Tuesday, August 16, 2016

virile scorpion agile

“With an apple I will astonish Paris.” (Paul Cezanne)

One o' them Euro Squirrels

I spent way too much time in the studio yesterday, all hand sewing through the quilt circles and a piece of stiff canvas-  my hands are so sore and cut top from being jabbed by the needle.  I've only found one needle that really works well pulling through and of course I keep losing it.  I also raided the tool box to keep a handy pair of needle nosed pliers at the ready, thank goodness for those!  I was able to do about three or four rows before the pain and self-mutilation got to me.

Today I drove  TY to the airport, did some pick-up shopping at the outlet mall, and I think TY beat me to Massachusetts before I got home from the airport!  So much to do there, but paying the ridiculous dog boarding fees for the two fur guys is prohibitive.  I have to do just that though because I'm in charge of the kitchen install which is just a few days after my kids move into their new  (old) house and I promised to help.

MEANWHILE, I just came home and puttered, walked the dogs around the block because for the first time in 3 months the temperature was below 85, and then watched Netflix and knit.  And unknit.  And Reknit. The usual plan for me.

So, tomorrow I am back in the studio and hope I can do a few more rows before the pain sets in. I am thinking of folding up and dragging the whole thing home with me and setting up on the dining room table so I can be closer to the dogs and can work in my jammies or late into the night.  It may be easier for this piece.  

Meanwhile for the tower piece I decided I need to make a platform for the bottom but my carpentry is pretty rudimentary.  Wish I had somebody to help, keeping my eyes open.  Then, I am also contemplating a different top but I must make a prototype to check if it would work-  and time is running out!  

Where are those damn elves when you need them most!!!

So, are you ready for a little gardening lust as our ART PART today?

For the latest issues of PIN-UP, photographer Philippe Jarrigeon visited the Château de Marqueyssac in France to photograph the incredible topiary gardens found there. The area was first developed in the late 17th century by Bertrand Vernet de Marqueyssac, but truly began to take form in the 1860s when owner Julien de Cervel planted thousands of malleable boxwood trees which were carved into fantastic shapes. Today the sprawling gardens have over 150,000 trees cut into unusual geometric forms that can be explored by the public through 5 kilometers of walkable paths.

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