  

With my declarations that these just finished projects represent the end of quilting as I know it, I am free to haul down the encaustics equipment and hope my torches still work.  First I need to revamp the electronics situation-  my computer there is off it's feed, completely balky and in need of a revamp.  I hope to get it to the shop next week to see if it can get some CPR.  The printer I use for fabric is clogged and not synced any more since the lightening bolt took out any recognition between the two.  And the scanner-  it doesn't talk to either one any more.  What a pain, but I need all three plus the laser printer to work.  My days are cut out for me, and I guess so is my frustration in the weeks to come.

I was asked to submit a picture of my dining room chandelier for the gal who made it for me, so I might as well give her a shout out too.  Thanks Ashlie, I adore this, both lit and not lit. 

And, like a Bad Penny turning up again and again, here we go with the 

Sapporo-based freelance illustrator and artist Baku Maeda tends to see the world a bit differently. His simple observations and humorous interventions like Leaf Beasts and Ribbonesia have gone viral the last few years. He recently shared this fun series of clipped square flowers on his Tumblr and Instagram which he refers to as Bit Leaves

And before I go, today's taxidermy-fail
So realistic you can almost reach out and touch him...

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