Thursday, November 03, 2016

councilwomen vociferous

“Creative people exhibit a continuous discontent with uniformity.” 

Today I am switching off my squirrels with something a bit closer to my heart.  Meet Gloriana (or maybe Glorianna, they don't know yet).  She's a ringer for her big brother,  so has a future locked in as a looker-with personality.  And of course charisma and street smarts.
I meet her tomorrow, was busy taking care of her brother today and didn't get home for dinner and an aspirin until late.  No wine around when ya need it.  So anyway, I am headed back home in a few days where I will probably sleep for 2 days straight.

And so with the GREAT news, I am still your squirrel guirrel.

So, I don't have much to say about tasks accomplished or fabulous ideas of how the new project will progress, or even crap in my drawers I am trying to get beyond.  I have been hurled back into taking care of a three year old, a charming one to be sure, but still, he is three, and exhausting.  It makes all my whining about studio time silly.  I simply cannot remember how I managed 2 little kids, volunteer work, a big house, a job, and an attempt at being an artist-  now any one of these are too much. And that is why old people don't have kids and young ones do.

So, it's time for the ART PART--

Ceramic artist Tim Kowalczyk is drawn to objects of little material value—crushed tin cans, ripped up cardboard, and Polaroids that have been damaged during development. It is in these typical throw aways that he finds beauty, an attraction to the history embedded in their wrinkles and folds. To memorialize these items Kowalczyk creates their likeness in clay, creating works that look exactly like mugs haphazardly formed from cardboard with “Please Handle With Care” stickers still stuck to their sides.

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