Thursday, December 01, 2016

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“Imagination is the Discovering Faculty, pre-eminently… that which penetrates into the unseen worlds around us.”  
Ada Lovelace

The WWI campaign enlisted the help of Four-Minute Men—volunteers who delivered short speeches to rally public support for the war effort. Anti-squirrel talking points were issued so they might convince farmers and ranchers to go out and kill the “little ally of the [K]aiser”:
  • The BEST squirrel is the dead squirrel.
  • The Hotel California board bill for ground squirrels in 1917 […] was $30,000,000—yet unpaid.
  • The squirrel does not recognize daylight saving. He uses it all.
  • He preys on our crops in countless hordes. He fills the ranks of the killed in true military fashion.
  • Why hesitate? We can get ‘em. How? Poison ‘em, gas ‘em, drown em’, shoot ‘em, trap ‘em, submarine ‘em.
  • Are you not willing then to give your whole-hearted support to this state-wide movement to KILL THE SQUIRREL?
I went to my figure drawing class today again, and this time I managed a few more pretty accurate drawings-  now to infuse them with some soul!  I think I am on the right track finally with observations-  one of those things I damn well know and have myself taught for years, but when faced with a human body I lose perspective and follow the lines when I need to get more involved with FINDING the lines and checking intersections and planes and volumes.  The teacher is so encouraging to some of the worst drawers I have ever seen, then takes me to task every time he comes around.  BUT I will not be daunted, I am convinced he sees that I (almost) know what I'm doing, or I did once way back when, and wants me to surpass what I'm churning out now.  Today he kept one of mine for the wall  Finally.  Three more classes in this session, I think most of the people in the class have been in his classes for years now.

You've heard me kvetching about this upcoming show and finally here is the postcard image and notice.  I've been busy getting labels on quilts, getting bindings replaced, and an occasional repair or reno to things that need attending to.  I'm all read now, things will be leaving my studio over the next couple of weeks for the grand opening of out 30 year celebration (even though it's been longer than that...).  Can't wait to see all my friends work hanging together after all this time!  Hope you can stop by the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell MA sometime before April!  

The Group: 30 Years and Still Quilting
January 11 - April 29, 2017
This exhibition features innovative quilt artists Judy Becker, Nancy Crasco, Sandy Donabed, Carol Anne Grotrian, and Sylvia Einstein. 

Because the stuff I've been doing is mostly fixing things to get ready to ship off, I don't have a whole lot to talk about in the studio happenings department.  I have a new next door neighbor, we said hi, and next thing I know he turned his space into storage so finally I won't be hearing the marital bickering that went on with the last guy!  His wife would come in to help with the books and would start yelling at him about why he hadn't cut the grass or why he didn't pick up after a kid -  every day it was something else, and I never heard a retort or raised voice from him, but every =day she would slam out the door to shake the building.  They aren't there any more, I don't hear anything, for all I know the new guy tis storing dead bodies in trunks but I am happy they are quiet ones!  TMI? 

Let's have an ART PART to cool off a bit!

 Artist Amber Cowan works primarily with fragments of vintage pressed glass to construct complex vessels and sculptures with a multitude of fused components. Pressed glass is created when molten glass is forced into a mold as a way to mass-produce certain forms. Cowan uses these found pieces to create remarkable one-of-a-kind objects that reference the rise and fall of US glassware manufacturing, while simultaneously offering a new narrative. You can see more of Cowan’s work on her website

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