Friday, December 02, 2016

fourteenth orthogonal fourth

"To keep a lamp burning, we have to put oil in it."- Mother Teresa

Back in the day, as they say, the English became quite fond of their pet squirrels and imported big fat grey guys from the US.  All was well until they got free.  Now the English cannot get rid of them.  A pity. They are still cute.

There has been a bit of a mixup on what quilts I am showing in January, but since Hudson River is spoken for I am sending a substitute.  Apparently it doesn't play well with the current arrangement but I have given complete control on moving it or...REmoving it from the line-up.  I offered two alternatives, but I don't think they like either.  So today I continued packing the third box and puling all the panels off the tower-  it appears from the count that I need FOUR more boxes to accommodate all these damn panels.  There may or may not be room in the last box for the stand I made to keep the whole thing off the floor.  If it won't fit I will just , I don't know-  maybe cut off the edges to fit the box?  Frankly I do not care because it's all covered up anyway, just like I am not trimming threads off the spacer rows either.  There will be so much going on with this thing nobody will notice.  Anyway, I got all 10 quilts rolled up into three Sono tubes, not yet labeled because I have to call FedEx for a pickup and keep putting it off.  No way can I ship these myself, too heavy by 10!  I would like them there early so they have lots of time to flatten before we hang them.  Anyway, that was a big job done today, 6 hours total, with much less packing the next batch of boxes because I have the panelsl stacked and ready to go.  My back is shaking.  Will take a rest tomorrow and just work on collages. Heavy lifting collages.  

There is no doubt in my mind that the tower will be sent directly to the NEQM dumpster next April.  I do not want it back.  Ever.

The machine I traded for a serger-  shoot me now.

Now, can I tell you that my teacher actually liked one of my drawings in the Figure Drawing class yesterday?  It's coming back.  I have proportions pretty good, just need to work on drama and volume.  But I left a happy woman because I see that the refresher is working.  I just might stick it out for another semester, but the jury is still out making that decision.  I frankly hate driving down there in the early morning traffic, but I do like doing something besides housework and studio work.  


In what could easily have been snapshots of a normal day at the beach or a hike through the woods, these photos by Nicolas Bouvier (previously) portray figures exploring the Pacific Northwest in stark, mysterious contrast. The French art director and concept designer is a master of teasing unusual scenes from breathtaking landscapes around the coast of Washington. By placing himself in foggy atmospheres and shooting against the sun, his photography turns passersby (and often images of his own children) into anonymous silhouettes. Instead of lugging around lots of equipment, Bouvier carries only a smaller and relatively inexpensive point-and-shoot Panasonic ZS40 or a Leica XVario, preferring ergonomy, simplicity, and design over more elaborate setups


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