Monday, November 07, 2016

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“A longing for excitement can be satisfied without external means within oneself: For creating is the most intense excitement one can come to know.” – Anni Albers

Well folks, I am home, exhausted from birthing' the little baby!  Well, actually I didn't do anything but chase the 3 year old around and yup, I think I lost some weight!  Between keeping him busy and not having a stove of my own, I was forced into not eating much and it surely did me some good.  She is a very adorable grand baby, my second girl, but they are almost 9 years apart.  My two boy grand babies are closer, maybe close to 4 years apart.  Hopefully those gaps will shorten in time and they will have some sort of cousin-y relationship as they grow.  My own cousin relationships are limited inspire of there being 12 of them-  in that I don't know any of them but fortunately several have surfaced on Facebook.  My own kids only had 3 cousins-  one is 10 years younger and the other two are 8 and ten years younger than that. Not much in common for kids, but they might reconnect as they get older.  Too bad.  I know I missed an important part of childhood.  

So, I flew home yesterday, checked my bag because it was too big for the overhead compartment.  I got to the airport early because the cab arrived a half hour before scheduled, I was ready so hopped in.  All as well until my bag went missing in Palm Beach.  TY was driving around and around waiting for me to emerge but I was talking to 2 gals in baggage handling who I promised wine if they found it and brought it to me.  TY and I left but didn't get more than 2 miles down the road when they called and had found it.  Apparently it went out on an earlier flight, so we turned around and went back where they had it on the curb waiting.  Today I saw that they had credited me the baggage fee on my JetBlue account. Nice of them.  Fortunately, after being gone 2 weeks, TY took me out for dinner since there wasn't much to eat here. But I sure could use a good night's sleep.

not necessarily my 2 dogs but a warning for what might be happening real soon
The dogs were happy to have me back on their bed so spent a lot of time digging at my blankets and jumping up and down getting settled. By morning the old one had peed twice on the bathroom floor, and badly needed to go back outside.  Welcome home, Mom.  
Don't see how I can get to the studio until tomorrow.  Drat.  So much to do both places!

Making plans for Thanksgiving here, we have two rounded up but we want to collect strays so I won't be cooking all day for nothing.  We have a couple of calls out.  Fixing things around here, putting things away, hunting things down that TY didn't know where to put, the usual today.  I did manage to get out for a walk this morning but we didn't go far, hope to do more of that this fall and winter.  Can't hurt.

So, before I get going on the next housewifery task, here's an 
ART PART to digest before you come back tomorrow!

London-based artist Rowan Mersh assembles dense rolling surfaces comprised of thousands of seashells, tiny solid objects that now appear like fluid waves. Mimicking the natural geometric patterns found in life, the artist uses responsibly sourced shells like windowpane oyster discs or duplicata shells that are tightly arranged in a labor-intensive process, one piece at a time. The shell artworks are just a small portion of Mersh’s artist practice that also spans fashion design, textile sculptures, and interactive installations. 

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