Monday, March 02, 2015

electrophoresis discrete minim

Creative Endeavors today included getting out of bed and not listening to a radio or tv all day.  Instead I attempted some paper work, long overdo, and some research, even longer overdo.  As part of the reward for getting that stuff done and the refrigerator pared down a bit, I spent some time on Craigs List.  I gotta say the picking were very slim in they part of the country but I did find a WTF-of-the-Day with these horseheads that come in a set of 6.  I suppose you could line them all up on the wall like you shot them but they are, drumroll, get this-  TABLE LEGS.  No table included.  I'm not sure if they rest on their nose and ears or that part goes under the tabletop.  Search them out of you must-  they are under South Florida if you do.

The other high point (?) of the day was that I saw a snake on the dog walk this morning.  he was sort of meandering along in the cement gutter of the road, and I didn't have my phone to take his picture.  Around here there are highly poisonous Coral snakes as well and King snakes that mimic their colorations to be scary.  So,  top is a King snake, slithery bottom picture is a Coral snake.  The one I saw had very equal black and red sections  each separated by yellow bands.  He was maybe 30" long.  There are a bunch of variations of a rhyme that tells you which are Coral and which are King snakes, and basically if the yellow touches a red segment, it's a Coral.  I KNOW I saw a Coral Snake.  I do have to say he was quite beautiful, but still I am keeping the little tyke tied to my leg when he comes back

 Got back to the courtyard and there was the most adorable baby turtle, just like the salmonella carriers we used to get at Woolworths!  Maybe a bit smaller.  I wish Mister was still here (he'll be back tomorrow) to have his first 'pet'.  I went out to give him a temp home for a couple of days and he had toddled off into the bushes.  Another missed opportunity.

And that is all for the wildlife report.

I was wrong.  We went to the dog park tonight and I was breaking up a fracas at my feet, about five small white doggies with mine in the middle so nature said I had to grab her.  nature played a trick me, have a big puncture wound only right hand and a large long toothmark on my calf.  Both are swathed in hideous pink bandages and I had to get a tetanus and a course of antibiotics.  I also had to fill out a county form for dogfights but didn't name the culprits because whoever got me is the doggie of a friend and I know they are all up to date on shots.  But these bandages suck.  I don't like pink.  And it hurts!

Here we have Gareth Pugh's spiring 2015 line of Pattern and Print where he  staged “an immersive presentation,” an alternative to a conventional fashion show, built around three videos. Megalith was designed as a digital representation of a Stonehenge-like ceremonial place. Chaos was just that—a whirlwind blitz of Pugh’s Spring collection, clothes that would otherwise be kind of solemn and stately on the runway turned into a hurricane of action. Ascension speaks for itself: It is four seconds of actual action slowed down to a majestic four and a half minutes. 

I'm sure you'll understand if I sign off now, typing is difficult left handed.  I'll be better in the morning and will start anew then.  I won't be able to go to my stitch group.  Rats.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

docket raffle copra

“Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television.” 

The beat goes on.  Mister and his Mom were here for a few days and he was so cute, but hell to keep entertained.  I have all my cupboards rubber-banded shut and that almost worked  except that they were very old and brittle and if Mister tugged more than once the bands would snap.  Now I have some rubber band confetti under each handle.  And there was NO way to keep the drawers shut.  But this is a one room house so we were on top of him continually.  He's not yet two so is amenable to everything, always ready with a smile and hasn't hit the NOOOOnonononono part yet.  
(I got my hair cut the next day)

OK, so I am grandma-ing a bit much but he is so cute...  Unfortunately we were met with a rainy day and were pretty cooped up.  The next day they left to go visit some friends, and I thought maybe it would get nice again but we had 8" of rain yesterday!  Unbelievable at this time of year.
As soon as Mister and Mom left in the morning, I took off to the Fine Craft show at the convention center-  I look forward to this every year.  Guess I raced down a bit too fast, parked and bought my ticket.  The very first booth I stopped at had some wonderful things I can use for upcoming birthdays so I bought two and one for me just because, but when I felt around for my card, I didn't have it.  SOOOO, I got my arm stamped and took my car out of the lot and headed north back home to get my money.  I cow;don't believe I did that.  Grabbed it, patted the dogs, and out I went again but the sky was simply black behind me and I knew I had a storm to outrun.  Back to the Convention Center and I started all over again , this time able to buy some stuff!  Talk about losing 2 hours and being humiliated at the same time.

