Saturday, August 19, 2017

mined chancres professionalises

Others have seen what is and asked why.
 I have seen what could be and asked why not.” Picasso

Couldn't resist, it's been too long away from terrible taxidermy!

Still no studio time unless you count making 15 pinhole cameras for watching the eclipse!  I used up all the rolls from old fabric, and a friend donated one too.  I did the simplest plan I could, just a 10" roll, 6 cut from each fabric roll, with some foil taped over the end and a pinhole through the foil.  I found this worked really well when the foil was aimed at the sun over my shoulder and the image was projected on the ground-  it's certainly not too big but at least it's something.  I set up all the materials into a DIY station on the dining room table so people can make one if they want, or just stay inside and wait for the dark.  I don't care!  It's up to about 25 people now, and I sure hope it's a good day because that many folks trapped inside will be a problem.  Fortunately most of them are now true Gators and don't mind 100 degrees at all as long as they have something cold to keep their hand around.  Tomorrow I get the pulled pork started since it takes 24 hours and then chilling time, then extra time on the grill Monday morning to get some bark on it.  Of course I am using the Joule.  Right now it is hard boiling my eggs for me so I can get those chilled down and make the deviled eggs on Sunday.  I think tomorrow I will make the carrot cakes and stick them in the refrigerator overnight-  they will hold nicely until Monday when I can slather on some frosting.  Then cole slaw and a watermelon/cuke/feta pile with some good olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic syrup-  I cooked down a quart bottle of balsamic vinegar to about a 1/2 cup of ooey gooey syrup the other day and I have to stop adding it to my soda water.  

**Later Update:  Eggs cooked sous vide, eggs sat in ice bath, eggs peeled and I cannot believe they are all smooth and un-nicked from peeling!  AND,bonus, my fingers aren't all cut up from sharp shells! I am gobsmacked by how well it worked, it will be HB eggs around here a lot more frequently.  

OK, so that's the immediate plan.  

While in Colorado Springs TY bought me a portrait of a raven that is simply amazing-  fell in love with it immediately and he liked it too, so it's ours, was supposed to be FedExed today but it didn't arrive, so TY called the gallery and blew a gasket when they said it would come Sept 5th.  No way.  He ranted enough to get it delivered overnight so it should be here by noon tomorrow.  Can't wait- I have been carrying pictures around all day rearranging stuff.

And here are two more places I went in Santa Fe:
A Fabric Store!

And a Bakery!

I think that qualifies as my ARTY PART  OK, more!

Gathering on the Plaza

A Christening!  These figures in the front are all larger, while those seen through the square arch are medium sized, and then through the round arch are all teeny tiny so it looks very three dimensional.  Loved this diorama!

A toy shop

And of course, the bullfight!  These were all taken at the Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe, and I can't tell you enough how these were just a very few of a huge room completely jammed with collections and maquette and dioramas and doll houses.  It boggles the mind to see the work making all the parts, collecting things from all over and making them fit together, and that's before final displays are figured out.  Some are grouped by theme, some by activity or action. some by vintage-  all work so beautifully together.  GO!  But plan on spending the day and going back the next day instead of horseback riding or fishing or shopping for turquoise!  It's amazing.

Sure hope that counteracted the taxidermy up top.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

gilligan sociologic alembic

“Never be afraid to do something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic”
— Anonymous

Gotta love those recessive genes.

Well now, I have some 'splainin' to do after my long absence from blogging.  We actually boarded the dogs and took a trip!  been several years and a bit overdue.
First we flew to Denver;

Eastern Colorado, my ancestral homeland.  Can we all say ugh?  This is where my dad was born, my mon more to the west and in sight of the mountains.  As soon as we landed we rented a car and plugged in my GPS to head for my favorite aunt's place, just a bot south of the airport.  This is my favorite (and frankly now my only!) aunt remaining and she is 91.  I was so happy o find her in good health and still making faces and telling jokes with me, and there were glimpses of my own mom flashing by-  all in all a happy occasion and wish we could have stayed longer:
Ignore the pudgy person in the front-  it must be the camera angle.  Yup, it is.

