Monday, December 18, 2017

speleologist localizations siftings

“If I fail more than you, I win.” -Seth Godin

Art By Women Sells for 47.6% Less Than Works by Men, Study Finds

Go read this Hyperallergic article and weep, but it confirms what we already know.  

Finally we had a night without a party last night, gave me a chance to eat up last week's Blue Apron offering, yup more kale.  Tonight we finish up last week's box o' kale and then we are caught up to last Wednesday when I received two more meals.  Since we are leaving Tuesday and out Sat and Sun, I guess we will be eating kale and sweet potato breakfasts these next few days.  I am longing for a giant pot o' spaghetti with some fatty non-vegetative (read that as kale) sauce.  I have cancelled their deliveries until after the first of the year when I will reassess if it helps me or hinders me.  Food is good, just a bit kale and sweet potato oriented.  And I do like two days of food decisions made for me.  Hey, I also have built up a bunch of free meals so if you're interested, fire me off an email and I'll arrange to have it sent to you.  I can't use them myself, have to pass them out.

I don't have long at the studio today, just enough time to finish up a few of the piles of to-dos so I can see my tables again.  I lost a big button from a vest I was wearing the other night so have to fix that AND my quilt and the top of another quilt finally reappeared from the NEQM, but without my ingenious stick I made to fit into the 60" mailing tube.  Rats, it was perfect, basically two half sticks drilled on all 4 ends but able to be attached if desired at the centers.  It has a split sleeve so offered OPTIONS.  Didn't matter, nobody even looked at it and it was made out of 200 or so (I'll re-count when I re-hang today) of my cut up quilts.  

I don't think I started saving the centers until I was well into the project.  Hey, I'll take a picture since I sent it off without one last year about this time.  I kind of like it-  I had it draped over a chair when I pulled it from it's box yesterday and TY entered the room:  "Who's quilt is that, know it's not yours because it's COLORFUL!"  Well shit-  it's made out of all the quilts I have made over 40 years so I most certainly don't agree.  I think I counted 140 different quilts, guess it was over 200 in the tower, not this one-  I started this as the tower was about finished and I had already thrown out a lot of circles.  I WILL acknowledge it is a bit heavy on red.  Sigh.  But so many of mine are...

Yeah, I photographed it on the wall where the window light hits it, will re-do on the better wall later.

ARTY PARTY coming up next.  Meet Igor, my new hero.

 From heaps of scrap metal, old bike chains, and silverware, sculptor Igor Verniy creates birds, butterflies, and other unusual creations. Many of his steampunk and cyberpunk sculptures are made to be fully articulated, with dozens of moving or adjustable parts enabling each piece to be posed in several lifelike positions.  Aren't they wonderful?  I'm dyin' for that pigeon.

Monday, December 11, 2017

transferability prostitutes swirls

“If you want to live an exceptional and extraordinary life, you have to give up many of the things that are part of a normal one.” 
-Srinivas Rao

A rare sighting of the endangered Marshmallow Squirrel

This season has about fried me.  Ao much to get done, so little time.  Of course, as I'm sure you are complaining about too, I have bitten off more then I can chew.  Too many people retuning back, too many people heading out so we simply have to make a plan before they go, too many parties, too many... um, cocktails I will admit to. And too many plans in general.  I'm out of clothes, my roof in the studio is leaking and I'm meeting the maintenance guy in half an hour.  Woke up to the smoke alarms peeping, and my oil light is on in the car so I need to get it in for service.  Plus I am befuddled as to what happened to the Amazon list I had my DIL make for things to send the kids-  it's completely disappeared.  Thankfully I already sent two gifts but they weren't on the list.  Anyway, problems are mounting and time is shrinking around here.  And Molly is peeing in the house again so she needs a glucose curve done before I stick her into boarding.  Yikes!

The thing is that it happens every year like this, and very year I swear it won't, that I can handle it, I'm ready.  But there I go again heading to five different stores trying to find  wreath and extension cord that will go under a door and not get cut.  Five stores.  That means I spent a whole lot of money on STUFF from those stores.  You know, the Christmas mantra, "one for them, two for me..."  and I can happily find things I really really need in automotive supply stores.  Shoot me now.  

So I am not one o those happy shoppers who sends out cards and greetings, I can't even keep up with thank you notes for some pretty nice dinner parties!  I have been promised by TY that tonight is a event-free zone and we can possibly get to one of the three backed-up Blue Apron orders before two more pile in on us tomorrow.  One step ahead, two steps back.  Plus my refrigerator stinks from all the kale that's in there.

So. instead of hitting UPS today to mail off two boxes, instead of picking and choosing which Blue Apron I will use, instead of taking an actual free afternoon after the leak-checking guy shows up at the studio, I am here whining yet again.


