Wednesday, July 26, 2017

fussily coddler couturiere

“In art,”one must throw one’s life away in order to gain it.”    Kafka

(no, I'm not the one who found him.)

I have to thank all you 'testers' for helping me get the blog back on track.  IT's kind of a pain to have to move between browsers but I'm sure it will be second nature for me at some point.  New Rule:  use 'https' instead of 'http'-  change your contacts.  Sure wish I had somebody who could sit by my desk and tell me what I need to do to keep up tech wise... and make me a new website but now that I've cut up all my quilts I guess I wouldn't have much to put on it.  Oh well.

ANYway, I want to tell you about my Joule Sous-Vide machine.  It's made me want to actually cook more lately.  The deal is that you stick a sealed bag of , say, STEAK, into a vat of water that has reached a constant temperature and it heats the food in that vat to be the same as the water.  Thing looks like the bottom of an immersion blender and it runs through an App on your iPhone.  As soon as the temp of the water reaches the optimum, there is a phone ring telling you to put the food in.  So, tonight I had a flat iron steak right out of the refrigerator.  I set the temperature to 131F for rare and in one hour it had reached it.  You don't have to take it out at that point, you have a grace period where it just sits there at your chosen temp, but then you take the pale thing out of it's sealed baggie and give it 2 minutes each side on the grill or in a supr heated pan on the stove, and done!  It's the smae shade of pink all the way through, it's delicious and steaky, so easy!  And no overdone or underdone parts.  If you have questions about Sous-Vide, ask me, and I will rave on and on.

After the steak came out of the water bath, I set the temp higher, to 185F, and stuck a bag of parsnips in to cook with butter and a bit of OJ and honey.  These will be used for a parsnip cake (think 'Carrot Cake'-  almost the same.) along with a bag of dolce de leche that cooks at the same temp.  This thing has changed my cooking!  

But back to the studio:
Adam and Eve with some pink basting thread

Too many damn angles

Almost finished basting today, have to finish tomorrow no matter how hot or how late I have to stay because I am getting itchy to get at the new quilting machine, Geneva,  there in the background.  Now, of course that the time is getting closer I am worrying over that.  Again, in no time it will be second nature- just hope I live that long.

So, that's about it for what's happening here in South Florida.  Temperatures still over 100 (heat index) but it sounds scarier than saying 98-  or whatever.  So, how about and ARTY PARTY?

Goethe- color studies
Off to figure out more ways around this Google Spoof. Ready for battle.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Testing Onetwothree Testing Onetwothree

“It is surely a great calamity for a human being 
to have no obsessions.” (Robert Bly)

I think I can, I think I can find out why I am not getting any hits on the blog and I can't load it any longer.

Detective work:  I always update my system whenever they tell me to, everything always at the latest update from the stupidest App to the OS system.  Seems theey told me to update a few months ago, I did successfully BUT they neglected to tell me that the new OS doesn't support the Blogger App.  More sleuthing ensued and the issue seems to be that in order to keep using Blogger I need to get a different browser so, people, meet Chrome.  We'll see if I get anybody this way.  I also found that the few hits I was getting were coming from a non-direct route rather than the same ole same ole URL.  Hopefully it is fixed, but if not I will continue to poke around until it is.  

At the studio, I am busily basting the giant quilt together so I can get it on the new machine.  I'm using pink double thread, the only color I can easily see against this very noisy quilt, and it means I have to thread the needle anew every 4 feet or so, a long and tedious process.  I think I hit the halfway mark today of one diagonal direction.  Perhaps tomorrow I will have uninterrupted time to make better headway with the pink thread.  I did take some pictures of the basting but I mean HOW BORING can ya get!

In Other News I signed up for a Jan Beaney/ Jean Littlejohn textile class for 3 days in January.  I can't believe they are coming here so I grabbed a spot right away. Unfortunately it is being offered at the exact same days and times that Jane Dunnewold is giving a class too, but I had to pick.  The one I chose is more about embellishment and embroidery while Jane is doing soy wax which I know I won't use, as much as I would like to dabble for a few days.  Hopefully I can wrangle a few pals to be there too.  If you are interested, contact me or the Armory Art Center in West Palm, and the classes both are Jan 19, 20, and 21. 

And I'll roll  right up to an ART PART just to keep the testing going.  

