Sunday, August 14, 2016

virgule scornful aghast

These young people naturally grow up with ideas different from ours, for they are born for times when we shall no longer be here. (Emile Zola)

Squirrel Olympics

Whew, spent the morning in the studio with my podcasts blasting and the sewing machine whirring.  I finished all the binding on the circles, turned and pressed them one at a time, then pinned them in the holes where they belong.  Then I started hand sewing, or more realistically, tacking, them down.  I worked on three rows and almost finished those up but my hand gave out on the right and my shoulder gave out on the left!  Hope I am back in sewing shape by tomorrow because I have miles to go!

Then I started using up the small amount of leftover binding on the slices, or footballs leash shapes.  I pulled out the ones that were falling apart or didn't have an interesting design on them and got about 8 or 10 done to see how they looked in a group.  They kinda look good so I will make even  MORE binding to finish up more slices.  Not sure what I will do with them-  either attach to top of tower or dangle them from the ogee shapes on this other quilt.  Or perhaps make a third piece, a collage-y thing.  We'll see.  Tomorrow will be the decision day.
The good thing is that TY is leaving on Tuesday for awhile to play in a couple of tournaments in RI, so my time will be my own, well, it will be shared with the Canine Companions but the three of us won't be on the time schedule that happens with TY in residence.  One thing I will do is haul my computer off to the experts and see if they can make it work for another year or two because it's off it's feed.  AND the scanner has stopped working-  no communication with printer OR computer. and the printer is telling me it needs more ink but I just changed all the cartridges.  Ain't nuthin' working the way it should.  And I need it all!  

So, today's ART PART:
You must know by now that I am as enamored as much by taxidermy as by tattoos.  These tattoos are spectacular!

Inspired by the botanical specimens she finds while walking through parks and gardens on her frequent travels, tattoo artist Pis Saro creates elegant plant portraits on the legs, arms, and spines of her international clients. Designed directly from nature, Saro’s works are nearly indistinguishable from the plants she sketches, often holding each side-by-side in the beautifully composed images she shares frequently on Instagram.

And with that, I am off to read catalogs!

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