Wednesday, August 31, 2016

my august 30th zibaldone

“Silence is something more than just a pause; it is that enchanted place where space is cleared and time is stayed and the horizon itself expands”
- Pico Ayer 

Image stolen for me by my anon. news clipping service.  If I do a Kickstarter will I ever make $197 to rescue this guy?  I doubt it.  

Gotta love Atlas Obscura.  Today they talked about ZIBALDONE, the practice of carrying around a notebook to keep track of observations, measurements, appointments, sketches and stories called a zibaldone.  There are several examples of this dating from the 1500's and it fits right in with keeping a blog except that by now I would have filled maybe 250 notebooks!  I am pushing against 2435 posts over 12 years, and see that it won't take long to reach 2500, probably in 2-3 months.  We will celebrate somehow-  I have time to think abut it but it just may involve abandoning a squirrel or two.   Meanwhile, back to my usual program~

Here is an excerpt from Post #1, March 24th, 2004
I am a fiber artist, but it seems I am currently 'on hiatus' because the muse hasn't shown her fuzzy head around here in awhile. I am anxious to get home where the pace is a bit faster and there is a bit more artistic stimulation. I am currently being exhibited here in Town Hall, a piece about the demolition of the local high school last year. On Sundays when the crew was gone I would climb over the caution tape and wade around knee deep in fluffy white stuff (asbestos perchance???) taking digitals of the recycleable mountains. It was quite cool how all the wiring was in one mountain, all the wood in another, all the sheet metal in another, and all the broken chunks of cement the size of Volkswagons in yet another. I took 500 pictures over three weeks, picked the best and printed them onto cotton before collaging them together into a quilt. 

Of course I cannot figure out how to include an image here- that must be day #2. 

But, trust me, the quilt was a good one, and I really wanted it to be hung here in town with the idea maybe someone would open their wallet for it. Ain't gonna happen because who knew the show was on the second floor and only seen by the folks who work there. If they can see it around the fake palm tree. 
 for it. Ain't gonna happen because who knew the show was on the second floor and only seen by the folks who work there. If they can see it around the fake palm tree. 

NOTE:  That quilt, Multiple Choices,  has been cut up and is now resting comfortably in the Autobiography Tower.

I've taken yet another day off from the studio, and GUILT is creeping in!  One day I caught up around home, another day I visited my fave shopping emporium to buy new jeans, and today was my Stitch group which for the summer is only one friend and me.  And lunch.  We wouldn't miss it.  Gradually people will filter back to Florida but if they are watching weather, this is not the time to come back.  It was raining steadily all day yesterday-  I got wet about three times and each time changed clothes and headed back out.  What is it about when you keep doing the same thing and each time get the same result but don't learn from it?  Oh yeah, MENTAL ILLNESS.  
The last trip out I took my cousin?  niece? second cousin once removed? my husband's cousin's daughter?  Anyway Nicole and I went to the Food Shack and had a great fried dinner-  well she had a 'bowl' of something with floating veggies and I had fried oysters.  She is off to Disney today and then back home so it was a nice evening to get out even in the rain.  And I wore my new jeans and they didn't turn me blue even first time out wet! 

So, here's today's ART PART: 

 Artist Amber Cowan works primarily with fragments of vintage pressed glass to construct complex vessels and sculptures with a multitude of fused components. Pressed glass is created when molten glass is forced into a mold as a way to mass-produce certain forms. Cowan uses these found pieces to create remarkable one-of-a-kind objects that reference the rise and fall of US glassware manufacturing, while simultaneously offering a new narrative. You can see more of Cowan’s work on her website

Hope you have a dry evening ahead, it's started raining again with the crazy front passing through, hope we don't lose electricity like yesterday!


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