Monday, August 08, 2016

screwbean screwdriver foster

"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office”  ~Aesop~ 

Got in the car today to go to the studio and work out something for the top of the Tower, but the car didn't like being out in the rain so it went right instead of left and took me to Sephora to buy more hair stuff before it gets discontinued.  (as if...)   Spent three rain free hours talking around inside the mall window shopping until my feet gave out at the far corner and I had to get back to the store where my car was parked.  So, even though I had ponder-time about the studio issue, I am still stuck in the same place.

Except I have a new lipstick and some other various and sundry stuff to smear on my face so I won't look my age.  Gimme anther 'AS IF...'

Tomorrow I gotta get serious because we are going to a party at the Square Grouper in the afternoon for beer and nachos- much more important than my autobiography.  Hope the rain blows over by them-  no indoor space on the beach, just a tiki hut to keep the nachos dry.

Story of my life.

blah blah blah

 Animals and insects are no stranger in the work of Japanese painter Takumi Kama, who recreates them in acrylics with astonishing accuracy and realism. For a recent exhibition at BAMI gallery in Kyoto, Kama came up with 2 different, imaginary leaf insects that camouflage themselves in the city. One is the Hide-mushi, which gets its name from Hideo Noguchi, who appears on the 1000 yen bill (mushi means insect). The Hide-mushi camouflages itself amongst Japanese currency and feeds on paper, which can affect its color.

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