Friday, October 14, 2016

cosmos visor vista

"When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go." – Carol Burnett

helpless and hairless

No studio today, instead I headed down to Whole Foods and battled my way around there.  Seems that this is the week everybody comes back to south Florida because I got there early and the lot was full.  I even remembered to take my insulated bags in with me so some pretty amazing chèvre made with bourbon made it home to it's own drawer in the refrigerator.  Can't wait to get into it.  But...We have some relatives coming on Monday and I am trying to stockpile a few things that won't have TY's teeth marks on them.  I made two loaves of fruit and nut breads the other day and when I walked in the kitchen both had been cut into.  Why are these things still called 'tea breads'?  Who does that?  Then I made a loaf of English Muffin bread and are thing-  it's 'tasted' and missing about three inches of it's end.  So now I cool them in a drawer and wrap them immediately and stick in the freezer even though I don't have to.  He never looks in there.  

Tonight we have a dinner that requires a bit of dressing up-  to me these days it means leave the teeshirt and rubber flip flops at home and put some effort ito it for once.  I did- I ironed a shirt.  I still have to put some time in combing hair, but maybe somebody will say I 'clean up good'... It will be good to get out for once-  we don't do a whole lot of that any more.  My Whole Foods adventure only got me about half my list so tomorrow I do Publix for necessities like TP and garbage bags.  It just never ends, does it?  

Mundane stuff out of the way, so now, yea, there's an ART PART!

Reflecting the architecture of the former St. John’s Church in North Lincolnshire, UK is Liz West‘s site-specific pool of over 700 multi-colored orbs titled “Our Colour Reflection.” These circular mirrors installed onto the floor of the now 20-21 Visual Arts Centre project hues of yellow, purple, red, blue, and 11 other colors onto the beams that surround them, adding a colorful dimension to the 125-year-old building.

And another installation by Liz West, as above, is no stranger to multi-colored environments, previously covering the floor of an historic UK church with dazzling reflective orbs. Her latest project, Our Colour, is located at this year’s Bristol Biennial and gives the audience the feeling of being dropped into the center of a rainbow by flooding a long hallway with a series of gel-filtered lights. The work changes from a deep violet to an ecstatic red, allowing one to traverse through an immersive collection of colors.

Right now I have slid into Apple Atheism, having so many problems with both computers.  Hope I can regain my faith soon.

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