Tuesday, September 19, 2017

eigenvectors urochordate

“This day I have found something wonderful 
that I shall surely copy.” (Vincent van Gogh)

I'm back, but still getting waves of Pepper Thoughts hourly.  I see him asleep on the floor, nope, it's a dropped towel. I see him in his favorite place-  sleeping on bare floor under TY's desk, nope, it's a filing basket.  Of course it will lessen over time.  But right now I am working through some guilt for not *knowing* he was sick.  Hard to imagine but this guy was never sick, never threw up, never had runs, the only thing he was treated for were worms and they moved in with him when we adopted him.  Sigh,  my Other Guilt is Molly.  She is so not noticing he isn't here and has taken up from six years ago when she was an 'only'.  She is right on my trail as I load the dishwasher, run to the closet, throw in laundry, climb the stairs, or go try to pee alone.  At night she sits in my lap until it gets too hot, then she moves to my feet.  Like she's saying, 'Hey Mom, isn't it great to be just mommy and me again?  Huh?? Huh??"  Unbelievable.  I know she was put out by getting a brother at her advanced age but she is now trying to be MORE than I need in just one.  She is hysterical.

But enough about dogs, and enough about hurricanes.   I absolutely couldn't get beyond my catatonic state yesterday to start work on the studio so I can then start work on a project-  AND spend a bunch of learning curve climbing to get adequate on the Q20 machine that I have barely touched.  Much to do plus I have to get beyond my life of sloth to get things done for TYs return to the southland.  Today I got a reminder from my eye doc that I have an 8:30 appointment tomorrow.  Gonna be tough to be thee AND getting a scan across town, eh?  Yup, i double-booked and then didn't put either on my calendar.  And I always prided myself on keeping good track of stuff and did well while teaching and raising a couple of kids and dogs and being an exhibiting artist as well as community activities.  Now I have diddly squat to deal with and screw that up.  

SO, lets find the ARTY PARTY
we missed the other day and get on with life before that's gone too!

Portland, Oregon-based artist Lisa Ericson blends her hyperreallist painting style with a vivid imagination, resulting in fantastical combinations of plants and animals. Ericson tends to focus on one specific flora/fauna combination at a time, like hybrid mouserflies or coral fish. Her most recent series, Mobile Habitats, highlights turtles that support small ecosystems on their shells. From mossy knolls surrounded by fireflies to gnarled trees leafed with monarchs, each turtle-world evokes a specific time and place.

Here's to my brain returning and better days ahead!

Friday, September 15, 2017

difficult water cheese

“The difference between theism and nontheism is not whether one does or does not believe in God… Theism is a deep-seated conviction that there’s some hand to hold: if we just do the right things, someone will appreciate us and take care of us. It means thinking there’s always going to be a babysitter available when we need one. We all are inclined to abdicate our responsibilities and delegate our authority to something outside ourselves. Nontheism is relaxing with the ambiguity and uncertainty of the present moment without reaching for anything to protect ourselves.”  American Tibetan Buddhist nun and teacher Pema Chödrön. In When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

I chose this quote specifically because today I am remembering another Tibetan, or indeed a Tibetan-ish!  
Pepper hated to be left in the courtyard without his people
So, the last few days Pepper hasn’t quite been himself-  he’s been doing a little coughing and breathing heavily but yesterday I thought he was better and he did eat a little bit for the first time in several days.  During the night his breathing and wheezing got so bad that it woke me up so I put on shoes and went outside with him like I used to do with kids when they had the croup.   He sat at my feet and the heavy humidity helped a bit but the bugs were out to get me so after an hour I took him back in.   I thought maybe now we could both get some sleep.

He was always trying to be a good Guy, always standing back for everybody else to go through the door first, never begging, always a gentle dog. He loved everybody immediately.

At 8 I called the vet and told them he had his influenza booster right before the hurricane and the booster right after it, and I thought maybe he was having a reaction-  they told me to get over there right away so I put on some clothes and grabbed him and out the door we went-  it’s only around the corner.  They wanted me to park at the back entrance and because this flu is so highly contagious I had to sit with the windows closed and wait for them to come get him.  First the tech came out and we talked through the window, then the vet and a new tech came out in HASMET SUITS and took him in for blood work and X-rays.  I was told to stay in the car and they would come back to report to me.  They had him in isolation with an air lock and everything.

Meanwhile I was getting very nervous because I was pretty much on fumes instead of a tank of gas, so when the tech reappeared she told me I had to transfer Pepper to the hospital about 2 miles away and do so immediately.  He needed a few days of hospitalization.  Told her the gas situation so she sent me out to get some and come back to pick him up and they would keep him stable inside.

