Saturday, January 06, 2018

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“All of us, more than we recognize, are products of the thinking around us. And much of this thinking is small.” -David Schwartz

Still hacking and wheezing here, tried for all week to fight  it but it just stays the same of gets marginally worse.  If you heard me around the corner you'd run for your lives- I sound like a Mastiff when I cough.  Kind of look like one too with my lapse in personal grooming and sleep!

TY took one look at me this afternoon when he got home and said I need to hydrate so he brought me a giant cafe of water and I drank it right down, guess he was right.

This morning I stuck a half pound of pork belly in the oven so it will cook 6 hours, then cool, then get refrigerated so tomorrow I can crisp it up and have a feast.  Tonight we are invited out to friend's house where they have house guests here from France and they have decided to cook for them.  I am over the moon because they are making Foie Gras, with Limoncello ice cream for dessert-  they need to borrow my ice cream maker for that.  Gonna take another Day-quill to be able to stay awake for that
It's in my top four food groups... most of which contain liver in some form.  What can I say.  TY still tells the tale about how we went to Zurich and went to an old artists haunt for dinner,  the Kronenhalle a fabulous place that's been there since the 20's where artists traded paintings for a meal-  you wouldn't believe the art on the walls!  (I could have my liver stops at different countries mixed up, but back to the story)  I ordered liver dumpling soup to start, then a small order of country pate, followed by fried slivers of veal liver with onions.  Never had a better meal, but TY was frankly appalled. Told him I was American and can get away with acting like a Neanderthal because they expect us to.    So much for liver.  And pork!
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There is a Bocce tournament here on Tuesday-  probably bocce because we don't have a shuffle board court, but anyway, the men's winning team from last year is playing the women's winning team and it should be good-  the men are all chubby drunks and the women are all former athletes that scare the shit out of me.  They take it very seriously and actually practice and work at it. The only smiles come when a point is scored and they all fist pump.  The guys pour another glass of Italian wine.  TY is on the men's team and I am certainly torn as to who I will bet on!  There is also an affiliated Bocce Art Auction, where some of us artier inclined folks have done a small project to auction to anyone who wants it. 

In progress

Outta progress, Bocce Triptych, 12"x36"

I did a triptych of bocce balls, a fabric collage on a painted and combed background to look like the packed courts we used to play on.  I was quite surprised that I had a couple of offers last night-  they stay displayed until the game so it may even go higher, one would hope, but the price now almost equals the going price per square inch of my quilts so that's good.  I DO NOT donate to things like this as a solidarity policy since it takes advantage of artists, most of who can ill afford working for free, but dammit it, here I am donating my work!  I unfortunately handed it over without a picture so I have to get that before it's gone forever.


James Ostrer, not much info on this guy other than he likes to cover his subjects with junk food! Perhaps he had trouble making a living from it?  Whatever, these came from 2014-ish and I can't find anything newer.

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