Monday, January 02, 2017

vivid orthopedic orthophosphate

Make voyages! Attempt them... there's nothing else. 

here we go again

THIS WHOLE HOLIDAY THING IS SILLY-  Starting at Thanksgiving it's one thing after another and it's exhausting.  I was so looking to today to get back into a schedule when I found out last night that because the real holiday, New Years Day, was a Sunday and Monday is an automatic day off.  Ridiculous.  Sunda was already a day off, lets get back to work!  (OK, that may be my farm workers Protestant-ethic grandparents attitude, but some things are just 'wrong'.)  This has forced me into delaying my packing and refrigerator cleaning and dog-readying projects to today and tomorrow.  Oh I know, it's all bull and so what if I need a prescription filled or new dog food for the kennel-  I am off to get it all done today.  And of course to spend some time on the new quilt at the studio.

Admittedly my clean-up goal before the New Year has fallen off the wagon-  I so much wanted to start with a clean slate, but instead the Muse visited and bit me and so what if I can't walk across the room without thread tangling around my ankles!  I always figure that the messier the studio the more I am thinking and that's the story I am sticking to.

And if anybody knows how to get encaustic drips off a cement floor please contact me.  They have been there so long that they are all black from attracting crap that has embedded itself-  very ugly.  I haven't tried crawling around on my knees with an iron yet, my knees are still good, don't want to wreck them!  And I don't care that much...

BUT, back up on the table, I have succeeded again in making something just big enough that it won't fit under the machine needle-  Sewing so far is completely by hand and I am now contemplating some swirl lines as quilting since it's about a hurricane after all.  Yesterday I made a couple of dead palm branches that came out so cool, but I need to stick them down and fusible isn't working well on the canvas background.  Looks like this might not be done for ages as I have to wait between sessions for finger-healing.  Drat.  I am my own worst enemy.  

But you already knew that.  

Guess that leaves me with only an ARTY PART to do before I get back to being productive.

Hmmm, seems I blew it on the last post-  there is a video in the Arty Part of Javier De Riba and his crew painting an Arabic design on the floors of a delapitated building.  Here are the stills that should have accompanied the video.  Spanish street artist Javier De Riba paints floors instead of walls, mapping out interlocking patterns in the style of intricate tiles. All of his pieces are created with spray paint and stencils, yet the resulting works are almost indistinguishable from the floors of traditional Catalan homes where he was raised. Typically placed in abandoned buildings, De Riba’s geometric patterns stand in stark contrast to the derelict walls that surround them, each painting breathing new life into crumbling architecture.

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