The show was good, a bit heavy on glass sculptures and jewelry and art clothing, but I managed to see a few things as well as buy a few things.  And I'm glad I went back.  When I left it had been pouring the whole time I was in there so I took off my shoes and waded to the car.  Got home and our pool was overflowing just like a summer storm!  

Back to figuring out stuff for the house-  I am inundated with magazines and ads for fancy stuff!  The place is coming right along on or ahead of schedule-  I think there is a lull as we wait for inspections now, so I guess magazines are a good way to spend time.  We did stop at a furniture store last night and saw a couple of things that will work, but no where to put them yet so we have to hope they don't disappear by the time we need them.

So, let's talk about art, it's so boring listening to me whine on about this stuff, BUT because we are talking about houses, this is my theme!

The diagram of architectural outlines that was laser-cut into the book's pages, recreating the illusory volume of a cinematic space

Johan Hybschmann turns a sketchbook into a 3D scene from Alexander Sokurov’s film ‘Russian Ark‘:  
The inspiration came directly from the single shot film sequence in Sokurov’s Russian Ark, where the camera is taken through the timeless spaces of the Winter Palace, jumping decades from one room to another. The distortion of time is, of course, interesting in terms of the timelessness of the spaces but I was interested in the way that the camera never looks back. Even though the viewer never sees the full dimensions of these spaces, we are still left with a sense of coherence and wholeness. But what if the back of the room was mindblowingly different? It’s as if we constantly use the previous space to create an understanding of what should be behind us.

Over the last few months Catrina Stewart has been working with the fantastically talented team at State of Play Games, developing a 'handmade' computer game entitled Lumino City. The game features a character called Lume who goes on a journey of discovery through a city, almost entirely built out of paper and card. The city will be filled with games and puzzles, mostly to do with working out alternative ways of generating energy to power the city. The game should be released within the next four months.

 While studying graphic design in college, German artist Peter Dahmen was given the assignment of creating a 3D object out of paper. He soon realized a small problem. Regardless of what he designed, there was no safe way to transport it to class on his daily train commute. Instead of risking damage to his project, Dahmen devised a way to make his paper sculpture fold flat like a pop-up book, a fateful decision that changed the course of his life. He enjoyed the challenge so much that be became obsessed with creating more elaborate designs, eventually leading to a full-time career as a paper engineer.

Back in the old west, they would photograph dead people to show that they had died to their families back east.  This continued through Victorian times as a memorial to the departed.  here, someone has memorialized a squirrel and dressed in in burial clothes and arranged in a cotton wadding coffin.  And thanks so much, Teddy!  
Weird to the tenth.

Friday, February 27, 2015

install bequeath albacore

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” 

And today's big question-of-the-day is how tall my table is I'm going to use in the vanity.  There will be twenty more questions just like that, most that I don't give a fig about answering, but nobody wants to do anything without my OK.  Such power when all I want is a bit more room to store Christmas decorations!  And put my car in a garage.  And have a kitchen nobody is allowed in to be in my way.  And a bigger refrigerator, and another bathroom.  I've got all these things knocked now, just need some walls and fewer questions on what *I* want!

Oy.  Just got another question about how many CFUs I want in the blower in my range vent.  As if...

We have a few days off while Mister spreads his cheer around the state so I am getting the dishwasher unloaded and glass tables wiped down.  He will be back soon, so I won't do the Big Deal hose-off until he leaves but I'll tell ya, he is the most entertaining thing we've got here, and we have all the channels...