Visited 2 stations, left the first because there were police cars dealing with something or other, and I then went to second, had no trouble filling up, and raced back to my vet, calling them to tell them where I was so they could have Pepper waiting behind the building.  Screeched up and they put a fluffy towel down and set him on my back seat where he looked miserable, sad and hurting.  I took off down Military trail to the hospital, about 2 miles in the other direction, and as I came to my turn I heard a thump in the backseat, couldn’t see, but I saw he had gone down onto the floor and realized I couldn’t hear that awful heavy raspy breathing any more.  Started screaming at him, tried to reach over to touch him but had some trouble.  Meanwhile the overpowering smell of shit hit me.  Pepper NEVER had accidents-  he would hold it until he burst.  So I kept reaching over and poking his shoulder and yelling at him-  all I could reach until I pulled up to the hospital-  place an incoherent call to them to get out to meet me and they did-  my own vet had told them I was coming.  I raced around to the back seat where he was and his head was wedged under the front seat and his body had done a somersault over that.  The techs grabbed him, I got into passenger seat to move it as far forward as I could to unwedge him, and they disappeared inside.  

This is his first day with us, right after we got him from his Foster Family.  They did a wonderful job with him and we were so happy to have found him.  We had no idea how old he was, no idea where he came from, nothing except that his name was Hercules-  a little too much name for him to deal with so he became Pepper, or Pepperoni.

I filled out some basic paperwork and they came out to ask if I wanted them to try all means, I said yes because I love the guy so they continued working on him.  10 minutes later they came back to ask if I wanted to continue, he wasn’t responding.  And by then I had a wit return and said no.  Turned down private cremation, turned down communal cremation, turned down a plaster paw print.  I went in to give him a hug and a kiss between the eyes and a giant apology.  

He had bilateral pneumonia, and the hospital told me that they thought one lung had collapsed and he just couldn’t get any air any more-  he simply wore out.  

I had been concerned about his cough the day before and had already made plans to see the vet-  when I called it was to make an appointment, not even red alert emergency on my part.  I am feeling so guilty.  Maybe it was because I took him out into the hurricane so many times, though I dried him completely as soon as we got back in.  Maybe it was chronic respiratory problems-  we always kidded that he was a mouth breather.  Maybe I shouldn’t have gone off to find gas and taken him directly to the hospital and then worried about where the car would get to.  Maybe I should have tried to pull over then I heard that thump, though how does one give a dog CPR in the back seat of the car pulled over in the left hand turn lane of a busy highway?  

It took months for his sister to accept him but he was passive and accepting and let her have the lead. Eventually she started looking for him and they became a team. He always deferred to her.  The other amazing thing about him is he never knew how to really bark!  He let his sister bark for both of them.

Anyway, I am devastated.  Molly is again an only-dog and will probably be happier overall.  But she’s 13+ and doesn’t have long.  She jumped into my lap a while ago and seemed a little too smug.  I’ll have to do this again soon which is not helping my sorrow.  

Later:  I was just out walking Molly and the Guatemalan landscape guy was here to spray and told me to keep the dog in for an hour.  I said sure, he than looked at me and asked, "Don't you have two dogs?'  First time I have had to answer that question and I started weeping in front of him.  

I'm sure you will understand if I hold back our ARTY PARTY until tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

die dentately tanners

“All my money goes into my garden. I am in raptures.” (Claude Monet)

This Monet quote meant nothing to me until the Irma hurricane-  looks like garden expenses will dominate in the next few months.  First, my two ornamental bougainvillea trees in the front courtyard:
going going                                            gone

They were so pretty-  went from an orange to a pink blossom, then to rust as they ended their cycle.  There were always parts in bloom, don't know if #1 can be saved by a big stake, but I fear #2 a goner.

Giant pot over, cannot make it budge and can't get near the killer leaves, it rips one to shreds.  Need two or three big guys and a jeep to right this agave again.

Asparagus ferns planted full width along front of house.  They actually look better than we expected, thought they would be all over the driveway but they still will take months to fill back in and get fluffy instead of ratty.

The lanai, all things that fly removed.  The genius part is the 60" glass table top which they simply put on the ground-  it isn't going anywhere BUT I have nearly stepped on it ten times.  Under the rug is a bunch of flotsam and jetsam most of which I do not want to touch-  ugly wet vegetation that has started to smell.
How inviting, eh?  Want some lemonade?

