Wednesday, December 21, 2016

vitriol vitriolic vitro

All good ideas arrive by chance.
Max Ernst

not necessarily a Max Ernst Good Idea.

Hmmm, ya know, the last weeks have been so stressful around here that I was worried the sun was colliding with Mars or something else astrological, but I am here to report, dare I say, a few days of less frustrations and drama for a lovely change.  I think I left you the day my 270#s of quilts got picked up by FedEx, and that was a good thing.  The next day I was in the studio and my AC and internet connections both crapped out but it was Saturday so there's no-one to call.  I had ordered some cheap plates from CB2 because they were black and I am serving mussels for the Seven Fishes dinner this week and I was completely OCD'd about how spectacular that would look...  one arrived broken, just another thing in the pile of crap to deal with.  Pepper had some sort of stomach issue for days, and today Molly has it-  am cleaning up after her as she poops uncontrollably.  I know, TMI.  Sorry.

So here's what has happened:

While I was waiting for FedEx I had started going through a huge folder of special papers-  I sort of HAD to do this because the entire contents slid to the floor and I had to get it sorted and thinned out so that didn't happen again.  I cannot lift the folder by itself so I had to start from scratch.  I just didn't look, but made a run to toss out anything smaller than a 9x11 sheet.  What a revelation as to what I actually had in that folder-  I will never buy another huge sheet of expensive paper until this is all gone!  Hold me to it.  Anyway, I got it all sorted and back together and cleaned out.  A giant task all neat and tidy.

I arrived at the studio to wait for Comcast to grace me with their presence, it was hot as all get out so I thought I might fiddle with the thermostat for a second and WHAM-  the motor turned over and I could feel air on my neck!  Yes, it recovered itself, no human intervention.  And that certainly made the wait more tolerable.  The appointment was from 1-6 and I knew I would have to leave before that but instead, at 1 PM, a big guy with a  tool belt walked in and fiddled away for a bit, told me the modem was indeed fried and went back to his truck to get me a new one.  Within 30 minutes I was back online with a new password instead of "yb3UJGnmmkh G79bn".  

Now, to make things even better, I took all my figure drawings off the design wall to make room for the new piece I was auditioning, and put it up so I could start moving elements around.  And I am loving it seen vertically instead of on the table.  It's about a hurricane, but just a little piece of hurricane as it affected  
my front gate. 

don't do broad subjects it seems, just little glimpses where it tough to illustrate small feelings. But this is working if I don't fuck it up too badly-  since I have a tendency to overdo a thought.  I'm trying to leave time between additions and elements.  Since I am now working IN A NEW AGE, A NEW WAY, A NEW DAY.  I don't need to crank out something for a date or theme any more, I will just do what I want to do.  And I love this one so far.  Of course I have all this stuff pinned up and that makes it impossible to stitch on so I WILL be bemoaning my methods as I go but for now...

Obviously I am at #1 here, blending into #2 trying to figure out how to do it.  

When I got home before 5 there was a big box from CB2, only three days after I called about the broken plate and three days before my dinner party-  and there was my new plate!  I'm back to that dream of the shiny black mussels on the matte black plate.  

We had a dinner last night with a glee club doing Christmas carols so everybody was in a fine mood-  nothing like sitting outside watching the gorgeous sunset and singing without even needing a sweater!  I love it here.  But, even better, they had a new menu that featured my favorite-  calves liver!  I was in Bunny Heaven, or it just seemed that way since so much piddly crap has been happening.  Must have Iron Deficiency Anemia (remember that?) or something because after that liver dinner I gobbled up, I feel so much better.

And yesterday morning, before I left the house, I had made 5 loaves of French spice bread.  If I can just keep it out of my mouth, I now have some small presents for some friends.  It's all coming together. I have made TY promise we will have NO plans from Christmas Day to New Years Eve.  No studio today, I have to do a load of food shopping to get this Friday dinner supplied.  And as you might well imagine the place is a cluttered mess.  Oh yes, Molly is better thanks to a dose of pumpkin.  

AND I have justified to myself that hand-delivery of Christmas presents is fine as long as it's before Armenian Christmas, thus avoiding mailing.  Thanks to all of you who have sent me cards, again I didn't get around to it but I sure enjoy hearing from you with your 4 page newsletters!  I know you won't believe me, but I READ THEM even though I don't know your grandkids or your cousins from out of town!  

Today's ARTY PART seems particularly appropriate because of following Molly around these last few days---

French paper artist Junior Fritz Jacquet created this fantastic series of weird masks made from toilet paper rolls. Inspired by the craft of origami, each mask is made from a single paper roll which is folded and squished into an expressive face. The pieces are then finished with a coat of shellac and different pigments. These masks are just one small facet of Jacquet’s artwork, you can see more of his functional paper lights and other paper creations over on Facebook
(I think I may have shown these before, sorry if I did, but worth a second look!)  Maybe this will make up for it-  make it big an print it of future reference!

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