An important element of Ottoman architecture in Turkey was the addition of birdhouses affixed to the outer walls of significant city structures, a safe space for regular avian guests to nest outside of mosques, inns, bridges, libraries, schools, and fountains. The birdhouses were not simple concrete structures, but rather elaborate feats of miniature architecture that ranged from one-story homes to multiple-story bird mansions. Each was designed with a similar design aesthetic to the country’s larger buildings, simultaneously providing shelter to sparrows, swallows, and pigeons while preventing bird droppings from corroding the walls of the surrounding architecture.  Lucky birds.

Monday, December 04, 2017

chucked reddish lacer

“When you work, you learn something about what you are doing and you develop habits and procedures out of what you’re doing,” said Jasper Johns.

Had to work at Special Olympics golf tournament today, a great annual fundraiser for a good cause.  It's an early start so I had to be at the golf course to check people in at 7 AM.  My alarm was set for 6, but I was awake at 4 waiting for the alarm because I hadn't given it a tryout on the iPad and didn't know what it sounded like.  .  And I was finished with my 'job' and home by 8:30 with a car load of things TY bid on at the auction last night.  A nice turnout and a lot of money made.  But the fallout is hitting me right now and I am so sleepy I'm falling over.  

I did manage to get a big wreath hung off the balcony BUT I can't hook it up to an electric outlet because the doors to the balcony are hurricane doors and very heavy, no little corners to run a cord through so until I can figure it out it's just a plain ole undecorated circle of greens, not very festive when what you want is lights.  Oh well.  Maybe tomorrow.

No Sewing Allowed Today

But yesterday I got my velvet pants cut out and marked ready to go.  The jacket is also ready for  sewing.  I have a couple of bobbins wound to use, but somehow between Joanns and home the roll of elastic for the pants has disappeared.  And also my motivation-  it's a long way back to Joanns for a few yards of elastic.  Black pants are always OK, right?  Time is getting scarce and the plans are stacking up so we are busy most every night.  Not my idea of a relaxing holiday. I may take another swipe at the pants later this week, who knows, perhaps Walmart will have some elastic-  OR a zipper.  Some way to hold up my pants other than clothesline.

So, I have to get to bed, and here's a very quick ART PART.
Today we're doing gifs, hope you like them!

Working with photographs, film clips, and illustrations lost to time, San Francisco-based filmmaker and stereoscopist Bill Domonkos creates darkly humorous animated GIFs. The resurrected photos merged with modern animation are almost completely nonsensical in subject matter and yet perfect in their execution, the more random the better. From his artist statement:
I experiment by combining, altering, editing and reassembling using digital technology, special effects and animation to create a new kind of experience. I am interested in the poetics of time and space—to renew and transform materials, experiences and ideas. The extraordinary thing about cinema is its ability to suggest the ineffable—it is this elusive, dreamlike quality that informs my work.

  One of my new favorite Tumblrs to follow is Un gif dans ta gueule… (roughly ‘A gif in the mouth…’) run by French photographer and animator Nicolas Monterrat who brings his surreal sense of humor to historical photos, paintings, and other borrowed imagery by creating bizarre and humorous animations. Collected here is just a sampling, do yourself and dive into his archive, you won’t regret it.


Friday, December 01, 2017

avenging hearteningly alcoholizables

Benjamin Hardy, “Don’t seek praise, seek criticism.”

After yesterday's hideous example of squirreldom, 
I thought you might need a break.  I certainly did.

SO, I spent all day yesterday watching Netflix and knitting.  I got about 6" done and now am dealing with the thought that no way will I get this thing to 60" before Christmas.  I will set it aside and try something similar on bigger needles and using a double strand of the same yarn so it may go faster and be ever so much less tedious.  I cant just rip this one out, so I can continue on it after the holidays-  I nee something to work on that's less mindful at night.  Although TY did allow my Ott light into his tv sanctum as long as I sit behind him and the light doesn't reflect and I acknowledge this as a non permanent addition to HIS room.  I laugh.  heh heh  And have no plans on moving it out.  

Some big doin's around here this weekend, all things I want to do and will do alone.  There's an outdoor art fair at the Armory tomorrow, and also the Clematis Green Market AND since I will be in the area, I will check out the new warehouse retail spot called Elizabeth St. Station.  At some point doing those things I will probably have to lie down in the grass and be revived, but I'm gonna attempt it all.

I got my new pillow covers from William Sonoma and love them-  needed an upgrade and one of them has a gold embroidered alligator on teal velvet-  be still my heart!  It's now officially an alligator theme in my living room with this addition-  it joins the alligator textured table and the 5' vintage wooden alligator sculpture.  Actually TY says it's a crocodile and I'll not argue.  We got it done in Key West and it barely fit in the way-back of the car for the ride home.  The other two are woven cowhide like I loved in Santa Fe this past summer, couldn't resist.  They are pitch black though I was expecting more of a charcoal but they are still way cool and sort of go with the secondary theme that started with the cowboy picture- a still from The Magnificent Seven covered with (yeah...) diamond dust.

