Thursday, August 25, 2016

visionary screen visit

“Remember that all is opinion,” said Emperor Marcus Aureli

Squirrel martini?  Squirrel perfume bottle?  Tail-in-Flames Squirrel?  I don't know.

I took yesterday of from the studio, had my stitch group but nobody did any stitching-  we gossiped and ate lunch and had a 'girl's' day for a while.  Nobody is here, it's so bloody quiet we have to make our own fun.  And besides I have been working full time on these stupid Autobiographies, and badly needed a day off.  Maybe with these pictures, even though the pieces are still unfinished, you can see more of what is happening. 

But today I was back at it-  was turning on the AC at 9 AM and I turned it back down at 3 to go feed and walk the dogs, then back again at 4 for another three hours before having to hit Publix to buy up some things I'll need if the current weather system becomes a reality.  Anyway, I got massive amounts done today-  I made more small circles and bound them for the second piece and I made EIGHTY TWO more leaves to hold the names of the rest of my quilts.  I think this is enough if I only put on tag on for the different series I have of like quilts-  basically they have the same names and a designation number.  So, with no further ado,  this is how I left it tonight as I left in the almost-dark!
82 more partially bound leads should be finished tomorrow and added on to the top cover of the tower piece.  

Autobiography I- 1975-2000
Quilts completed in the last quarter century with stand-ins for missing pieces, sold pieces, and donated pieces.  The top most project, close-up in the middle picture but missing in the full picture, is leaf shapes with all the quilt names on the undersides.  To date there are 102 sewn on, and I have 85 left to go-  they will cascade down over the top portion of the quilt stack.

Autobiography II- Chapters and Paragraphs

And here's a closeup of the bound circles sewn on disrupted  clamshell pattern to canvas.  I haven't yet attached all the smaller circles which are somewhat 3-D on the surface.  I am also interrupting the static top and bottom lines as the smaller circles spill off the surface.  


And we segue to the ART PART~

Collectively titled Zobop, Jim Lambie's vinyl tape installations mark off floors and stairs with colorful and repeating patterns, typically consisting of seven to nine rotating hues. The site-specific works conform to the architectural outline of each space, tracing the sharp edges of moulding or square bases of monumental columns. To begin each new work Lambie first outlines the widest possible edge, typically starting where the floor meets the wall. From here, he alternates widths for his lines, mixing up thin strips with those that are a couple of inches thick until he reaches the center of each space.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

screechy vision screed

‘Ten percent of any job is bound to go wrong — and most of the time, that is where the magic lives.’”
Even you have to admit you're surprised at how many things have a squirrel motif!

Two solid days in the studio, doggies are despondent from lack of ear rubs, but still, they run to greet me when they hear the garage door go up.  Yeah, they burst through the door since they know how to turn knobs now, and joyfully clatter into the garage-  one day they will get squashed and I will be able to scream I TOLD YOU SO!!!  It will be a call-the-taxidermist occasion.

But back to the studio.  I finished all the hand appliqué on the all piece, did it at home because I have a big dining room table and a big too-bright-for-dinner chandelier.  It took forever since every stitch had to be pulled through with pliers.  I used a heavy duty buttonhole thread and a big eye needle and my hands look like hamburger from this.  But it's done up to the pint I wanted it.  next I am cutting more circle from the center 8" pieces overflowing the desk, but now they are 6" circles, binding them with the metallic linen too and scattering them thoughtfully over the surface.  So, more appliqué in my immediate future!  I now have 102 'leaves' cut and bound with the quilt titles on the backs.  I counted the title tags and I have 65 left to make, but I will run out of metallic linen by then so may have to find a substitute-  not enough time to order for this schedule.

The tower is all rebuilt and I'm glad-  the little base elevates it just enough so things at the bottom are more graceful, but somehow in reassembly I must have smoothed and patted things down more carefully because I am still 4: short on filling it up.  Tomorrow I make more 24" squares and will slice up another quilt to make quota.  I thought maybe I could sew the leftover circles back together but then it won't have corners and will look dumb there in between all those right angles.  

I also started arranging the leaves on the top most piece, the 'cap' on the top of the song tube.  Hopefully I can get them sewn on easily but just going around in a circle on the top square catching the point end of each as I go. Anyway, I now am looking at all the varying 'parts' that I have to integrate with each other and get photographed asap.  I won't decide where to enter until I see the photographs because it has to be really great when I think what shipping is going to be.  Yikes.  

