Wednesday, November 02, 2016

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“the artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies.” Picasso

Today we had a crit group meeting to talk about the show coming up and the book Carol is working on to accompany.  They have all done an amazing job planning and writing up the riots parts while I writer away my time cutting up quilts.  The good thing is that the museum will pay shipping on my pieces so that's a breath of fresh air-  I've been very worried about how to ship the tower components, especially at that time of year-  they have to be there at Chrismas so I will have to ship mid-December.   But I have the number to set up a time to install my own work. 

I'll be busy when I get back to FL.  And that is tomorrow.  I am confirmed, the cab is coming at 8 AM, the house is picked up, refrigerator emptied, floors vacuumed and the trash has been taken out.  I am ready.  Gonna spend a bit of time packing next, trying to fit things in.  The place doesn't look half bad all picked up and cleaned out.  
Unfortunately I won't be here for the opening at the Fuller Craft Museum next weekend, a disappointment, but I hope to at least get out to see it on my next trip.  Since I will be back soon for the birth of the new family baby, maybe it will all work out.


Barcelona-based artist Pejac was recently in Rijeka, Croatia where he completed a number of new artworks as part of a residency with the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. His most impressive new intervention appeared in the windows of an abandoned power plant where the artist utilized the cracked glass in old windows to form a flock of birds escaping the aim of a boy in silhouette holding a slingshot.

you know the old adage, 'man plans and god laughs'?
The one thing I was hoping for is that my new grand baby would be born while I'm here
HOLD THE PRESSES:  Last night I cancelled my flight and my cab because the baby may be coming sooner than we thought.  Basically it took me 3 hours to cancel the flight, then I packed a bag in case I need to get to them in the middle of the night.  And fell into deep sleep until 8 this morning. Since they hadn't called and she had a doctors appointment today I took the opportunity to drive back up to my daughter's house in Ipswich to return the 2 chairs and grab the piece of the camera TY left there AND the giant yarn project I gave her a while ago that she hasn't had time to work on.  So I am fiber-fixed with nothing but time until the little critter decides to debut.  

Except I do wish I knew when I could go home...

This means I am missing my second drawing class, sure wish I hadn't signed on since it was expensive, I just hope I am home by next week and can make the third class.  Of course this is small potatoes compared to a new baby.  I can't wait to meet her and sniff her neck.

Meanwhile, until needed,  I am relegated to knitting giant yarn and watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding because I have a pact with TY not to watch Goliath.  But first, I am gonna go buy some FOOD, lots of cookies, and OK, probably a giant salad too.

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