Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kweichow raven Convair

"Creation is embarrassing. For every new good idea you have, there are a hundred, ten thousand foolish ones, which you naturally do not care to display"  Isaac Asimov

Pet squirrels were very popular pets back then.  

I've been feeling lately like I am a buffalo leaping to my death over the cliffs.  I know they didn't intend to end up this way, but I'm being driven by external forces and all of a sudden there is no ground under my hooves feet.  It's odd because here I am with no 'things' to do, no schedule, just a couple of dogs and a husband glued to Netflix.  Summer sucks here, it's been so bloody hot that I run from inside to my car, arrive at a destination and dread the run across the parking lot to get back into some AC.  I see people out running, I see tennis players, and the Netflix guy actually is out playing golf for 5 hours a day but his Middle Eastern blood is happy out there with the weather if not his performance.
Do you ever feel like this isn't your right place and you really need to get to wherever that is quickly because time is running out?  I do feel better in the studio but it seems I get yanked out of there regularly before I am anywhere near ready to leave.  

I did manage to get the 'Hurricane Gates' off to Lowell for the Whistler Show.  It was pouring on Friday so put it off until Saturday morning not even knowing if FedE would be open so I blasted down there and ra in dripping and there was nobody, see that?  NOBODY in line.  Usually there are lines out the door and the wait is forever to get to the desk, but Saturday everybody was home inside where it was dry- except me- so I got full advantage of the salesclerk who was very accommodating.  The quilt will arrive on Thursday, it's deadline is Friday so I have that little extra day of grace.  

I am having a shitty time figuring out a big sheep that is made of knitted bobbles, but the directions aren't working.  I am perhaps an intermediate knitter, have a hole bunch of stuff in pictures up there in the menu, so I really don't think it's ME, but it's hot and not fun knitting outside in the sun to see what I'm doing.

I am making decisions on 'What I Shoulda Said', the quilt currently on my table, without a plan, just holding up a strip of fabric and tell myself it's the right color and to go ahead and find a place.  Then I appliqué a bit, then I sew the backing together, then I rip out a section-  NO PLAN, just work for the sake of work.

I'm making osso buco in my sous vide machine tonight.  I am loving this gadget and so far it's been spot on for cooking to the perfect temperature.  My only wee issue is that it uses twice as many pans and bowls for the privilege of perfect food temperatures.  I got a set of canning jars and next I try pickling vegetables and some sous vide creme brûlée (auto correct did that).  I browned the veal shanks first, put them in their special expensive silicone pockets and toss them into the water bath for a few hours with a basic tomato herb sauce.  When you pull them out they are, well, perfect.  Love it!  And joined the Joule Facebook group to help me through.

So since this is so depressing (though not a problem since nobody is here any more) I am gonna post another Arty Part but not enlarging or coloring the font because I basically cannot give a shit to this much longer, in spite of being quite in love with the formal portrait above with the pet squirrel!  Now THAT makes me happy.  Well, happ-ier.  Here goes:

Meshes nicely with the stupid Tiny House craze, doesn't it?

A cluster of three hollow wooden owls peer out from the end of a dock in Bordeaux, France, connected from within to form a two-story cabin. The Watchers was designed and built by Zebra3, a local contemporary art production company. The design was inspired by the small owls that nest on the ground in the surrounding marsh, with shingles to match their feathery heads.  Cute, Id love to SEE it, maybe even poke my head in, but living here would do me in pronto.


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I am still here Sandy.
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