Sunday, September 18, 2016

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“You must always start with something. 
Afterward you can remove all traces of reality”  Picasso

Sent by a friend of someone who posted it, don't ask..

Miss me much?  I don't think so.  I'm back from my week of enforced work camp at the new condo in MA.  Here's what an Ikea kitchen looks like when it arrives
Here's what the dining area looks like at the same time

And here is the kitchen demolished-  yup-  that's the WHOLE thing.

And here it what it looks like now
Not bad, ey?  Well hold on there matey~~~
I about stuck my head in the oven from frustrations but discovered it's electric and all I would do is frizz my hair further...not to mention that Ikea stoves don't come with cords or plugs so it is essentially a heavy table that is safe for toddlers to sit on and play with the buttons.  Who knew...  I left yesterday with no countertop-  won't be in for 2 weeks 'or so', and because of that no sink or faucet.  The refrigerator is plugged in but there's no hose to a water line installed AND the doors are on backwards which means you have to walk around the bloody thing, gab your stuff, then close the door to get back around to the kitchen counter.  The hinges can be changed to the other side but none of my wrenches would budge the bolts holding it on.  So, as far as the kitchen goes, I can keep my beer cold and that's about all!

The installers, a young woman and her poppy from Guatemala worked like crazy for 2 days, but when the order was so screwed up they had their hands tied.  Dealing with people in Denver and Minneapolis for our many issues (missing pieces, bashed up and bent items, returns and exchanges) drove us crazy, not to mention we ended up being the general contractors, something we are wholly unfitted to do.  Before you hire Ikea for a kitchen, make sure you understand that other than sticking the cupboards on the wall, everything else is up to you. Aaacht!

My carry-on bag was small so I couldn't take along my advanced state of knitting so I basically went to bed at 8 or 9 every night to play solitaire or watch more 'Dexter'.  I'm now in the last season and should finish it up soon.  I have to admit I am getting a bit bored after all that Saran Wrap that he's used, it was (almost) refreshing when he stuck a shovel handle into his latest giant victim instead one of his chef's knives.  If you decide Dexter is your next binge watch, I'd say watch maybe 3 seasons and then look for something else unless you're like me and can't start something new when something old is still on the table.

GOOD NEWS DEPT:  It hasn't hit 90 since I arrived back yesterday, in fact at 7 this morning when I looked, it was 79-  that's 10 degrees cooler than any other morning since last April!  We're heading back to livable numbers, let's keep it dropping!  And wonders never cease, there was a cool (I guess I should say 'cooler' because it sure ain't 'cool' yet!) breeze on the last dog watch

I picked up the Canine Companions from their 'Resort and Spa' boarding facility today and they have been sleeping all day.  And I've been arranging and hauling and toting stuff around.  

Victorian Hummingbird earrings-  icky amazing taxidermy...

I need some ART in this PART:

Textile artist Olek has just completed work on what may be her largest piece ever, a four-car locomotive covered in crocheted technicolor camo in Lodz, Poland. The artist didn’t even stop to change out of a costume she wore at the Animal Ball in London before jumping on a plane to meet four assistants who began a four-day assault on the large train that was completed on July 19th.

needing to make ANY art these days!  

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