Of course the hurricane didn't affect everything, life goes on at my mailbox.  And the last day of mail delivery I forgot to knock and walked in on this.
Lizard Porn

And here is what happens when I step out to grab said mail-  I AM missed and I am jumped on from two sides because after all I have been missing for perhaps three minutes.
Meet The Guys, my constant (sigh) canines who live in fear that their human is gonna BOLT every time the door opens..

And with the hurricane talk out of the way, I can get back to SQUIRRELS and our regularly scheduled program!

Today I am headed to the studio to see what has happened there.  I unplugged everything and wrapped all the machines in giant plastic bags, so I am hoping there isn't a lot of damage.  As I left the other day I saw that my whole line of neighbors there had sandbagged their garage doors and entries.  Since I was in Boston and only stopped in for a few minutes last week, I must have missed a truck so I am apprehensive that all will be OK in there.  Will report later, if I get a chance.  So much to do to get things up and running again here.  Publix opens at noon, and I have to pick up Molly's insulin at the drugstore and hopefully find some gas.  Single parenthood is for the birds.  Don't do it.   

Not in the mood to PARTY today so it will just be some random ART with no fanfare.  How about some Tiny Houses, lots of them?

Dutch artist Vera van Wolferen imagines new designs for homes on-the-go, producing miniature balsa wood models of tiny houses that teeter on the top of sedans or contain wheels to propel themselves on the road. The sculptures, which she refers to as Story Objects, are intended to allude to narratives, and are often built with the addition of cotton to serve as clouds or tiny puffs of chimney smoke.

Before I go, please make sure and reset your reader URL or your bookmarks or however you find me to this:  You have got to use the httpS:

Sunday, September 10, 2017

hindrance sporty ternises

What’s more horrifying than normalcy?” Patti Smith

Well, this whole hurricane thing was supposed to be over by tonight but instead it's just now starting. We had ourselves a day with tornados all around us snapping up like popcorn, but it took all day for the hurricane to hit landfall.  After that, it took a couple more hours before we really felt the effects of that.  We watched the news until we near went crazy with forecasts and what the weathercasters were wearing.  We basically spent the day answering texts and emails checking in on us.  Calls and messages were greatly appreciated.

Molly was either so upset that she got sick or so sick she needed attention, but it meant there were numerous costume changes here in Sandyland as I had to put on my giant floppy plastic poncho and my yellow plastic clogs to walk the poor critter out of the garage about 3 feet to do her bizniz.  Poor critter, even in a quick trip we would both get drenched and have to get rowelled down.  It got old fast.  Luckily I found her old retractable leash and I'll have that to let her out the bedroom door when necessary overnight.  She os resting comfortably across my feet wearing her Thundershirt which seems to have worked its magic.  

Took a video just as things started up as an actual hurricane late this afternoon but I'm not sure it will work-  Blogger seems to have it in for me lately.

The yard is a mess, the house is completely upside down.  I am still convinced that the electric will go off, in fact we have had a couple of power surges because the cable tv has disappeared.  We amused ourselves by watching the weather  channel and a couple of movies today.  Tomorrow it will be more of the same until we are visited and 'released' from curfew.  I won't be in any hurry to go anywhere-  gas stations down, no deliveries to Publix the last few days, I'll be out secretly walking dogs and avoiding fallen tree stuff and deep puddles.  I am of course going to head for the studio to check out possible damage there as soon as I have an all-clear from the hurricane police.

Sigh.  We have gone 10 years without a hurricane, last year's was kind of a trainer-hurricane we got to practice on.  This one took forever and caused so much damage.  I understand we were long overdue, but still, this isn't something I want to deal with ever again.  And I'm not a victim or a survivor, just a passer-by.

So, here's the ARTPART, truncated.

 Previously working with the female figure in her sculptural pieces mentioned here and here, Juliette Clovis’ newest series of porcelain sculptures is centered around the form of an egg. Each was crafted by Clovis in La Manufacture La Seynie, the oldest Limoges porcelain manufacturer in France. Some of her eggs, which are decorated in a similar fashion to many of her earlier pieces with spikes, floral clusters, and hand-painted markings, are currently on view at Galerie Mondapart in France through May 4, 2017. You can see more images of Clovis’ porcelain forms on her Instagram and website

So, bunnies, thanks for taking a circuitous route to find me again.  If you know any high mucky mucks at Blogger, have them give me a call!  Hell, *I* can't even find me!

