Tuesday, November 08, 2016

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Ambition! powerful source of good and ill! (Edward Young)

The biggest squirrel on earth
Here I am making freedom count, and yes, as I have for the last 45 years, I have cancelled out TY's vote.  I feel kind of guilty this year because he drove me to the polls and then bought me breakfast.  Oops, guess I'm over it now.  Sorry I didn't comb my hair yet.

First check-in when I got back Sunday was to see how the agave is doing.  The stalk, which looks exactly like an asparagus spear, is now 9' tall.  It's very exciting to see something that grows so quickly, and I know it will die just as quickly.  Probably a good thing since it has giant killer spikes on it's leaves that is very good at shredding skin.  Any replanting will be in a wheeled container so I can move it out of the traffic path of little kids.  

HOLD THE PRESSES!  Here is Mister putting away his toys!  And he found his dad's headlamp and wore it around most of the day.  I encouraged it because with the red flasher selection I always knew where he was!

And this is what I did at night.  Several years ago I gave kits of giant yarn and even giant-er needles to both my daughter and daughter-in-law.  Neither one did anything after they opened it, and every time I am at their houses I ask for the kits so I can finish it for them - or actually it's START it for them.  I finally wrestled away my daughter's and spent 2 evenings on it and I really love it.  this was taken before the last two skeins were added so it measures about 4'x5' finished.  Now I hope my DIL will find hers and let me at it-  2 nights and a Netflix binge its all it takes.

Today I need to get to the studio to work on the big circles quilt backing.  As I remember I am half done stitching around but I also need to get a sleeve on it and find a hanging rod that won't allow the free circles to flop about.  Structural Engineering.  That's what I need!  I should go back to Small Square Flat quilts.  Soon.


(I have the biggest urge to of find my Magic Easer scrubby sponge...)
Back in 2006, Warsaw’s National Gallery of Art, ZachÄ™ta, held a group exhibition titled “Polish Painting of the 21st Century.” Painter Leon Tarasewicz contributed a site-specific work to the 60-artist exhibition, redoing the museum’s Great Hall in a bath of red, yellow, blue, and green splatter paint. The work splattered the stairs and crept up the surrounding walls, creating a dramatic entrance for anyone entering the exhibition.

Perfect Pabloism

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