Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Squirrel Twister

Bet you didn't think you'd hear from me so soon after a week of silence!  Well, doubting Thomases, here I am back for more.

I am refreshed and ready to resume life except for the bruises covering my poor old body, but once they aren't that horrid shade of yellow-green I'll be feeling better about them too.  But lordy, it just hurts to move much-  even my clothes are irritated.

The good news is really good-  I've spent two days in the studio and I have finished doing the appliqué of all the leaves on the Hurricane Gates piece.  I had started appliquéing the polka dots with embroidery thread but that got old very fast so I resorted to machine work just to get it behind me.
one little center section

So, I am over the dreaded part.  I also found a backing piece the perfect size so got that sewn up and ready to layer, and lo and behold I found a king size cotton batt so all systems are go.  I am thinking that I may also have enough to layer the second quilt in the works if I do some judicious piecing and I also have a bolt of linen fabric I bought at TJMaxx a while back just because it was a good price, way cheaper than quilting fabric, but not very attractive for anything but a quilt backing.  I don't quite know how I will proceed with the quilting process but layering will take a long time and perhaps I will figure it out by then.  The test will be to get the whole thing looking like it's in violent motion.  Then what you ask?  Who knows.  It's a big 'un, so any shows that have size limitations will  eliminate it immediately.  But when I make a piece I don't preplan, don't work to anybody else's theme or size or rules.  And of course I pay dearly by not being able to exhibit it but...WTH.  It certainly isn't pretty and that kind of shuts it down too.

These scissors I made from an image of an old quilt pulled from the trash and posted on my original Geocities site!  Bet you don't remember that!  I am going to talk about it at the Panel Discussion coming up at the NE Quilt Museum on April 22, 2017.  In the flesh.  Hope you can stop by.

But to move on:  I started on the third season of Grace and Frankie and it's not quite as funny as it was before but I'll stick with it.  And I am collecting documentaries to watch because I love a story.  But best are the murders-  can't get enough of them.  Hopefully more will start appearing now since it's spring.  Between Netflix and my thousands of podcasts I am set for a long time.  Guess I should start some knitting for nighttime viewing to keep me from falling asleep.

So, lets have a PARTY d' ARTE

Part of the 'Invasion' series of photographs by Charles Petillon.  Do go to his website and see lots more of these compelling installations!

Kind of in a similar vein, Puffy White Things, look at this stereo cloud system for indoors!  Very cool.

 Richard Clarkson Studio has teamed up with Crealev to produce a miniature floating cloud, one that hovers indoors while both playing your favorite music and lighting up in tune to the beat to replicate a storm. The design, called Making Weather, is formed from polyester fibers which hide a Bluetooth speaker, LED lights, and a magnet. This magnet allows the form to float above the piece’s mirrored base in opposite polarity with another magnet, seeming to organically hover and sway to the music that is pumped through

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