Artist Ronit Baranga creates ceramic sculptural works she describes as existing on the “border between living and still life”—objects guaranteed to either tickle your funny bone or haunt your worst nightmares, depending on your perspective. Baranga depicts dishware as sprouting human fingers and gaping mouths as the objects traipse across tabletops or physically cling to one another in a permanent embrace. The pieces are both silly and sinister as they come to life as if from a cartoon. 

PLEASE leave a short comment IF you got this blog working again, Ill take it from there, and hopefully get back a few of my former pals.  Thanks, and keep your fingers crossed that this is the problem!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kweichow raven Convair

"Creation is embarrassing. For every new good idea you have, there are a hundred, ten thousand foolish ones, which you naturally do not care to display"  Isaac Asimov

Pet squirrels were very popular pets back then.  

I've been feeling lately like I am a buffalo leaping to my death over the cliffs.  I know they didn't intend to end up this way, but I'm being driven by external forces and all of a sudden there is no ground under my hooves feet.  It's odd because here I am with no 'things' to do, no schedule, just a couple of dogs and a husband glued to Netflix.  Summer sucks here, it's been so bloody hot that I run from inside to my car, arrive at a destination and dread the run across the parking lot to get back into some AC.  I see people out running, I see tennis players, and the Netflix guy actually is out playing golf for 5 hours a day but his Middle Eastern blood is happy out there with the weather if not his performance.
Do you ever feel like this isn't your right place and you really need to get to wherever that is quickly because time is running out?  I do feel better in the studio but it seems I get yanked out of there regularly before I am anywhere near ready to leave.  

I did manage to get the 'Hurricane Gates' off to Lowell for the Whistler Show.  It was pouring on Friday so put it off until Saturday morning not even knowing if FedE would be open so I blasted down there and ra in dripping and there was nobody, see that?  NOBODY in line.  Usually there are lines out the door and the wait is forever to get to the desk, but Saturday everybody was home inside where it was dry- except me- so I got full advantage of the salesclerk who was very accommodating.  The quilt will arrive on Thursday, it's deadline is Friday so I have that little extra day of grace.  

I am having a shitty time figuring out a big sheep that is made of knitted bobbles, but the directions aren't working.  I am perhaps an intermediate knitter, have a hole bunch of stuff in pictures up there in the menu, so I really don't think it's ME, but it's hot and not fun knitting outside in the sun to see what I'm doing.

I am making decisions on 'What I Shoulda Said', the quilt currently on my table, without a plan, just holding up a strip of fabric and tell myself it's the right color and to go ahead and find a place.  Then I appliqué a bit, then I sew the backing together, then I rip out a section-  NO PLAN, just work for the sake of work.

I'm making osso buco in my sous vide machine tonight.  I am loving this gadget and so far it's been spot on for cooking to the perfect temperature.  My only wee issue is that it uses twice as many pans and bowls for the privilege of perfect food temperatures.  I got a set of canning jars and next I try pickling vegetables and some sous vide creme brûlée (auto correct did that).  I browned the veal shanks first, put them in their special expensive silicone pockets and toss them into the water bath for a few hours with a basic tomato herb sauce.  When you pull them out they are, well, perfect.  Love it!  And joined the Joule Facebook group to help me through.

So since this is so depressing (though not a problem since nobody is here any more) I am gonna post another Arty Part but not enlarging or coloring the font because I basically cannot give a shit to this much longer, in spite of being quite in love with the formal portrait above with the pet squirrel!  Now THAT makes me happy.  Well, happ-ier.  Here goes:

Meshes nicely with the stupid Tiny House craze, doesn't it?

A cluster of three hollow wooden owls peer out from the end of a dock in Bordeaux, France, connected from within to form a two-story cabin. The Watchers was designed and built by Zebra3, a local contemporary art production company. The design was inspired by the small owls that nest on the ground in the surrounding marsh, with shingles to match their feathery heads.  Cute, Id love to SEE it, maybe even poke my head in, but living here would do me in pronto.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

brabbled flores litter

“Anything is possible. It’s all about risks, deliberate risks.” 

Squirlk?  Skurrel?  Not in my back yard.

Cleaned up a bunch of details today-  got a message from a woman wanting to know about a quilt I made in 2005 and was quite flattered she would assume I remembered what year this is!  Spend the day scouring for images-  there are precious few, the show isn't listed on my resume, and lordly I keep bad records!  Got all the info together that I could, and wham-  the email address she gave me fails.  What a waste of time

One of my students last week called the Library looking to get in touch and they notified me but when I call back I get an old lady telling her callers NOT to leave any message.  Gave up on that.  What a waste of time.

