Wednesday, August 17, 2016

virile scorpion agile

“A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success!” – Doug Larson

And before I forget, today is

guess that calls for a dance and heel click.

you gotta admit those are some feet!  Check the break dancer in the back

Busy day today-  had to race over to the studio to grab the wall piece, the one with circles I am hand stitching, and while I was there I made 3 more yards of fabric into binding for the little leaf shapes:

Working on metallic linen, ironing on Mistyfuse to whole pieces and when it cools down enough to fold I will cut bias binding out of it all.  I have 3 different metal colors so they will be interchangeable.  The PLAN is that I will bind all these leaf shapes-  the first bunch are unbound, the second have one side done in the dark brown/black:

Next Iwill print the names of all, and I mean ALL the quilts I've made on fabric, misty fuse it too, and add to the back of these leaves.  They will then go one of two ways-  either get them attached to the top of the tower where people can play with them, OR they will be attached to the wall piece-  gotta make a slew of them first to see how it will work.  This means over 300 of them.  And I probably have enough to make double that.  See?

And I did get the quilt part rolled up and ready to be worked on in my dining room!  It will be so much easier when I can work a little until I stab myself, heal a bit, and then get back at it.  I think.
Yeah, my dining room is black, wanna make something of it...

And to prove this new system will work just fine I am gonna go work on it right now! 
After this I ran to the bank, then to the florist for a tiny plant to give my friend, came home and potted it in a cute Ironstone sugar bowl for her because she had a birthday party for me and two other friends who are all Leos born this week.  So nice of her.  Then, between dog walks and trash pickup and three loads of laundry you can see how working at home, especially in my current time crunch, makes sense.

Here we go-  ART PART time!

Since 1963, a man named Justo Gallego has dedicated his life to building a cathedral on the outskirts of Madrid almost entirely by himself. Despite the lack of any formal training in construction or architecture, Gallego has continued work on the giant church into his 90s and works on it even today. 

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