Tuesday, August 23, 2016

screechy vision screed

‘Ten percent of any job is bound to go wrong — and most of the time, that is where the magic lives.’”
Even you have to admit you're surprised at how many things have a squirrel motif!

Two solid days in the studio, doggies are despondent from lack of ear rubs, but still, they run to greet me when they hear the garage door go up.  Yeah, they burst through the door since they know how to turn knobs now, and joyfully clatter into the garage-  one day they will get squashed and I will be able to scream I TOLD YOU SO!!!  It will be a call-the-taxidermist occasion.

But back to the studio.  I finished all the hand appliqué on the all piece, did it at home because I have a big dining room table and a big too-bright-for-dinner chandelier.  It took forever since every stitch had to be pulled through with pliers.  I used a heavy duty buttonhole thread and a big eye needle and my hands look like hamburger from this.  But it's done up to the pint I wanted it.  next I am cutting more circle from the center 8" pieces overflowing the desk, but now they are 6" circles, binding them with the metallic linen too and scattering them thoughtfully over the surface.  So, more appliqué in my immediate future!  I now have 102 'leaves' cut and bound with the quilt titles on the backs.  I counted the title tags and I have 65 left to make, but I will run out of metallic linen by then so may have to find a substitute-  not enough time to order for this schedule.

The tower is all rebuilt and I'm glad-  the little base elevates it just enough so things at the bottom are more graceful, but somehow in reassembly I must have smoothed and patted things down more carefully because I am still 4: short on filling it up.  Tomorrow I make more 24" squares and will slice up another quilt to make quota.  I thought maybe I could sew the leftover circles back together but then it won't have corners and will look dumb there in between all those right angles.  

I also started arranging the leaves on the top most piece, the 'cap' on the top of the song tube.  Hopefully I can get them sewn on easily but just going around in a circle on the top square catching the point end of each as I go. Anyway, I now am looking at all the varying 'parts' that I have to integrate with each other and get photographed asap.  I won't decide where to enter until I see the photographs because it has to be really great when I think what shipping is going to be.  Yikes.  

Without all that appliqué in front of me I wonder what to watch on Netflix tonight...  I've been winging through the Great British Baking show but I'm tired of screaming at the contestants to get it in the freezer or get it out of the oven! Anxiety inducing!

I know, you're saying WTF is she talking about!  I have a vast Russian readership-  don't ask me why, but I wonder how they plow through...

YEA, it's ART PART time!

Sculptor Polly Verity interlocks domes, orbs, and other curved structures by strategically folding large sheets of paper. The result of these intricate manipulations is landscapes of patterns that seem to rise effortlessly from their 2D material. Her works tesselate from one shape to the other, repeating both hard-edged and curved shapes throughout the folded sculptures.

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