Friday, December 09, 2016

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“Any day I'm vertical is a good day.” 

We are dragging around here today because we lost a dear friend last night.  We will miss him so much-  his sharp intellect, his wit, and his sweet nature.  He died a few weeks short of his 95th birthday, though you wouldn't guess his age from his demeanor.  Unfortunately his body wasn't as strong as his mind and finally just gave out.  I'm so sorry for his family, he will be sorely missed by all of us.  I wish I knew more of his stories, he never repeated them and had a thousand adventures if you pressed him.  My favorite was a private talk we had at a party one night when he told me the love story between himself and his adored wife.  Both of us were weeping with happiness by the end.  

I'm getting lots done but it's two steps forward, one back at every turn.  The good thing is I have some friends lined up for a Seven Fishes dinner so I'm busy planning that, figuring out how to get as many fish as possible into as few dishes as possible, a thumb game if ever there was one!  Mainly because I have a rule not to repeat a fish.  But I'll do it, it's fun.

Big news is I have sent off Christmas presents-  well, err, Amazon sent them off I just paid their Piper.  Amazon isn't as easy to get around as it used to be, methinks it's too big for it's britches.  

I have every box for the museum all ready to go, good thing I left the tubes unsealed because one quilt has left the line-up and I was able to grab it before sealing.  I spent two hours on the FedEx website trying to arrange for pick up of the 9 boxes-  totaling 270#s now.  For the life of me I could not find how to print the labels.  I tried two different computers, every page, their 'help' chat line, their sitemap-  everything I could think of until I finally gave in and stopped at the Fed Ex shop yesterday to ask them.  I spoke to the kid behind the counter and he looked at me like I was  from a third world country that does't speak English, and he spoke very slowly and clearly, though loud-  like I had a hearing problem- to me that I could use his computer-  he accompanied me, brought up the FedEx site and he couldn't find any way to print either.  In a huff he went to get his manager-  guess what?  He couldn't manage it either so in a snit gave me NINE labels to take home and fill out by hand.  Do you have any idea how many lines an address to a museum takes up?  Plus I called the gal and there are restrictions on when and for how long they are open to receive shipments.  Aaarugh!  If I didn't have a Mini I'd schlepp the damn boxes over to FedEx myself.  But this story isn't ended yet, stay tuned.

In Studio News, I hauled the new piece off the wall so I could work on it while waiting for the fire inspector the other day-  he didn't show up-  be careful when you call the fire department, this didn't bode well.  Anyway I started stenciling dots all over the surface and was having so much fun I forgot to pay attention to the time and space continuum.  Barely remembered to go home!  It's been a long time since I've gotten that involved in something.  

The other day my son called me to ask when I graduated from Syracuse.  I told him, and he asked if I new some woman who graduated the year after me-  he said I should know her and that she is 6'4" tall.  Again, I didn't know her since I transferred in my Jr. year and really didn't make many life long friends since I was so busy tying to grab credits to graduate and get back to Boston. He said that this woman also transferred in and unbelievably from the same school I transferred from.  So I looked her up.  Yup, there was her name in the art school!  Seems that my son knows her daughter and somehow they got to talking...  Here I am as a Syracuse art student.  I straightened my hair because my picture was going to be taken, the straightener bleached it orange so I dyed it back to brown but it came out black.  I never looked like this.
But it was certainly straight!
And while this picture was taken I was doing figure drawing up in an unheated turret-  and guess what-  I am AGAIN doing figure drawing but now in an overheated studio.  Funny how I haven't gone very far afield.  For FIFTY years!

And to close out the Adventures of Sandy this week, look who has moved back in:
My 3# Bufo toad.  And he has a friend with him now too, a much more petite toad about the size of a man's L.L.Bean duck boot.  They are really funny-  they all line up on the same axis looking like those Russian dolls that fit inside of each other-  don't know what that placement is all about. And I don't care, I just want the damn things gone from my view!  They are poisonous to dogs, probably to people too but I don't need to get close, and I have a couple of curious canines who are dumb enough to go in for a lick.  Accck.

Thankfully I am off this subject now.

Just spotted this great series of hands and feet photographed through milk glass by Czech creative director and photographer Marek Chaloupka. The vertical perspective coupled with the ghostly silhouettes makes these really special. See more of Chaloupka’s work over on Bechance

All the girls at Syracuse, except me.  

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