And that leads me to the news today that glitter is going to be banned because it's some un-biodegragable plastic.  Imagine a life without glitter, so sad.  Hope they (THEY???) come out with some cheesy substitute that molds back into the ground.  Or maybe why not just throw mushrooms at each other and skip that step altogether?  It worked with weddings by throwing grass seed instead of rice though I'm sure it's just some rural parish that needed their lawn reseeded that season.  Better than releasing captive butterflies.

But I digress.

And lead you on to the reason you came-  the AHTY PAHTEE!
And believe it or not I am keeping the theme here to sewing stuff!

left-  tiny little caster wheels for a chair, right- sewing notions

These breathtakingly intricate miniatures are the work of Japanese artist Kiyomi, a mother of two who manages to find the time to dedicate to her hobby sometimes even waking up as early as 4 AM.
Kiyomi is clearly inspired by the early industrial age, which she recreates with remarkable accuracy in her models. From tiny hats and shoes to sewing machines and even a bakery, stocked with brightly colored cakes, her work takes you back in time to Victorian England or Revolution-era France, it will make you wish you still had that dollhouse!

If you like what you see you can check out Kiyomi’s Instagram and Website, everything is handmade and the food looks good enough to eat!

I've never had the need to deal with miniatures, but these things are eating at my brain-  so perfectly done!  I will look at dioramas and glass boxes, and doll houses with a new sense of appreciation.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

traditionally hanratty louche

“Every skill you acquire 
doubles your odds of success.” -Scott Adams

That my mini-me squirrel ashamed the I played hooky all day and sat watching Netflix and knitting.  I have to have a scarf made by Christmas and think I perhaps bit off a bit more than I can chew so I dedicated today to making 6" of scarf and learning the pattern by rote so I don't spend most of the time Unknitting and going backwards.  But I think I got it now and will try to finish a couple of inches every day.  But I will also go buy something of the same ilk JIC.

FYI, today The Guy came and cleaned the whole fountain, fixed the outlet breaker, bought new stones, shiny black ones, and (bless him!) CLEANED it back to pretty!  He also built a shelf inside for a pile of the black stones to keep the blasted toads and their toady excrement out forever more.  The fountain is now working at optimum with bubbles and water coming out the top.  (The picture above flattened out the clean water-  it really isn't milky.)  I will happily install razor wire around the bloody thing if I so much as see those Bufo toads coming near.

And that's about all I got.  When you stay home knitting, not much happens!

Sort of an ARTY PART, a little diversion 
from the usual oddities arty people make.

Now if you know me, you know that Disney Princesses R not US!  I have spent the last 35 years disparaging the Magic Kingdom so I have valid excuses to never ever go there again.  My almost 10 year old granddaughter is more a snakes and owls kinda of child, and no American Girl Doll shall ever enter her house.  The second granddaughter just turned 1 so the jury is out on that one yet.  But then I sw this-  me, a Disney Detractor at best!  I NEED to make these...  might have to wait until after the holidays because I have too much else to do right now, but check it out:  Wish my paint brush cold wiggle so fast.

And the best part is it's a HAND PIE.  Yum.  The mind boggles.  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

signet osteology osteopath

“Ordinary people seek entertainment. 
Extraordinary people seek education and learning.” 
-Benjamin Hardy

A Ratty Squirrel, or perhaps a Squirrely Rat carrying a Murse (Manly Purse)?

A couple of long days in the studio-  I finally completed the little embroidery copy of a 7 year old's family portrait for his mom and it's rolled up in my car to take to Fed Ex.  It was tough keeping it 'child-like' and not redoing and ripping out a stitch here and there that could have been straighter, I hope the mom 'gets it'.  The good thing about this project is it forced me to get the new computer and the new printer tested and talking to each other.  Of course I also had to buy an updated to Photoshop Elements since my version was 2010, and all three new things are completely different from the old versions.  

Also I ACTUALLY had a real life flesh and blood visitor one day at the studio!  My place was making her nervous because she is somewhat of a beatnik and completely removed from what the hell I do, so we went out for a walk instead. Good for me to get out too, but great to have a human stop in!  If you're a human, please c'mon down and interrupt me!  I can handle it.

Other project is a small painting for a bocce based show.  This isn't something I want to invest myself in, just need to make an effort to have something to show.  I've cut out a bunch of greens and reds in circles and glued them onto a background that I 'raked' the paint like our courses used to be.  Now that it's all flat and straight I will go back in and add dirt to the balls and splatters of rain and those little lines around the equators-  gotta do some research on that to see how many, why, and where!  Or maybe I won't bother and just print them wherever!  I'm suing a plastic drinking glass for that effort.  So, yup, I've got the paint boxes out and spend too much time looking for brushes that aren't stiff as knives from bad sanitation practices.  But these brushes I had before I went to college so I guess I perhaps should buy a few new ones next time I am in Jerry's Art-o-rama and have a nice empty credit card.  