Without all that appliqué in front of me I wonder what to watch on Netflix tonight...  I've been winging through the Great British Baking show but I'm tired of screaming at the contestants to get it in the freezer or get it out of the oven! Anxiety inducing!

I know, you're saying WTF is she talking about!  I have a vast Russian readership-  don't ask me why, but I wonder how they plow through...

YEA, it's ART PART time!

Sculptor Polly Verity interlocks domes, orbs, and other curved structures by strategically folding large sheets of paper. The result of these intricate manipulations is landscapes of patterns that seem to rise effortlessly from their 2D material. Her works tesselate from one shape to the other, repeating both hard-edged and curved shapes throughout the folded sculptures.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

vise screech visible

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked” 
– Bernard Meltzer

Hmmm, looks like a whole new territory here, diamond squirrels!  Isn't that an oxymoron?

Today is my any-name-here birthday.  I'm fine with not having a plan, but the whole idea of 'birthday' is silly.  I'm a day older than yesterday.  I am going out to dinner with a friend.  I got a lovely arrangement of orchids, my favorite flower and a lovely present and a bunch of cards-  amazing, isn't it how we still remember our elementary school friend's birthdays?  I guess it was because we were so aware of who was older and when the next birthday party was going to be.  Anyway I can rattle of their birth dates still, as those in my own family are blurry!  This isn't a big year, doesn't end in 0 or even a 5, so no celebration other than to thank the stars I am still on the planet, above the sod.  

And I have enough money to pay for the new towels that match Pepper.  Life is good, I don't know any better.  (These are actually for ME, Pepper has his own towel that's bright turquoise-  when ever I pull it out he runs because when he sees it he knows water might be involved.  He's right.)

Plea:  Is there anyone out there in South Florida who would be available to help me with this Tower when the time comes?  I need help disassembling and packing it up and getting it into the car.  
(A couple of hours, and I buy a nice lunch.)
Let me know if you're willing, I don't have dates yet, TBD.

Yesterday I made the base for the tower, it took all day-  had to use my power tools and the measuring thing.  And glue.  It also involved taking ALL the quilt squares off the tube-  doesn't sound like much but it took most of the day. 
While the glue dried.

And finally there is a use for all those god-awful mustard blocks none of you wanted!  I made 4 legs out of another song tube, then just used alligator clips to hold them to the central stalk.  This I covered with some heavy duty foam core just to support it all flat.  And it worked!  Then of course I had to put all 300+ quilts back on the tube and my back is killing me today!

This was the taking off part, I know because there's no base.  The base doesn't show at all but it does keep the quilts off the floor.  And it makes me feel like it's more complete.  I wish all these quilt pieces had binding all around but after doing 10 or 15 I decided that was fool's work-  it didn't look any different, didn't SAY anything different. so scrap that plan.  Instead I am binding all the leaf shapes-  I have done 63 already and I have at least that number to go.  I will never run out of things to do to this.  Shoot me now.

ART PART. like you didn't expect one?

Using subtle changes in light and shadow, French photographer Pascal Goet subtly manipulates the details of a variety of insects, highlighting their anthropomorphic appearance. Goet does not alter any of the colors associated with the brilliantly hued bugs, but instead focuses on letting areas of the body fade away or become more pronounced. Through this process faces emerge, a human reflection in an otherwise unrelatable species. This aspect is especially pronounced when printed quite large for exhibitions, where the audience has their own face come into contact with an imitation of one.Since no

Since no post is ever complete without taxidermy...

Hmm, wonder what that was...

Gotta go wash my hair, going out with a friend tonight for sushi.  Then I come back early and work on my other Autobiography piece.  Hand work, appliqué, sort of, but doable in front of Netflix.  Last night I started on Great British Baking, and have many episodes ahead of me.  Sounds like a perfect birthday to me.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

virtue scoundrel agitate

“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.” (Joseph Pilates

Missing some color on this one, sorry.
Sorry I've been MIA but it's because of the time crunch to get this Tower done!  I keep veering off with ideas to use up the tiniest scraps and right now I've spent three days (plus have to do it again today) putting metallic linen binding on all the little leaf shapes I showed you yesterday.  Then, at 3 AM (of course-  don't all ideas hit at that time?) I figured out how to do a base with stuff I have on hand rather than trying to develop carpentry skills overnight.  Wish I had a dad-  he would have done it for me but a bottle of Bourbon would have been involved...