We had to leave to get down to Colorado Springs to the Broadmoor.  I guess I am not a resort kind of gal-  it was beautiful, amazing, and you are looking at only half of it way across the lake-  it kept me busy just going from one building to another looking for our friends or a restaurant or, even better, their amazing collection of Western Art all through the main halls.  Hopper, Bellows, Remington, O'Keefe and on and on. Unfortunately it rained most days so TY didn't get his golf in. I didn't get my girl scout falconry badge and I've been hoping for that for 65 years now.  But I DID get a birthday present of an amazing photographic work of a close up of a raven.  It's due to arrive tomorrow and I am yanking all my stuff off the walls looking for it's perfect place.

One of the outlooks that TY delighted in dragging me to-  a road with about ten switchbacks, no guardrails, and a full parking lot so we couldn't even get out of the car before heading back down the damn mountain.  And gee, it doesn't look nearly so scary from this angle.  We did visit some cliff dwellings and a nice little museum dedicated to Indian artifacts found on the site.  

After four days of drizzle and monsoons alternating we took off for Santa Fe and ended up in a lovely SMALL hotel where I finally felt at home-  no spa, a lovely small restaurant, and walking distance to everything in downtown Santa Fe.  We always planned on ending up there but it was just too far to commute, and it still feels like home.  TY did get his golf games in and I got to wander, and even had expert guidance from the wife of one of the golfers.  She was a wonderful generous woman who showed up to show me the sights but it ended up we hit the Santa Fe International Folk Art Museum in spite of both of us being there many times.  She wanted to see the Flamenco exhibit, I was interested in the Chinese Quilt exhibit but we walked into the Tramp Art Exhibit and were both blown away.  My dad was, my whole childhood, a whittler.  Sort of today's version of the damn little wheel everybody is playing with.  I saw a bunch of forms I remember him whittling (before tv!), carving a long chain out of a stick, carving a little cage with loose balls inside, things like that.  But the wondrous items on display were amazing.  Sure I've seen hundreds of picture frames and little boxes but the stuff on exhibit was so artistic with beautiful craftsmanship, and mostly made from found wood, like cigar boxes.  Well my darlings, you KNOW that cigar boxes are right up my alley.  We had a wonderful day!  Yes, I still love Santa Fe!

And of course I hit the Weavers Store, and Patina Gallery and anything else that had an open door.  We headed home on Sunday and have been playing catch-up since unlocking the door.

And look!  The clouds in Palm Beach as ever bit as beautiful as in Santa Fe!  I am a lucky woman.

Today FedEx brought 'Al' home to me, so now I have TWO pieces to hang before I am officially out of walls.  'Al', my quilt about the Albino Alligator has visited (I think) 11 National Parks over the last 2 years in the 'Changing Climate' show.  He is a permanent resident of the West Palm zoo and I took about ten pictures of him one day that I worked from.  I would have made him without the show to work towards- Welcome Home, Al!

Friday, August 04, 2017

deputationize pass broxodent

 “if you’re racing around all day, ticking things off a list, looking at your watch, making phone calls and generally just keeping all the balls in the air, you are not going to have any creative ideas.”  John Cleese

For the last frustrating week I have tried to sign a simple name, my own, with embroidery thread.  What has happened, this used to be a simple routine, now it's a three day project and I'm not beyond the d in 'sandy'!  
This will be my on-board project this week and if you see me on any of the planes, boats or trains I will be on I will be the one swearing at something I am trying to do.  Be nice, or stay out of my personal space because I am armed with scissors, though very tiny ones.
I am headed for Colorado, my ancestral land, where my people come from and where I did NOT have the good fortune to be born!  I am really excited to visit with my only remaining relative, my favorite aunt.  When she answered the phone she was so happy to hear from me and her next line was, "You know, I am 91!"  I know I will have a wonderful visit, then we head down to Colorado Springs for a few days followed by a stop in Santa Fe.  I hope it hasn't gotten even ore touristy for this tourist-  I haven't been there since I met up with some girlfriends a few years ago.  But I will report everything that is interesting that I do.  And I am looking forward to getting out of this heat for a few days.

I have been arm wrestling, and losing, in the FMQ learning curve.  I know it will be fine, lesser women than I have mastered it, but basically it looks like I have a brain disfunction and am drawing with my left hand.  Let's just say I have FU the giant quilt I was hoping to finish before this trip.  But instead of forcing it I just haven't been to the studio for a few days, started my vacation a bit early. 

