Saturday, August 20, 2016

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“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.” (Joseph Pilates

Missing some color on this one, sorry.
Sorry I've been MIA but it's because of the time crunch to get this Tower done!  I keep veering off with ideas to use up the tiniest scraps and right now I've spent three days (plus have to do it again today) putting metallic linen binding on all the little leaf shapes I showed you yesterday.  Then, at 3 AM (of course-  don't all ideas hit at that time?) I figured out how to do a base with stuff I have on hand rather than trying to develop carpentry skills overnight.  Wish I had a dad-  he would have done it for me but a bottle of Bourbon would have been involved...

Anyway I needed some STUFF from Home Depot yesterday for a couple of projects so off I went to buy a little package of screws, some bolts, spray paint (had to show an ID to get that-  me, an old housewife looking person!), and rope and carabiners and I can't remember what else -  oh yeah, saw blades!  And on the way down the last aisle I found some small tool boxes with lots of tiny sections-  exactly what I needed because my baskets of buttons and beads busted out of it's sides the other day.  $150 later I walked out.  And went to bind the leaf shapes.  I am hand printing the names of all the cut-up/  missing/sold quilts I've made circa 1975-2000 and fusing them to the backs of the leaves.  I had planned on printing on fabric but the printer is not communicating with the computer these days and I just couldn't fool around with that any more-  need to replace the studio computer I think.

I've been diligent about doing the handwork on Autobiography !!, the circle version, at my dining table.  It's working well because I have great light there day and night, room to put supplies and a couple of confused dogs begging at the table for naught.  Poor guys.  I have maybe 2 more days of that, then to make a backing to hide all my ugly stitching-  Will be done early next week, but it will be photographable after tomorrow.  I have time on that one- not due until the middle of the month.

Today I make the base for the tower-  I have some heavy duty foam core which I will cover, and then add 4 'legs' I will cut from another Sono tube with the big tube in the center.  I will screw the 'legs' to the central big tube to hold in place and that should make the whole thing more stable.  And of course add additional shipping problems but hey, who cares, right?  That is an eventuality that may never happen.  And it can easily be dismantled to walk to the dumpster out the studio door!  

(And to think *I* am worried about size and shipping!)

New York artist Jason Hackenwerth, known for his organic and biological forms made from latex balloons, just unveiled his latest work at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in the Grand Gallery of the National Museum of Scotland. Titled Pisces the sculpture is the artist’s interpretation of the legend of Aphrodite and Eros: in Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and her son, Eros, escaped the fearsome monster Typhon by transforming into a tightly woven spiral of two fish, a figure which later became a constellation called Pisces. The spiraling form is made from 10,000 balloons which took three staff members nearly six days to blow up, after which Hackenwerth and his assistant Leah Blair wove carefully into this three dimensional structure.


Speaking of The Dogs, did I tell you I found towels at TJMaxx that EXACTLY match Pepper.  And he exactly matches asphalt-  completely disappears on the road, no kidding.  Now my towels can disappear on the road too!  I am tossing the slippery skinny pile towels into the donate bag-  we both hate them.

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