Anyway I needed some STUFF from Home Depot yesterday for a couple of projects so off I went to buy a little package of screws, some bolts, spray paint (had to show an ID to get that-  me, an old housewife looking person!), and rope and carabiners and I can't remember what else -  oh yeah, saw blades!  And on the way down the last aisle I found some small tool boxes with lots of tiny sections-  exactly what I needed because my baskets of buttons and beads busted out of it's sides the other day.  $150 later I walked out.  And went to bind the leaf shapes.  I am hand printing the names of all the cut-up/  missing/sold quilts I've made circa 1975-2000 and fusing them to the backs of the leaves.  I had planned on printing on fabric but the printer is not communicating with the computer these days and I just couldn't fool around with that any more-  need to replace the studio computer I think.

I've been diligent about doing the handwork on Autobiography !!, the circle version, at my dining table.  It's working well because I have great light there day and night, room to put supplies and a couple of confused dogs begging at the table for naught.  Poor guys.  I have maybe 2 more days of that, then to make a backing to hide all my ugly stitching-  Will be done early next week, but it will be photographable after tomorrow.  I have time on that one- not due until the middle of the month.

Today I make the base for the tower-  I have some heavy duty foam core which I will cover, and then add 4 'legs' I will cut from another Sono tube with the big tube in the center.  I will screw the 'legs' to the central big tube to hold in place and that should make the whole thing more stable.  And of course add additional shipping problems but hey, who cares, right?  That is an eventuality that may never happen.  And it can easily be dismantled to walk to the dumpster out the studio door!  

(And to think *I* am worried about size and shipping!)

New York artist Jason Hackenwerth, known for his organic and biological forms made from latex balloons, just unveiled his latest work at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in the Grand Gallery of the National Museum of Scotland. Titled Pisces the sculpture is the artist’s interpretation of the legend of Aphrodite and Eros: in Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and her son, Eros, escaped the fearsome monster Typhon by transforming into a tightly woven spiral of two fish, a figure which later became a constellation called Pisces. The spiraling form is made from 10,000 balloons which took three staff members nearly six days to blow up, after which Hackenwerth and his assistant Leah Blair wove carefully into this three dimensional structure.


Speaking of The Dogs, did I tell you I found towels at TJMaxx that EXACTLY match Pepper.  And he exactly matches asphalt-  completely disappears on the road, no kidding.  Now my towels can disappear on the road too!  I am tossing the slippery skinny pile towels into the donate bag-  we both hate them.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

virile scorpion agile

“A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success!” – Doug Larson

And before I forget, today is

guess that calls for a dance and heel click.

you gotta admit those are some feet!  Check the break dancer in the back

Busy day today-  had to race over to the studio to grab the wall piece, the one with circles I am hand stitching, and while I was there I made 3 more yards of fabric into binding for the little leaf shapes:

Working on metallic linen, ironing on Mistyfuse to whole pieces and when it cools down enough to fold I will cut bias binding out of it all.  I have 3 different metal colors so they will be interchangeable.  The PLAN is that I will bind all these leaf shapes-  the first bunch are unbound, the second have one side done in the dark brown/black:

Next Iwill print the names of all, and I mean ALL the quilts I've made on fabric, misty fuse it too, and add to the back of these leaves.  They will then go one of two ways-  either get them attached to the top of the tower where people can play with them, OR they will be attached to the wall piece-  gotta make a slew of them first to see how it will work.  This means over 300 of them.  And I probably have enough to make double that.  See?

And I did get the quilt part rolled up and ready to be worked on in my dining room!  It will be so much easier when I can work a little until I stab myself, heal a bit, and then get back at it.  I think.
Yeah, my dining room is black, wanna make something of it...

And to prove this new system will work just fine I am gonna go work on it right now! 
After this I ran to the bank, then to the florist for a tiny plant to give my friend, came home and potted it in a cute Ironstone sugar bowl for her because she had a birthday party for me and two other friends who are all Leos born this week.  So nice of her.  Then, between dog walks and trash pickup and three loads of laundry you can see how working at home, especially in my current time crunch, makes sense.

Here we go-  ART PART time!

Since 1963, a man named Justo Gallego has dedicated his life to building a cathedral on the outskirts of Madrid almost entirely by himself. Despite the lack of any formal training in construction or architecture, Gallego has continued work on the giant church into his 90s and works on it even today.