Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is the bitterest.” (Confucius)

Cute and fluffy and mammalian, however, THIS 
is what has moved into my front door fountain with her (apparently) unmarried son.  I figure he's unmarried because he's only around mom about half the time.  Mom just sits there like a somewhat smaller and submerged version of Jabba the Hut.  She is the size of a pie plate.  If she wasn't poisonous I guess I would be more welcoming, but I am always in fear she will jump out and scare the dogs who will go after her.
And DIE.  Yup, a Bufo.

Sitting here all innocent yesterday when I remembered I need a tracking number for the stuff I sent off to the Show coming up-  never thought about it until now.  I went to the FedEx site and unbelievably they show the delivery as being Dec 22.  I say unbelievably because they picked up the stuff on the afternoon of the 19th- I an assumed Christmas packages would interfere, and only sent it ground because it isn't needed yet.  Two days-  wow.  When we drive from FL to Boston it takes us THREE days.  From now on I am shipping my dogs with them to save us all some wear and tear.

Ahh, but you know me well, the RUB here is that I opened the computer a few hours later to find a string of messages that the boxes arrived in terrible condition.  The museum sent me photos of just the tubes as they arrived:
I've used FedEx for years with no bad effects-  never had a problem until this where I end up with possibly NINE problems.  Fortunately the crew at the museum went in to check that they all arrived and they did, but tops are missing, tops fallen off, and the plastic has been torn through to expose the quilts in the 3rd from the left tube.  And also unfortunately they found a few things I guess I didn't notice-  a button falling off, one leaf still pinned, stuff like that.  But DO NOT WORRY, next week I will be there with a needle and thread and some clipping scissors so all will look pristine when you get there.  Damn.

Since I will be away from the studio so long I've been trying to put in extra time and managed to carve out a hole day today.  My fingers are bleeding from hand stitching into canvas, but I made good headway today.  I mostly got the fence strips in the background layer sewn down.  

printing, stenciling with metallic paints on old canvas

I was planning on finishing by next week but now it looks more like next month since I'll be gone for so long, then kids are arriving here for a long weekend.  Neither allow any studio time.  

Before you give out, I have a slew of geometry for our ARTY PARTY today!  Geometry is important because it's the only math that I ever got on with.  I am forever indebted.  Actually it was recently discussed that understanding planes and surfaces in space was a better indicator of intelligence than some dumb IQ test.  Yup, this doesn't get me any Mensa invitations, but I can sure enough make a triangle out of a tree.  (Err, got an eraser?)

You have to love these shapes, eh?  Gorgeous renderings ow out of copyright-yesss!

These guys HAND PAINT the geometric Arabic designs on floors in decaying buildings.

Once you’ve caught your breath this holiday season, you’d do well to visit the Schmidt Dean Gallery for the current Jane Piper (1916-1991) exhibition. The gallery’s light-filled, fourth-floor space seems fit for paintings that are as bright and full of life as hers.
Color is the organizing principle of Piper’s work, which builds upon the tradition of early Modernist painting. In “Untitled” (1961), a mid-career oil on canvas, she fills the space with small, kinetic squares of pink, orange, and green, which contrast with the yellow-tinged white marks surrounding them. Piper’s skill as a colorist shows in her ability to mute the white with the vibrancy of her color palette and the confident movement of her brush.

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