Friday, September 08, 2017

croutons chemoprophylaxis lichenin

As all artists know, genuine creative insights occur when rational thought ceases—during dreamstates or moments of absorption so intense that self-consciousness, anxiety, and the needling cares of the day drop away. John Cleese

Black Lives Matter

The only thing about black animals is that it's bloody hard to get a good picture.  As Pepperoni ages, and get grayer, it's easier, but most pictures of him, and former dog Panda(monium), and former rabbit Bre'r appear as black holes in the picture.  So sad because all of them were such wonderful pets.  This is good of the squirrel though, close-up picks up the edges of each tiny hair.

Well, I put off my Irma discussion for a whole paragraph.  I am pretty much set here, staying in place in our house with the dogs.  I've taken the rocks out of the fire pit (how many fingernails can you lose in one job!) I've moved the loose plants inside, an along with them a chirping frog in the bedroom.  Hope he is happier with the accommodations tonight but I can't find him to escort him out. All furniture is under cover and upside down, and the only thing left is to grab the hanging orchids and install them in the shower.  

My roommate for the assault is dropping off her stuff later today and she wants to go out for dinner and I am SO ready to get out of here!  She won't move in until tomorrow.  I went to the studio today to wrap all my machines in giant plastic bags just in case it floods or the roof caves in or who-knows-what.  I certainly hope that my fancy new Q20 survives because I'll never have a chance at another.  Fingers crossed.  I noticed that every other garage door in my line of spaces had sand bags barricading the doors and garages.  Not mine-  the delivery guy must have come by when I wasn't there.  They had come from some landscape company that I know darn well won't bring me 10 or 15 at this late juncture.  So, after you do your worrying about your own friends and family down here, then their pets, and finally, please, a drop of worry for me and my Q20.  

I have a vast array of scented candles people have given me so they are all out on the dining room table-  now called Hurricane Central.  I started pulling them out and was amazed at the quantity.  This will be a good way to use them up-  I don't much like scented anything though some of these are pretty nice.  I also pulled down my collection of old hurricane lamps but found that I don't have enough lamp oil except in one.  I remember filling them all, didn't think lamp oil evaporated but it's gone.  And I grabbed the only 2 flashlights I could find though I have two extra sets of batteries.  I stopped by another friends house because I saw her garage door open and she gave me a bunch of matches so I'm set there.  And I grabbed a big jigsaw puzzle from the studio to set up just in case.

I was looking for something to knit while sitting around waiting to get killed by a roof joist, but my whole roll of knitting needles is missing and I can't find them anywhere.  How could I misplace something so important?  So, I have a set of #17s and a round 24" #4.  Hmmm.  I tuned the studio upside down but no luck.

Just got notified that West Palm Beach curfew starts at 8 AM tomorrow!  Wow, that's early but perhaps because of storm surge and the whole city is in an evacuation zone.  Also Tequesta just has issued a town wide evacuation.  Oh oh.  The airport will close tonight after the final flight out leaves...for Boston!  Wish I could take the doggies and get on, but I guarantee that it's a full flight getting out of Dodge.

Alright, a less than festive Arty Party tonight, best I can muster~

These oversized moths and insects by Yumi Okita are constructed with fabric, embroidery thread, fake fur, wire, and feathers. The Raleigh-based artist makes each piece by hand, creating faithful interpretations of actual insects like the Oleander Hawk Moth or the Peacock Butterfly. You can see many of her most recent creations on Etsy.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

syphilologist pharmacological belate

“Don’t talk about this. Never talk about your secret methods. If you talk about them, they stop working.” (Jean Cocteau)

Now accepting hugs here in South Florida.

I know, I've been among the missing for two weeks now.  First, I headed back to Boston for a week and had a couple of kid views and reconnecting ops with family-  really fun.  TY and I managed to get a few things done around the house/apartment/condo  and I coerced Nate to lend me his drills to hang curtains finally.  He wouldn't 'lend' me anything, afraid I would break them, the big twit, so instead I became Huck Finn and got him to do it.  I guess I didn't take into account his ridiculous OCD issues.  Anyway, a few hours later it was done and now the place actually looks like a home instead of a storage facility.

My flight back was Tuesday, and I had to be on it in spite of trying to keep people out of the area.  My dogs were already in the kennel too long, and in spite of it being a 'resort and spa', at the prices it cost me I had to spring them. I had left my car at the airport so drove immediately to Publix to refill the larder and set in a huge supply of dog food, then I went to fetch them-  so much fun to have them so excited to see me.  We came home and unloaded all the stuff and scratched ears and doggie backsides for the rest of the night.  Being at the 'resort and spa' exhausts them so we've had a couple of days of playing dead-dog until they heard their leashes jingle. 

