Wednesday, July 19, 2017

brabbled flores litter

“Anything is possible. It’s all about risks, deliberate risks.” 

Squirlk?  Skurrel?  Not in my back yard.

Cleaned up a bunch of details today-  got a message from a woman wanting to know about a quilt I made in 2005 and was quite flattered she would assume I remembered what year this is!  Spend the day scouring for images-  there are precious few, the show isn't listed on my resume, and lordly I keep bad records!  Got all the info together that I could, and wham-  the email address she gave me fails.  What a waste of time

One of my students last week called the Library looking to get in touch and they notified me but when I call back I get an old lady telling her callers NOT to leave any message.  Gave up on that.  What a waste of time.

Added the latest old dog license and rabies tag to my own necklace-  the collection is getting louder and heavier after having so many years of up-to-date dog vaccinations.  Had to haul down the jewelry tools.  What a waste of time.

And then I tackled the 'What I Shoulda Said' quilt in progress.  Yesterday:

Sewed the strips all together, a real joyful ride since it's all BIAS.  Shoot me now.  Worked out the corner problems, worked out the sides, added and subtracted stripes, and have the whole thing pinned to an inch of it's life.  AND THEN THE PHONE RANG and my #72 quilting foot arrived so I stopped by the shop and grabbed it along with a nice thin cotton batt.  I am seeing the day that I get to work on the quilting part!  Hallelujah, said the Atheist.  We're getting' there.

Might as well have a PARTY OF ARTIE!

 South American conceptual artist Marta Minujín has just installed a towering new architectural installation in Germany called The Parthenon of Books, a scaffold replica of the famous Greek temple clad in 100,000 copies of banned books. The piece is currently on view in Kassel, Germany as part of a 100-day art exhibition called Documenta 14.

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