Friday, September 23, 2016

foundry orphan fount

“A well-composed painting is half done.” (Pierre Bonnard)

And the poor squirrel is the way I feel!  I thought I could figure out how to blog on the iPad, but I just didn't have time to sit there and fight it out, steep learning curve PLUS I didn't have my image cache!  Anyway, I also was so darn busy that I fell in bed at 9 hoping I would wake up with the flu so I could stay there a couple of days.  

BUT we got the kitchen installed.  It had arrived in a stack of thin boxes and was piled halfway up the walls of the bedroom-  the list of things ordered was supposed to be checked but I gave up at the first pile, too heavy to even slide the stacks around to check inventory against the list.  On installation day the 'crew' arrived-  a sweet girl from Guatemala who barely reached my shoulder and her 'poppy'.  I had no faith it would get done but they ripped right into it and in 2 days we had all the cupboards up and hinged-  I was amazed at how they put it up like it was nothing.  A few small setbacks, of course-  missing pieces, long boards that were bashed up, a few different runs to Ikea for returns and exchanges but they were amazingly efficient and devoted.  When they left I had my kitchen, admittedly with a refrigerator that opens on the wrong side and isn't hooked up to water yet, a stove that had a huge bump on the back and wouldn't reach the wall and no cord (wouldn't you think a stove would come WITH a cord?), a microwave whose socket had been covered with a cupboard and involved rooting around to uncover it with some nasty saw marks chewing up the backboard.  AND no countertop, sink, faucet or undercounter lights.  Ain't exactly a working kitchen yet.  

The bottom line is we did NOT realize when we bought an Ikea kitchen we also became general contractors without any list of subs to finish of these things.  TY is still up there trying to get things together.  he extended his stay to get the countertop in but they called that morning and somebody screwed up the sink hole and the whole thing busted up, cant come until next week.  SO, when I go back I will be letting in a stream of electricians, installers, and plumbers before I can make a pot of water.  Just in case I need one.

I got home Saturday to find I had no internets, couldn't get email except in restaurants on my phone and that doesn't work for too long.  I spent most of four days either trying to reach or arguing with Hotwire.  Finally called our guy who put in our system and he came to change the router.  Still didn't work, so I got the two places talking to each other and let THEM fight it out an then fix it.  Somehow my computer is completely screwed up now-  none of the stuff I had at my fingertips is even accessible so here I am with that learning curve again, and re-starting every few minutes.  

I am thinking that I might abandon the blog pretty soon-  I am coming upon the 2500 number of posts and that might be a good place to stop.  We'll see.  Now that I have a place to stay in Boston I'll be going up there more frequently. the grandkids on the north shore are now playing sports and I should get up there to provide the after-game ice cream.  The other family is now must closer and accessible so I need to spend time there too with a new baby due pretty soon.  I can't be 'grandma' and have everybody over for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve any more but I CAN spend more time with them, babysit, and help out.  It would be nice not to have them cower behind mom's legs when I walk in.

And I am getting ready to downsize the studio now that I've cut up all my quilts.  Trying my best to simplify, get things done and in order.  My 2016 project and time is flipping through that year pretty quickly.

And, as expected, I got rejected from QN.  I'm not at all depressed over it, in fact relieved because the same day I got that letter I found out my old crit group has the ENTIRE New England Quilt Museum for our retrospective 40 year celebration!  Some show fell through for January/February and there we were all real to hang!  Good news, and fitting that I'm back to home base for it.  Now I just have to figure out how to ship the tower piece.  See?  When one door closes, another opens-  might not be the giant wooden carved double door but the Home Depot DIY door is just fine. 

So, back to lobsters and cod:


AND, our ART PART today!

 Czech artist Veronika Richterová creates new life from repurposed plastic PET bottles. For the last decade the artist has used various methods of cutting, heating, and assemblage to build colorfully translucent forms of everything from crocodiles to chandelier light fixtures to plants. Her obsession with plastic bottles doesn’t stop with creating artwork, Richterová has also collected over 3,000 PET plastic objects from 76 countries and writes extensively about the history and usage of plastic in her article A Tribute to PET Bottles.


Mary Beth said...

I raised a glass of dandelion wine to you and the tower tonight.

Don't forget Nick Cave at Mass MOCA! if you need to get away from it all.

Max said...

Noooooooo you can't abandon the blog! So sayeth one of your readers who starts her day with you . . .

Janet W said...

So sorry about QN. I thought the Tower was a shoe in. Please don't stop blogging. You are my go to every morning, right after the Times.