Added the latest old dog license and rabies tag to my own necklace-  the collection is getting louder and heavier after having so many years of up-to-date dog vaccinations.  Had to haul down the jewelry tools.  What a waste of time.

And then I tackled the 'What I Shoulda Said' quilt in progress.  Yesterday:

Sewed the strips all together, a real joyful ride since it's all BIAS.  Shoot me now.  Worked out the corner problems, worked out the sides, added and subtracted stripes, and have the whole thing pinned to an inch of it's life.  AND THEN THE PHONE RANG and my #72 quilting foot arrived so I stopped by the shop and grabbed it along with a nice thin cotton batt.  I am seeing the day that I get to work on the quilting part!  Hallelujah, said the Atheist.  We're getting' there.

Might as well have a PARTY OF ARTIE!

 South American conceptual artist Marta Minujín has just installed a towering new architectural installation in Germany called The Parthenon of Books, a scaffold replica of the famous Greek temple clad in 100,000 copies of banned books. The piece is currently on view in Kassel, Germany as part of a 100-day art exhibition called Documenta 14.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

jumbo sequenced Illyrian

“I’ve learned that opportunities are never lost; 
someone will take the ones you miss.” 

oof, it's hot.

Mitzvah Morning:  I have a friend who is in a bad way and she needed some help this morning.  I dropped by but I just can't keep my mouth shut when I can see obvious things that need doing so I spewed out that perhaps there should be a therapist, not Sandy, involved.  Seems I left on good terms but came home a spewed all my feelings to poor TY-  I can do this because he never hears me anyway, and not just because he's deaf, he just plain DOESN'T HEAR ME.  Not a bad thing, just an annoying thing.  Another mitzvah with another friend who is leaving for awhile.  We drank coffee and chatted and I hope I calmed some of her nervous energy.  Then I went to the studio.

And the studio calmed ME down.  I got the stick sawed in half for the 66" wide piece I am sending out, and drilled two additional holes for the open part of the sleeve.  This quilt will be hung on 4 brads, not two-  hope they understand that so I wrote it all out.  If they don't like thatI also installed a little angle brace to one edge of the center cut with two tiny screws.  And I taped the 2 additional screws to the stick so they CAN stick the stick together in the center-  we'll see what they do.  Now the cut stick works fine and the quilt rolled right around it and fits into the 60" sono tube beautifully for shipping.  So, it's all wrapped and ready to mail.

I got a call from the library where I taught the other day and they can't use my business W-9 so I need to send off an additional individual one so that's on the decks for tomorrow.  And then I get to go sew some more on 'Shoulda Said'.  I was optimistic when I left and I think I can, I think I can, I think I can make it work.  Of course once I get it off the wall with all that bias the bets are off.  But we'll see...

Now HERE is an ARTY PARTY if I ever saw one!  We missed it because it was last week, but there will always be another one next year!

All the Fridas

The Dallas Museum of Art and the Latino Center for Leadership Development are partnering to set the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Frida Kahlo in one location on Thursday, July 6, on what would have been Frida Kahlo’s 110th birthday.The rules included:
  • A unibrow drawn onto the face joining the eyebrows. This can be done with make-up or by sticking hair.
  • Artificial flowers worn in the hair, a minimum of three artificial flowers must be worn.
  • A red or pink shawl.
  • A flower-printed dress that extends to below the knees on all sides; the dress must not have any slits up the side.
If you do not meet the criteria listed above, you won’t be able to participate in the record attempt per the Guinness World Records’ guidelines.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

removableness enriching stouten

(to accompany the samurai cat armor posted a few days ago)

Yesterday I finally got the two remaining quilts back from the quilt museum I've been waiting for-  too bad the sticks don't match so I guess I have to cut new ones for ALL the quilts I sent.  What a PITA.  I have one stick for four quilts back in Boston and it belongs to somebody else, not mine.  I'll check with the rest of my crit group to see if any of mine made it home with them.  Grrr.