I have come up with a stellar Eclipse Plan.  I must do SOMETHIGN because it's my birthday after all. NASA sent me a tracking video pf the eclipse and it turns out that here in FL I will see more than I had anticipated-  about 83 or 84% of the full effect so I am having a party!  Since it's daytime I'll just have stuff to pick on, drinks, and a giant carrot cake.  And it will be a drop in-drop out thing, sort of an open house except the doors are always open anyway.
And I have downloaded a playlist featuring a long version of 'Total Eclipse of my Heart".  Wonder if I can get it on a loop...  

So, its PARTY TIME for you ARTYS!

But you have to guess about the artist, the shoes~
The war weaponry~
hand granedes~
mechanical cameras~
fighting' cars~
Are you with me?  The Millenniam Falcon~

Huh?  Japanese artist Monami Ohno has created an amazingly intricate collection of sculptures out of cardboard. She has built everything from the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars to a battle-ready military tank,
And don't forget the aliens:

I would have put money on these being done by a teenage guy.  The Japanese part I could have guessed.  Does that make me racist and sexist and nationalist all at once? Probably, but I hold the multi skills in awe.

You know, I'd be thrilled if you have some art pictures for the ARTY PART, preferably outlandish materials or concepts and send them on to me.  

Tata for now, I'll be in touch at some point.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

correctitude heartily kickdown

“It is literally inexplicable.”  John Cleese on Creativity

Squirrel du jour, carved from wood.  My kind of taxidermy.


Two days I spent bent over the new quilting machine.  Granted, I shoulda woulda coulds taken a lesson but I tried to go commando, as we say, and do it my way.  I sat with the brochure and followd the threading directions which were printed, but ununderstandable and also watched the built in video that moves at about 75 mph so I couldn't quite get the finer points.  The stupid machine has about a 20 point check for threading the needle.  And OF COURSE I got it wrong.  I eventually gave up and took a 24 hour break but returned with renewed vigor to find the point where I went rogue threader, and I finally did.

OF COURSE once it was threaded and the bobbin wound and I got the quilt all clipped up and managable I found that my starting point, the big circle off center, was territory I shouldn't transverse-  all my stitches were skipped and dropped until I got off the plasticized circle and onto regular cloth.  OI do have some interesting rows of needle punches now, but no actual stitching.  I then played with several of my circular rulers and did sort of a wonky clamshell thing in a spiral out from the circle but it looks crappy and I will probably (sigh) have to rip it out but they all tell me that practice is what makes it work.  Oy.  I don't have enough years left to get in the kind of practice they are talking about.  

But FIRST I need to work smaller.  A 90" quilt as a first time endeavor is just dumb.  So perhaps before I rip away with abandon I will set the whole friggin' thing aside and let it moulder

Sunday, I stayed home today and grilled a spatchcocked chicken, a giant old thing but I forgot to find my rocks to spatch him!  So he is kind of puffy and finally got done.  With it I found some of the rice I heard about on the internet machine-  it's grown in Florida in the Everglades as part of a crop rotation program with the Domino company-  rotating with sugar cane.  Sounds good to me, the soil is being enriched- so they tell me- and a whole new operation was born.  I'll report back if it doesn't taste like Basmati.  And I will write them a letter and I will boycott.  Or not.  Sometimes it just ain't worth rabbleing and rousing for things like rice.    Which BTW cost twice as much as my regular brand, but hey-  'local'.  What a scam.  I scoured the Publix and finally found a manager who didn't know what I was talking about until he looked it up on HIS internet machine and led me to the end cap where they keep all the Florida grown products.  I used to take maple syrup to friends, now I guess I haul along a bag o' rice...

So, Sunday is almost over, time to check on the rice, hack up the chicken, and call it a night.  Oh.  I forgot the ARTY PARTY!

This is sooo depressing!  Check out this guy's masterful sketchbook!  This is what we should all be doing in our spare moments.  

New York City-based artist Nicolas V. Sanchez (previously) creates masterful drawings with only the aid of a few ballpoint pens, rendering unbelievably realistic portraits and still lifes in his many sketchbooks. Due to his precise application of highlights and shadows several of his works seem three-dimensional, such as the fruit bowl seen below which looks placed on the page and not drawn.

hanging my head in shame.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

fussily coddler couturiere

“In art,”one must throw one’s life away in order to gain it.”    Kafka

(no, I'm not the one who found him.)

I have to thank all you 'testers' for helping me get the blog back on track.  IT's kind of a pain to have to move between browsers but I'm sure it will be second nature for me at some point.  New Rule:  use 'https' instead of 'http'-  change your contacts.  Sure wish I had somebody who could sit by my desk and tell me what I need to do to keep up tech wise... and make me a new website but now that I've cut up all my quilts I guess I wouldn't have much to put on it.  Oh well.