Yup, Irma is approaching, slowly and surely and it looks like it will head right up the center of the state-  this will be catastrophic unless it veers off one way or another-  let us hope it's to the east, and a fast hook out to sea!  Right now it's Miami that will get it first an then we get to watch it on tv inching north right into us.  

I went and found backup batteries for the phone yesterday, and a rubber rug for the dogs to pee on *just in case*.  Thanks to a certain aging bulldog mom for that tip.  I've invited over a couple of friends who need to get out of their houses-  mine is a new house that exceeds Miami-Dade building codes, the safest in the country.  We had all high impact windows and doors and additional structure work whn=en we built it 2 years ago.  I am pretty confident we will get through unscathed but still I am nervous.  Yesterday about 12 men showed up here to help me move the outdoor furniture and heavy stuff.  I still have all the herb pots and the odd ground orchids to get inside, but the job I am dreading more han anything is emptying out the rocks from the fire pit.  They aren't heavy, lava rocks, but there are bags and bags full of them.  And I have to get at it because I am getting loud hurricane warnings over my iPhone from the county.  Way too early, Irma isn't due until Saturday night or there about.

And folks, other than telling you about FedEx getting my quilts back from Boston in record time, I don't have much art stuff to report.  I think this is the longest I have gone without doing handwork-  wish I had something in progress but the big project is finishing the giant quilt on the new machine.  Guess that won't get underway until next week if I'l lucky and the roof stays on the studio!  I am choosing not to worry about that too.  I only have so many channels!

So, here's the ARTY PART, certainly not an Arty Party today but all I can do.

Artist Janaina Mello Landini continues to produce dizzyingly complex installations and canvas-based sculptural works comprised of unbraided ropes that branch out like tree roots. The fractal-like artworks have developed over a period of six years as part of her “Ciclotrama” series, a word she coined that combines the root word “cycle” and the Latin word “trama” meaning warp, weaving, or cobweb.

SO, there ya go!  Now that I'm home and have a real computer and nothing but time, I am back in the blog saddle.  Check in any time!   

Sunday, August 27, 2017

bright unusual little

Ideas can come from two things “that haven’t come together before.” (“What would happen if a chair was bitten by a werewolf?)  Neil Gaiman 

As if.

FYI, I have just spend 2 hours fiddling around with Blogger settings.  First I visited the 'HELP' forum and followed those direction, to no avail, then I followed everybody else with similar problems, then I deleted the stats program I had installed, and here I am.  Sure hope that squirrel arrives on my landing strip soon.  I have scattered pecans all along the way, already shelled.

Well surprise surprise, it looks like rain again.  The big black cloud is back and looking particularly heavy.  So, this will be short because I need to go get to the studio so it can rain on that metal roof and make it very obvious who's running the show there.  

Loving my down time this week-  I have gone through drawers and cubbies getting rid of stuff-  who needs a whole shelf of florists vases?  But I sure wish I had a delivery guy at the front door with a new one.  One thing I will not get rid of is my oyster collection.  As you know I found my dream kitchen chandelier when we built this place:
And it went great with a bunch of oyster plates, except I had given most to my daughter and SIL, but since I had an uneven number I held one back:

Someday I will steal them back.

By accident (!!!) I was at TJMaxx and found an oyster shell wreath!  Yeaaa.  Then up in Boston I found another one- YIPPEE YEA, but it weighs a ton and getting it back here was problematic.  I call it testing TSA.

Then, in a whole other store I found an oyster shell rope, about 6' long.  I took it apart and stuck it in 2 terrariums since I would kill anything living in a terrarium anyway:

Still with me on the oyster shell accidental collection?

Yesterday I found myself accidentally in HomeGoods looking for human beings (it gets a bit lonely here at dinner time) and LOOKIT what I found-  TWO OYSTER BALLS:

The bigun is about 20" across and it's little sister is maybe 15".  Both are mega heavy so I won't hang them anywhere for fear of having an oyster shell kitchen floor ala Nantucket driveways  They will live on my work table for now and collect dust like the rest of us.

Now, after that house tour do you still need an ARTY PARTY?  Sigh.  You're spoiled.

And I am going to stay in the undersea life theme.  Told you that you were spoiled.

Just in case you couldn't tell it's in Taiwan-  Aren't they the cutest?

A Kracken!  
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman (who previously produced this oversized bunny in Taiwan) has unveiled his newest large-scale animal design, this time with the function of a playscape for Vanke Group's One City development in the centre of Yantian, Shenzhen. The playground is designed within the eight legs and head of an octopus, a piece that is named after the mythological sea creature Kracken despite its friendly appearance.