Paint brushes are like soffits-  you can buy the best on the market but who the hell will ever know?

I've finished a few more of my extra fabric shirts and jackets, and now am gonna tackle a big piece of velvet for pants.  The thing is I need to use a real pattern so I get the fit right, rather than just making a big square and sewing together the top like the tee shirts.  So today I will haul down the big box of old patterns and see if I have any pants patterns in there, make a muslin out of the ugliest fabric I and find to test it, and then the real version.  Since Walmart is the only place around here I guess I need to go investigate their notions dept. too.  

I also found a really big silk shawl with digitals of Positano printed across both ends-  I haven't used it for years because of it's width so that will be the next top.  Much to do to keep busy, but the quilts just aren't coming down the pike these days.  Neither is the new website, but I got the mast-head ready:

Now I have to find out how to  transfer it to the new site.  Wish I had a web designer, except I don't have much left to put on it.  

Later:  Spent the day in the studio moving buckets from one leak to another-  we had a huge downpour that started just as we (Molly 'n Me) entered, and it was so heavy that I got leaks even though I didn't in the hurricane!  Don't know who to call, have to find out.  But instead of sewing I spent more time setting up the computer, adding a few more thanks that didn't migrate automatically.  I got Dropbox installed and that only took an hour and a half between them demanding that I had to change my password because I've had it too long (!), and downloading all the associated stuff.   How frustrating., but it's done.  I had to run home to feed the livestock and get ready for a dinner out tonight.  I had a friend here who stopped coming to FL when she got grandchildren and she reappear yesterday and we're going out tonight before she gets away again!

Today's ARTY PARTY involves a couple of recipes-  Let me know if you try them.  First, a Sub Sandwich~

And maybe top it with some Guacamole

It's raining again, guess I will wear my plastic shoes, the fancy ones they call pool deck shoes, not the emergency pedicure flip flops.  So chic.

Monday, November 27, 2017

sashed buttery hexadecimal

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin, 
and have it all to myself, 
than be crowded on a velvet cushion."

Henry David Thoreau


Day after Thanksgiving, or, as it's better known, Black Friday.  No, I didn't go to the MAUL, last thing on earth I want to do is trample or get trampled over some toy of the decade.  
Nope, instead TY and I went to a mattress store- I figured that we wouldn't hit crowds there today and I was right except for the traffic outside.  

And we bought a bed with only a small amount of discussion.  

Long overdue, the previous one had two wallow dents in it that once in, was very difficult to roll out of.  Also TY was waking with back aches and wasn't sleeping through the night-  we started talking about a new mattress a year ago.  We don't move quickly on decisions.  Sigh.
But the New Improved mattress arrived the next day and they took the old one out.  OMG, what a difference!  This one had a remote control for each side so I can raise and lower my side and even get a head or foot massage.  There is a light under the bed too so I can find the bed in the dark.  Who needs this shit in a mattress?  We love it all.

The tilted head lets me watch a little tv but especially is helpful to avoid my stupid overnight vertigo attacks, so far so good.  And TY is still asleep at 7 in the morning.  We just might both be in better moods again.

The Back to Work poster.  Hope it works.

I've been still working on the family portrait as done by a 6 or7 year old, my nephew who is currently in college.  It's a very childlike drawing of the five family members with giant black thought bubbles over each one describing who they are-"World's Best Sisster" and "World's Worst Sisster".  Doing hand and machine embroidery to replicate it for posterity.  I need it done asap and still have the heads to go.

I also am working on a piece for an art auction for the once teams-  using very simple circles with a few painted lines on canvas to suggest bocce balls.  Not due until after the first of the year but I want it finished this week.  Third project is photographing my header for a new website.  I finished it the other day, my name embroidered across the top and a couple of Japanese fabric circles added to some spool prints.  Still have to figure out how to get my URL from the old website and transfer it.  I have LOST completely my tech gene-  things are way complicated any more and I don't have a 10 year old in the family to fix it for me!  Stay tuned, new website WILL appear though I don't have much left to put up.  

So, a quickie ART PART today before I get to work-

French artist Edouard Martinet assembles faithful interpretations of birds, crustaceans, insects, and other creatures with countless objects from discarded bicycles, cars, and household objects. A bicycle pump forms the abdomen of a dragonfly, windshield wipers serve as the legs of a fly, or the metal logos of a bicycle manufacturer are layered to create the dense scales of a fish. All the more incredible considering Martinet never welds or solders his pieces, but instead uses only screws or fasteners, selecting only the perfect components that “fit” each assemblage like a puzzle.