Sunday, August 07, 2016

virtual scotch aging

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. 
George Bernard Shaw

How 'bout this for your wildlife pillow collection?

Miserable experience yesterday.  We were looking forward to dinner here with all the people who 'summer over'-  it's a once a month scheduled thing for us to all get together and see who's in town.  TY got a hankering for Weinerschnitzel, I have no idea why, so called the chef to see if he could make us some-  mit spaetzel.  It was delicious, we had a great time with old friends, and we came home while it was still almost light (it stays light here quite late). A few hours later I awoke to TY throwing up violently, and it wasn't twenty minutes later that it hit me too.  We walked backwards in our minds and we hadn't eaten the same things at all all day except for that delicious schnitzel, half of which was still in my refrigerator.  I threw it out, though I bargained first to see if TY would eat some to check if that was the culprit.  So, nothing got done all day except 4 loads of wash cleaning up after ourselves, and fortunately we weren't tempted to try anything else as it was raining like it was hurricane season-  just like it's supposed to but hasn't yet all summer.  We ate soup for dinner but feel fine again today.  

I am headed for the studio to cut holes in these two small quilts, and perhaps fix a few more of the Frankensteins so they will be ready too.  I also want to start fooling around with light and settings to get an image other than iPhone for the records.

Today's Report-  I have somehow managed to get my tower up to~

only five inches to go and it looks like I will have to cut my Triple Irish Chain I put together years ago from found blocks.  I use it now for a holiday tablecloth but I guess I can let it go since it's pretty big and I might get two more inches out of it.  Now I am worrying about how to top it off.  I auditioned a couple of ideas today and nixed them all. they sort of looked like a cake topper instead of something that would carry out the idea of what this is all about.  More work to come, nothing happening tomorrow so that's how I'll spend the day.  I had to make this top square out of some of the cheddar blocks I was trying to give away.  Nobody was interested so perhaps I can do another one or two (LOTS of this nice big blocks but I have to layer and quilt them before I string them on.  pita. So, here it is at 55" plus a detail:

(nope, I do not bind the edges because I already did that before I cut them up.  
This is an WYSIWYG  project.)

I have a cool ART PART for you, and it will feel good to get some air outside after being cooped up!

 French street artist Astro brings an interesting sense of perspective to his public murals that turn flat surfaces into portals that appear to recede into another dimension. Already known for his wild calligraphy-inspired patterns, the artist has begun to incorporate 3D illusions with the help of shadows to create tunnels and voids at the center of his works. Astro’s latest piece was recently completed as part of the Loures Art Publica project in Loures, Portugal.
Oh yeah, One More Thing:
This gorgeous knitted lace shawl blends right into the mossy rocks-  I don't know where it is but it sure looks like Ireland to me.  If you know where it is let me know. I did a Google Image search and only got pictures of woods.

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Max said...

so what if you top the tower with a square with all of the titles of the quilts that went into it? Not a list but a random compilation?

I wish I was fixated on my own work as much as I am on the growth of this one of yours!