Thursday, October 13, 2016

orthorhombic oscillate osmium

If you're riding  ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and  then to make sure it's still there. 
Will Rogers

Today you get SEVENTY squirrels frolicking for the price of one, and the bonus is that are bronze!  These were sent along by an ardent squirrel fan (or more probably she just likes to see make an ass of myself) and the story is Charley Friedman is a multi-disciplinary artist whose body of work explores themes of self-identity and how we perceive and categorize ourselves and those around us. His language is generally playful and investigative, using variety of media including performance, sculpture, photography and drawing. In the gallery, Omi presents Looking at the Sun an expansive exhibition of Friedman's sculptures, drawings and prints. The gallery exhibition playfully extends out into the fields, where Friedman has crafted a gang of over 70 mischievous bronze squirrels for The Fields Sculpture Park. And with Charley's installation I get both an Art Part AND a squirrel post out of the way!  

Coming in from my day of heavy lifting at about 5 there was am=n amazing display of crows roosting-  hundreds, maybe a thousand of them were all flying willy nilly, couldn't see who was in charge and I was stuck in the middle of the road getting a crick in my neck while they yelled at me.  I might have yelled back a little, until the guy in the truck across the street started laughing at me.    What a sight.  They don't quite make it into a murmuration but they seem to have the idea of that in their heads.  Now I'm not saying this was the cause BUT I had tied my crows to the entry fence that day- of course they are plastic with real black feathers from some dead chicken I suppose.  I am thinking they were yelling at me so much because they thought I trapped a few of their own.
messing with the Prisma app again...  Fun!

see?  I got a million of 'em.

So, I had my stitch group today and the club opened their outdoor restaurant today for the first time sones April.  They have a new menu and we had several new people come to the meeting so things ARE getting more normal as folks filter back.  As soon as it was over I went off to the studio and threw out another black lawn and leaf bag of old fabrics.  I also moved all the surviving quilts to the CLEAN TABLE (finally) and laid them out flat to prepare for pinning them to the wall and reblocking before they need to me mailed out.  Then I started vacuuming and worked my way around the room grabbing everything on the floor UNTIL I got stuck with something sharp as I was pushing the hose around.  Yup, one of my ling pins got ito the tube and wedged itself in sideways and was poking out the side of the tube.  So I had to do some light surgery to get it back, and avoided pins I saw on the floor from then on.  

I opened another drawer I don't go into and found it jammed to the top with 30's tablecloths I thought I didn't have any more.  Don't know what I'll do with them- the craze of collecting this stuff is over and I doubt I could get more then postage if I put them on eBay.  Oh well, more stuff my kids will have to haul to the dumpster.  I was feeling sad about dying there for a minute, then opened the drawer un der the tablecloths and sure enough that's where I put about 100 30's dishtowels, napkins, placemats and various and sundry other brightly printed stuff.  Yes Sir Yes Sir, two drawers full.  Damn.  I have 2 big Ikea dressers full and I just won't open any new drawers for awhile.  Sigh.

But today I made progress.  I didn't spend any time on the 3 books, but they were being weighted and I'll get to them tomorrow.  I did get a table wiped down and tried to order more silver ironing board fabric but can't agree with Amazon as to what my password might be.  The studio computer is too slow to deal so I will order tonight.

Drawer #3 contained, among other things, a salad!  This is all the fake fruits and vegetables I bought for the Beets quilt, RIP.  Radiccio, Endive, baby carrots, a teensy artichoke, and a zillion beans.  I could get even more finer if I ate these styrofoam and paper mache things!  Instead, to the dumpster they will go.  Kay-  do I count each one or do I count a category as 1?

Final drawer on the left side is all the silks that are hand painted or dyed, most were done for a specific project and most are kind of 'off' shades. I may fold these up and get them out of the drawer to maybe use now and then, but they are basically scraps I can't part with-  it's a disease.

I won't be taking you into any more drawers tonight no matter how much you beg-  It may be a while before I get to the second drawers so be patient.  

I do have to say, even with all my white fabrics strewn about today, I so much enjoyed being in the studio again with it cleaned up.  Don't let me get to that point again-  I blame it all on the Autobiography tower-  and of course I won't be doing that again.  

OK, Let's get out of the studio and on to an ART PART-



When the collage artist Mark Wagner first started creating his signature pieces, he faced every day with a significant decision: save that fresh stack of one-dollar bills sitting on his drafting table for his currency-based artwork, or eat heartily.  But to Wagner, those thousands of bills were meant for more than just creature comforts. Soon he would slice them up into 25 of their individual components—George Washington heads, treasury seals, the various letters—and glue them onto sketches that skewered capitalism, or socialism, or both, making sure every last sliver was accounted for.  last month, Wagner opened I’m Mark Wagner and I Approve of This Message at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery in New York City, just in time for the final stretch of the presidential campaign.

See you tomorrow!

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

You count each individual item! But if there is a pod full of peas you do 't get to count each pea. Sorry about that.