Monday, December 05, 2016

oboist bandstop cupid

"Better to be criticized by a wise man than praised by a fool." (Ecclesiastes)

Wow, the Mother Squirrel!  Run, Mom Run!

Another day stuffing stuff into Stuff Boxes.  I bought 4 more large packing boxes at Home Depot the other day and today I completely filled three bring my grand total of SIX boxes to hold the tower project.  And three Sono tubes holding the 10 quilts.  This shipping is gonna kill me, I started filling out the FedEx forms and they need a weight on each box which will certainly be a problem.  My only option is to drag the bathroom scale to the studio and weigh each one so I can get them on the books to pick up next week.  That will be tomorrow's stoopid task trick.  Seems that every step of this shipping thing is ridiculous, thankfully this will be my last charge at major shipping now the I am (ahem) retired.  Or is that just plain tired?
Also today I got some invites out for the seven fishes dinner I do every year.  One of my proposed guests is deathly allergic to dogs-  won't even come to the door even though my dogs are hypoallergenic- non allergic-  haired dogs, not fur dogs.  I'll set the table outside and hope he lasts.  The dogs will themselves be locked in the bedroom and the guest contact will be none.  So, I gotta get planning-  all I have so far is the squid ink, not sure it will be enough so I want to start that project early.

Next project is booking flights back to Boston and booking dog kennels for the haired animals.  Because by the time I get back this little hairless gal will be TWO months old.  And I missed it all so far.

I sure hope I can catch a break one of these days, need a good day in bed watching Netflix with nobody bothering me.  Except you guys and your incessant need for your ART PART! Again we are dealing with 
pointy things.

As part of a new body of work on view at the COLLECT Art Fair which opens today in London, artist Zemer Peled (previously) created a new series of “blooming” sculptures from assorted ceramic shards. The new pieces include her continued use of blue cobalt found in traditional Japanese pottery that has been smashed with a hammer and arranged in the form of large blossoms. Peled also constructs much larger cactus-like pieces that can tower several feet tall or even span floor to ceiling. You can see several more new blooms in her portfolio, and catch her on the May cover of Ceramics Monthly

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