ANYway, I want to tell you about my Joule Sous-Vide machine.  It's made me want to actually cook more lately.  The deal is that you stick a sealed bag of , say, STEAK, into a vat of water that has reached a constant temperature and it heats the food in that vat to be the same as the water.  Thing looks like the bottom of an immersion blender and it runs through an App on your iPhone.  As soon as the temp of the water reaches the optimum, there is a phone ring telling you to put the food in.  So, tonight I had a flat iron steak right out of the refrigerator.  I set the temperature to 131F for rare and in one hour it had reached it.  You don't have to take it out at that point, you have a grace period where it just sits there at your chosen temp, but then you take the pale thing out of it's sealed baggie and give it 2 minutes each side on the grill or in a supr heated pan on the stove, and done!  It's the smae shade of pink all the way through, it's delicious and steaky, so easy!  And no overdone or underdone parts.  If you have questions about Sous-Vide, ask me, and I will rave on and on.

After the steak came out of the water bath, I set the temp higher, to 185F, and stuck a bag of parsnips in to cook with butter and a bit of OJ and honey.  These will be used for a parsnip cake (think 'Carrot Cake'-  almost the same.) along with a bag of dolce de leche that cooks at the same temp.  This thing has changed my cooking!  

But back to the studio:
Adam and Eve with some pink basting thread

Too many damn angles

Almost finished basting today, have to finish tomorrow no matter how hot or how late I have to stay because I am getting itchy to get at the new quilting machine, Geneva,  there in the background.  Now, of course that the time is getting closer I am worrying over that.  Again, in no time it will be second nature- just hope I live that long.

So, that's about it for what's happening here in South Florida.  Temperatures still over 100 (heat index) but it sounds scarier than saying 98-  or whatever.  So, how about and ARTY PARTY?

Goethe- color studies
Off to figure out more ways around this Google Spoof. Ready for battle.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Testing Onetwothree Testing Onetwothree

“It is surely a great calamity for a human being 
to have no obsessions.” (Robert Bly)

I think I can, I think I can find out why I am not getting any hits on the blog and I can't load it any longer.

Detective work:  I always update my system whenever they tell me to, everything always at the latest update from the stupidest App to the OS system.  Seems theey told me to update a few months ago, I did successfully BUT they neglected to tell me that the new OS doesn't support the Blogger App.  More sleuthing ensued and the issue seems to be that in order to keep using Blogger I need to get a different browser so, people, meet Chrome.  We'll see if I get anybody this way.  I also found that the few hits I was getting were coming from a non-direct route rather than the same ole same ole URL.  Hopefully it is fixed, but if not I will continue to poke around until it is.  

At the studio, I am busily basting the giant quilt together so I can get it on the new machine.  I'm using pink double thread, the only color I can easily see against this very noisy quilt, and it means I have to thread the needle anew every 4 feet or so, a long and tedious process.  I think I hit the halfway mark today of one diagonal direction.  Perhaps tomorrow I will have uninterrupted time to make better headway with the pink thread.  I did take some pictures of the basting but I mean HOW BORING can ya get!

In Other News I signed up for a Jan Beaney/ Jean Littlejohn textile class for 3 days in January.  I can't believe they are coming here so I grabbed a spot right away. Unfortunately it is being offered at the exact same days and times that Jane Dunnewold is giving a class too, but I had to pick.  The one I chose is more about embellishment and embroidery while Jane is doing soy wax which I know I won't use, as much as I would like to dabble for a few days.  Hopefully I can wrangle a few pals to be there too.  If you are interested, contact me or the Armory Art Center in West Palm, and the classes both are Jan 19, 20, and 21. 

And I'll roll  right up to an ART PART just to keep the testing going.  

Artist Ronit Baranga creates ceramic sculptural works she describes as existing on the “border between living and still life”—objects guaranteed to either tickle your funny bone or haunt your worst nightmares, depending on your perspective. Baranga depicts dishware as sprouting human fingers and gaping mouths as the objects traipse across tabletops or physically cling to one another in a permanent embrace. The pieces are both silly and sinister as they come to life as if from a cartoon. 

PLEASE leave a short comment IF you got this blog working again, Ill take it from there, and hopefully get back a few of my former pals.  Thanks, and keep your fingers crossed that this is the problem!