Saturday, December 24, 2016

silent ostracod silhouette

“Wisdom consists in doing the next think you have to do, doing it with your whole heart, and finding delight in doing it.” 

Hey look folks, a real painting, not street art for a change!
OK, so it's still all about a squirrel-  I can only take baby steps!

I have to admit I am feeling a little smug about actually working on a new piece and LIKING it again!  This is not a statement, not political, not for anybody else, just a wall quilt made from a giant folder I made years ago to carry lots of quilts at once.  And everything else I am using is also from a previous use-  oh-  I guess I always gravitate to old stuff, never mind.  Today I am going to make some acrylic skins and see how they will work with what I've done so far, then I hope to start the handwork to hold it all together.  I actually have to do that next because I used all my pins to hold it as is, need them back now before I do more sticking-this-to-that!

This is all good, the hand work will slow me down.  And maybe I'll share some pictures of the Thing before I take it off the wall.  I always like a series of pictures so I can see how much I meddle with over the course of a project.  And, like my figure drawing teacher cautions me, 
"This is never going to hang in the Louvre."

Maybe not, but it might hang somewhere-  maybe just my bedroom, but I need it to look like something I want to look at no matter where it goes. 

DEC.25th UPDATE:  I did get to the studio, barely got a strip cut off an old blouse to be part of a gate when I heard a gunshot, sounded like a rifle.  Nobody at work at 4 PM Christmas Eve in the industrial park, it sounded very close.  I had forgotten my phone too so I shut the lights, grabbed my bag and as I was exiting I heard the second shot.  I drove like a bat outta hell, passed a police car on the way out but I have no idea what was going on...and don't want to!  Needless to say I will be very careful on my off-hours visits from now on!  
Merry Christmas, bang bang!

I did the Seven Fishes dinner last night, some hits and some misses, but only I know. It was a hit and I'm glad I pared down the seven courses to seven fish and Cioppino was the answer to my prayers-  I jammed it with seven fishes right there and that left me able to play with however many more I could. 

      I ordered some lobsters from the local fish market and found out they would cook, clean, and crack 'em for me, deliver all neat and split and ready to go.  I ordered 1 1/2# lobsters and think I might have got 3# lobsters, they were huge!  And a hit!  And they went nicely with the squid ink pasta packets.  I had some trouble making the pasta, lost almost half of it as it became too hydrated on it's 'rest' (OK, I forgot about it for too long!) 

and wouldn't go through the rollers on my machine reliably.  I need to make pasta more regularly but the problem is that if I have it, I EAT IT.  And this was really good.

Here's the Fougasse bread I made into giant fish, ended up with way too much and will beeating this delicious anise and orange bread for a week.

I did not make this, this is not arty.

This IS our today's very cool ARTY PART.

Spanish artist Nacho Ormaechea who lives and works in Paris creates beautiful digital collages by filling silhouettes of people photographed on the street with visually contradicting images. Because of the these strange juxtapositions of color, place and subject we’re left wondering what the meaning is. Are these memories or desires of these anonymous people, or are they portals to another place and time? Head over to his website to see more.

So, here it is Christmas Eve and off I go to the studio. I wish all of you a Merry New Year and Happy Holiday, and with all of you I am sure, a better year ahead!

Odalisque, Harmony in Black and White*
modeling her Walmart Toddler's tee shirt because she won't pose nude.

* with reference to Matisse, except his was red...

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Linda B. Dunn said...

thank you for the collages. I'm going to show them to my class in the spring.