I pulled my 'Hurricane Gates' off the wall to make it's label and dust it off only to find that I hadn't finished the sleeve yet.  So I will do that tomorrow, I did make the label today so that's done BUT the stick I have for it is 8" too long to mail it in my sono tubes, so either I take it and let FedEx make a box OR I send two sticks since I did manage to break the sleeve in the middle.  That settles it though, I have to start making smaller things, under 60"

I did manage to get all my boxes of collage materials put away which took most of the morning AND my store of energy for the day, but had a little left to do some more diddly work on 'What I Shoulda Said'.  Here:
failed attempts at planned cutting

the WTF approach going in stripes on the diagonal.
I cannot wait to get back to this wrestling match in the morning because it finally involves sewing! It's a bear getting the big slices to line up reasonably well adding that 1" stripe between, and the corners are gonna get me soon! As you can see they either make missing holes or blobs.  

Today's ARTY PARTY really ain't no party but is self explanatory AND cautionary.  DO NOT try selfies in tight exhibition spaces.  This one cost approximately $200,000 according to the article.  Imagine facing the museum to 'splain yourself!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

noisy precolorable punchier

There is as much difference between us and ourselves as there is between us and others.
                                        Michel de Montaigne

Add Olney to your travel file.

Today I taught a little class at the big library downtown-  what a nice facility and a bunch of 20 women and one man showed up.  Apparently they are a core group that attend all the different art classes being offered.  Anyway, I had a very hard morning in order to get there, part of which I won't even begin to tell in a public forum (not that this is very public any more!).  I managed to get to the garage and load the four giant plastic tubs of stuff I needed onto a rolling dolly thing we have used for yard work.  It barely fit in my Mini but I jostled it around a bit and got the handles off so it fit on top of the plastic tubs in the back seat.  This was not a good idea because every time I turned a corner or hit a red light the damn thing settled and I was convinced I would be impaled on one of the handles.

The garage was full up to the third floor and I found a place and unloaded all the tubs onto the dolly and started down the half floor towards the elevator.  because the floor was so sloped I had a terrible time controlling the cart but soon discovered that it wasn't the floor, it was both big wheels were wobbling terribly.  I tried to kick them back onto the axel but nothing works=ed and I thought I could sort of LIMP to the elevator very slowly and might make it.  Nope.  As I approached the elevator the whole kit and caboodle went over like an explosion of art supplies-  tubes of paint skittered across the floor, plastic cups for water rolled all the way down the floor to the floor below-  and I had 40 of them!  Then all the collage papers and fabric went over, the two irons and both surge protectors went flying, my source books landed upside down in the filthy garage, it was a fookin' mess.  

Fortunately for me, one of my students was parking her car and saw this scene and offered to help so I sent her into the library to find the woman in charge to send over a cart while I picked up stuff still rolling around.  Fortunately also I had my work all rolled up in plastic so that was OK but nothing else was like I started out!  As I finished gathering it all up the woman came to fetch me.  I abandoned the damn dolly and left it next to the elevator forever more:
This only shows one askew, BOTH were involved-  there was a piece missing holding the wheel to the axel.  I need one that works, will visit Home Depot tomorrow when I get all this crap to of my car.

Needless to sayI was so happy to get home today. The class was just too short to do much of what I had planned so it would make a good day long workshop.  But it doesn't matter because I am not doing it again-  I spent hours planning and packing, $$ making sure everybody had a substate, glue, scissors and images, brought irons and teflon sheets and extra everything, not to mention the paints we never got to.  Not even counting the prep and travel and the unpacking I face tomorrow, just counting the teaching time minus the investment I made so little money I couldn't have stopped for a burger on the way home.  There was no provision for having the people bring stuff from home-  that would have helped totally.  Anyway, it's over.

And it taught me again why I don't like to do this any more-  every single time is a disaster on my psyche-  the only GOOD part is that I love to teach, but that is such a small percentage of the whole process.

Yesterday I was again waiting for the AC guy to fix my air so I can get it cooler than 78 and I got a lot of work done.  I finally got up enough nerve to cut diagonal slices and insert more of my fave B&W stripes with a bit of variation:
You may remember "What I Shoulda Said" here:
In progress on the design wall a month ago.

And here we have it sliced up, followed by a stripe preview!
There may or may not be additional stripes, perhaps going in a different direction. 
Who knows?  The shadow knows...
On the way, still not happy but perhaps a bit HAPPIER, since I have a plan for the side triangles.  Maybe I will solve that tomorrow too.
I also have to send my quilt out to the Whistler tomorrow and find the postcard they sent me to copy.  Today I finally got back a couple of pieces from the Quilt Museum, so pretty soon I will have all my chickens home to roost.


Thanks, NASA!  Images of Jupiter!