Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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Christmas Greetings from Sandy

 Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. (Hermann Hesse)


Another gorgeous bright and sunny day here in South Florida, yet I have so much to get done that I can't even sit around enjoying cool temperatures-  barely supposed to kiss 80 today, the reason I am here.  
(Ahem) HOWEVER I discovered last night as we came home from dinner that we have a friggin family of Bufos living INSIDE our front door fountain.  One kind of poked his head out of the water as we entered (we don't use that door often since we exit the garage usually), the other hunkered down under the surface pretending to not be there-  that was the one that was about the size of a small dog!  Huge ugly thing-  just hope they are dad and son rather than a breeding pair.  I've seen them all summer hanging out by the storm drains and seeing them plop back under the safety of the grill when they saw me approaching.  Guess they aren't scared of me any longer and have chosen to live off my dime.

Good news here is that I called FedEx and they walked me through getting the 9 labels printed.  Told them nicely that they are badly in need of a website update- things COULD be easier.  Now, still, I cannot update my credit card they are holding so I have to fight with that of my boxes won't be taken.  

'It's always something'', Roseanne Rosannadanna

So, back at Christmas Central here, I haven't been able to shop for the Seven Fishes dinner-  can't buy fish ahead!  Last night though, friends invited us out to the Palm Beach Yacht Club for dinner-  a very traditional wonderful place on a pier surrounded by the inland waterway.  My favorite time to go is during a lightening storm because it's flashing all around the dining room and is so amazing with it's walls of windows.  Unfortunately it was clear as a bell last night until we sat down and there aimed right at my face was another Super Moon!  Absolutely breathtaking, and made my dinner even better.  I love that place-  BTW, it sounds kinda snooty, being called Yacht Club and all, but no yachts were owned by any of us landlubbers.  

Speaking of light shows, 

We haven't yet gone looking at Christmas displays.  Maybe later this week, and do not worry, I WILL take pictures because several neighborhoods here go completely nuts making displays-  whole streets of neighbors.  I don't know how anybody ever sells a house on those streets unless they just pass them on to people who will participate, who must have vast collections of untangled lights and construction skills,  plus work for FPL.  

Lets do an ART PART, and then get out of here to run more errands!

In Chichibu, Japan, two hours northwest of Tokyo, there’s an odd museum; perhaps the only one of its kind. It’s called the Chinsekikan (which means hall of curious rocks) and it houses over 1700 rocks that resemble human faces.
The museum houses all kinds of jinmenseki, or rock with a human face, including celebrity lookalikes like Elvis Presley. And according to a 2013 post on Kotaku, there are also movie and video game character rocks like E.T., Donkey Kong and Nemo.

Who knew...

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