STOP THE PRESSES-  next call-  and this is noteworthy:  I had ordered a microwave to be built into the island and questioned whether the door could come down from the top rather than open like, well, like a door.  No problem he sez, until today when I got the new list of appliances I selected and the door-opens to the bottom will cost me FOUR TIMES the price of the one I had picked.  Yup, the door-opening-down feature costs $1999.  So I will suffer along with the door opening sideways.  They think I was brought in on the turnip truck.  

Tonight I was washing one towel and a few tiny clothes and the water started running all over the floor.  Don't know what's wrong, washing machine is on the fritz, can't come until next Wednesday evening.  What does one so with the soaking stuff and the wallpaper that has held a bulging supply of dirty water in a pouch? 

Things aren't going my way.

Cleaning the files out since I can't yet clean the house-  and I found a bunch of ridiculous knitted things for your amusement:

gigantic ceiling knitting

knitted pigeon and potato chip bag

hearty breakfast

UNhearty guy

leaky teacup

finger hat

tree clothes

And, the periodic table 

Which brings me to a knitted squirrel,a jaunty little guy!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

gopher statue exacerbate

"It takes time to learn how to be really happy." (J. S. Sargent)

Been AWOL lately chasing Mister around-  we've been having such fun watching his funny expressions and 'comments' on things- no he isn't actually talking but he is signing and the observations he's making are amazing with the way he connects ideas with objects.  Yesterday we went to the playground and he isn't quite ready for that except for the baby swings but he had a ball digging up the mulch and handing it to me one piece at a time.  
(No, I am not going to bronze it for the mantle!)  We found out he is scared of grass-  I guess the Boston winter has removed grass from his memory!  Good thing we were able to bring him back!  Today it's supposed to rain and be cloudy so the plans are up in the air so far, but I'm sure he will find something to mess around with!  But, on the other hand, we absolutely cannot show the house while he's here!  I can't keep up with the dishes, the piles of toys, the dogs with their noses out of joint from being displaced as my pals...  TY thinks it's fine to pick up the worst and go ahead to show the place but all the baby stuff, though adorable, makes it look so much smaller and dirtier and so cluttered.  (Because it IS!) I want to wait until everybody is gone and I can hose it all down.  

Found a new show to apply to that is about contemporary art in Massachusetts so I think I will haul out the encaustics and give them a shot and stretch my residence time a bit.  I Have only shown two tiny ones down here in Florida which got lots of attention but no sales (same show where my small quilt won a prize as a 'painting'!) Who am I to argue...

The house build seems to have hit a standstill while the wiring goes in. I haven't been able to spend my hours a day accumulating ideas for the different spaces this week, so maybe a whole new plan will emerge while the original plans moulder a while gathering  either strength or weakness!  We are still facing getting the Newton place on the market and have to get up there to clean it out and 'stage' it a bit.  That's going to be a huge chore.  I think I am looking at many more months of not doing any work and it's making me very cranky.

I really haven't even been able to mine the inter webs for cool stuff lately so my pile of things to post is getting slim.  Today's offerings are lacking cohesive theme except for being animal depictions but maybe that will return in the future.  Who knows.  First we go to the Netherlands-

Refurbeasts brings old fur coats back to life in a way that is both fair to the animal that gave its coat as well as to the former wearer. It’s a tribute to animals and emotional value.  Refurbeasts on Etsy  Lisa Louwers  Eindhoven, Netherlands  makes her animals to depict the kind of fur she uses-  for instance a rabbit fur coat becomes a rabbit!  Fur coats used to be the height of fashion and a symbol of wealth and luxury. These days we know better and wearing fur is not done. Hundreds of thousands of passed on coats now remain tucked away in attics and closets. But that doesn’t do the animal or former wearer any justice. That’s where the idea for Refurbeasts came from. Refurbeasts brings old fur coats back to life and turns them in to the animal it used to be.

Russian artist Igor Verniy makes these gorgeous sculptures of animals with scrap metal. Vemiy transforms car, bicycle and clock parts, tableware and any other scraps he can find into these intricate designs with a decidedly steampunk look. The animal sculptures are equipped with moving parts that simulate their species' movements in real life. 

And even less of 'real life'-  the required squirrel:
Yup, this is exactly what I feel like lately, except my couch is better looking!