Sunday, December 18, 2016

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My resident Booted Bufos have joined together to send you every good wish
for your Christmas.  Don't have a clue what they do with the bad wishes.

Be your own worst critic,” wrote Paul Arden.

Sent to me yesterday by an old friend who apparently knows too much about me.  
Thanks, V!  
The End of History is arguably the rarest beer in the world. In its first run, back in 2010, only 12 bottles were made. To make them as distinctive as possible, BrewDog struck up a relationship with a taxidermist (who goes by Simon the Stuffer) and bottled the beer inside of a squirrel.
Simon the Stuffer.  Indeed.

I think the saying goes, "I SHOULDA STOOD IN BED".  Yesterday I was at the studio painting away and putting things back where they belong and sticking labels on boxes to prepare for pickup on Monday.  I was happily washing brushes when there was a Poooppp Pooof and the AC stopped working.  A minute later it went back on but was making a funny noise.  At the same time the internet went out.  So I fiddled away trying to fix these things at the thermostat and the computer, visited the modem and tried to restart, visited the electrical box and snapped a few switches, nada.  So I packed up stuff and went home but stopped at AT&T on the way where a Laotian kid with spiked hair fixed my phone so I can again get messages and texts.  And make calls to the AC guys and Comcast-bless their hearts.  I feel like I'm being attacked by a gang!

So, all the mechanical and computerized stuff is busted.  And Molly was peeing all night long, going outside every hour.  Her glucose is out of whack, poor thing, and today she's a doggie mess from being so exhausted being up all night-  not that I wasn't too.  Sigh.  The THING is that I already have to sit in the now HOT studio all day Monday until FedEx shows up and the AC problem will require more time being there, plus who knows what will fall out with Comcast.  I have stuff to do-  party at 6:30 Monday night, class on Tuesday morning, dinner that night with a concert, things I need to follow up on and get sent out PLUS I have 8 people coming for dinner Thursday night so shopping and cooking and arranging and cleaning to do.  Bitch bitch bitch.  And oh yeah, I haven't made any cookies yet. And those are the reasons I don't get excited about holiday seasons. 

Tell me, how much do you dislike this years new Pantone color, 1 to 10?  
I'm at about an 8 in the dislike club.  Not a pastel fan.

Lets bring some ARTY to this PARTYso I can stop complaining about simply everything.  Fungus will make me happy.

This stunning time lapse footage from the new Planet Earth II series on BBC One captures a wide variety of unusual fungi as it blooms at night. The clip is from the latest Jungles episode (UK only) and includes a few specimens that were shot for the very first time by Steve Axford whose fungi photography we’ve shared here many times. Unfortunately, watching Planet Earth II anywhere outside the UK legally is almost impossible until early next year, so you’ll have to hang tight for the whole episode.  (Sorry, couldn't resist making them as big as possible!)  And now I am (temporarily) happy.

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