Sunday, August 21, 2016

vise screech visible

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked” 
– Bernard Meltzer

Hmmm, looks like a whole new territory here, diamond squirrels!  Isn't that an oxymoron?

Today is my any-name-here birthday.  I'm fine with not having a plan, but the whole idea of 'birthday' is silly.  I'm a day older than yesterday.  I am going out to dinner with a friend.  I got a lovely arrangement of orchids, my favorite flower and a lovely present and a bunch of cards-  amazing, isn't it how we still remember our elementary school friend's birthdays?  I guess it was because we were so aware of who was older and when the next birthday party was going to be.  Anyway I can rattle of their birth dates still, as those in my own family are blurry!  This isn't a big year, doesn't end in 0 or even a 5, so no celebration other than to thank the stars I am still on the planet, above the sod.  

And I have enough money to pay for the new towels that match Pepper.  Life is good, I don't know any better.  (These are actually for ME, Pepper has his own towel that's bright turquoise-  when ever I pull it out he runs because when he sees it he knows water might be involved.  He's right.)

Plea:  Is there anyone out there in South Florida who would be available to help me with this Tower when the time comes?  I need help disassembling and packing it up and getting it into the car.  
(A couple of hours, and I buy a nice lunch.)
Let me know if you're willing, I don't have dates yet, TBD.

Yesterday I made the base for the tower, it took all day-  had to use my power tools and the measuring thing.  And glue.  It also involved taking ALL the quilt squares off the tube-  doesn't sound like much but it took most of the day. 
While the glue dried.

And finally there is a use for all those god-awful mustard blocks none of you wanted!  I made 4 legs out of another song tube, then just used alligator clips to hold them to the central stalk.  This I covered with some heavy duty foam core just to support it all flat.  And it worked!  Then of course I had to put all 300+ quilts back on the tube and my back is killing me today!

This was the taking off part, I know because there's no base.  The base doesn't show at all but it does keep the quilts off the floor.  And it makes me feel like it's more complete.  I wish all these quilt pieces had binding all around but after doing 10 or 15 I decided that was fool's work-  it didn't look any different, didn't SAY anything different. so scrap that plan.  Instead I am binding all the leaf shapes-  I have done 63 already and I have at least that number to go.  I will never run out of things to do to this.  Shoot me now.

ART PART. like you didn't expect one?

Using subtle changes in light and shadow, French photographer Pascal Goet subtly manipulates the details of a variety of insects, highlighting their anthropomorphic appearance. Goet does not alter any of the colors associated with the brilliantly hued bugs, but instead focuses on letting areas of the body fade away or become more pronounced. Through this process faces emerge, a human reflection in an otherwise unrelatable species. This aspect is especially pronounced when printed quite large for exhibitions, where the audience has their own face come into contact with an imitation of one.Since no

Since no post is ever complete without taxidermy...

Hmm, wonder what that was...

Gotta go wash my hair, going out with a friend tonight for sushi.  Then I come back early and work on my other Autobiography piece.  Hand work, appliqué, sort of, but doable in front of Netflix.  Last night I started on Great British Baking, and have many episodes ahead of me.  Sounds like a perfect birthday to me.

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