Thursday, March 26, 2015

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"It likes it when you don't depend on it. It will reward you every time you don't act needy. It will chase you when you act like other things (passion, friendship, family, longevity) are more important to you. If your career is a bad boyfriend, it is healthy to remember you can always leave and go sleep with somebody else." (Amy Poehler)

Photos, I got Photos, I got lots and lots of Photos...
The front doors.  Like the toy you play with in the doctor's office, there guys stand on three different levels.  The bottom guy slaps a hunk of cement from his wheelbarrow up above him to the second guy's stand.  He in turn shovels up a hunk to the third guy above ands the first guy repeats.  All you see are the shovels tipping up, then down, up, then down like a machine.  One shovel at a time-  they are applying stucco.

The side view.  Break time, this side of the building is stuccoed and rubbed down over every inch to get that smooth surface.  They have raised metal forms around the windows to trim them off, and deep moldings going into the soffits.

Formation for the Wheelbarrows while the workers sit in the shade and drink lots of water. It got to 90 today, and the sun was really hot.  I love this picture.  

Yarn Bombing the wharf-  these look so pretty-  hope they could do several.

‘Judith Scott: Bound and Unbound’ at the Brooklyn Museum
Judith Scott’s art is vibrant and multilayered. The color combinations in many of her pieces are astounding: the crimsons, the bright baby blue, the shock of black thread. The pieces seem to bring order and harmony out of chaos. In particular, I am thinking of “Untitled, 2002,” and “Untitled, 2004.” Both works include bright blue plastics reminiscent of Stockholder’s and Sze’s sculptures, but they also, of course, evoke Rauschenberg’s earlier combines and assemblages which seemed to swallow and digest items from the everyday. What is both unfair and not useful is to entangle Scott’s work in the rhetoric of the victim, of the outsider, of the child-like genius. Like other art brut artists, she is made mute many times over, and as a result we lose our focus and find ourselves fixing her, like a moth, to the wall. But Judith Scott is an artist. She is more than a set of descriptions and labels. She has a voice. Step closer and really look at the work until the words fall away, until there is nothing but the beautiful cadmium blue yarn and ink-black thread, stare into the work until you see nothing but the work and listen, closely, to what the work, her work, says.
Joyce & Judith Scott

The Promised Squirrel

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

bernice continent indoeuropean

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

Hooray and hallelujah, another anniversary today.  1973 was a lifetime ago.
I remembered and wished TY a Happy Anniversary when I woke up, we went our separate ways, and will reconnect tonight for a dinner at Rocco's Tacos.  Nothing like a little mariachi music and a margarita or two to celebrate.  Actually Roccos sends out 1/2 off coupons for the second entree to celebrate, and that is right up TY's alley to save a buck.  And dinner out is dinner out, right?  Pork belly tacos, here I come!

Only 9 and a half years until I can smoke again.

I have a couple of artists who use 'found' surfaces to explore.  The first finds used rusty tin cans in the desert, while the second uses distressed walls found in the urban landscape.  The thread that holds them together is that they don't have to stretch canvasses I guess.  (I put that in to see if anybody is reading this!)  

David Emitt Adams beautifully captures the landscape of the Southwest on the surface of discarded tin cans along with other debris he finds in the desert. Growing up in Yuma, Arizona, he is no stranger to the desert and the objects inhabiting it. Adams explains that deserts, naturally being so barren, are often used as a dumping site for garbage. This is where he finds all of his materials, with some tin cans being up to four decades old. He combines classic and iconic Southwest imagery with the reality of the state of the land today. 

Drab walls become gateways to another dimension as these colourful portals seemingly pop out of nowhere. Street artist 1010 (pronounced as ten-ten) is responsible for these spray-painted portals, creating his illusions since 2009 around Germany, Panama, and the US.   To create his portals, 1010 begins from the centre and painstakingly fills the void with layers of color and depth. His artworks range from something as small as a gallery wall to as big as the side of a five-story building.

This little Beagle is cute, but I think the owner has 
way too much time on his hands.  IMHO

I have to tell you when I grabbed this picture I stuck it right into the 'squirrel file' I maintain so beautifully (!).  Really didn't look at it until I came across it today and noticed the ears.  Would you buy the fact that it's a squirrel with exceptional hearing?  No?  OK, then, it's a tired bunny, deal with it.  Tomorrow we will be back to real squirrels, promise.

did you see those little paws?  Awwwww

Monday, March 23, 2015

believe econometrica literature

"Maintaining self-esteem ought to be your private passion. Protect that fuzzy thing that keeps an artist flying by day and sleeping at night." (Robert Genn)

G'mornin' folks.  Not much to report after a busy weekend of doing pretty much nothing useful except making a huge pot of Bolognese sauce.  There was enough to freeze half and have our Uncle over for the other half.  Let's see-  what else...  Oh yeah, the Ant Wars-- TY bought me two different ant killers, one is a contact spray which I can't use unless I can get them to swarm at me again, and the other is a poison that they walk through, lick off their tiny feets, and die.  When I visited the studio yesterday there was a huge new pile of their debris around my refrigerator but I only chased off two or three ants.  I am quite over being nice and trying to nudge them to a different site-  today it's full-on Gettysburg as soon as I get back.

Who knows, maybe I'll even be able to sew if the munching sound is gone.

In House Biz, I am pretty sure all the electrical wiring is finished, and wallboard has been delivered.  First they have to box in the ceiling soffits and beams and that will be very cool to check on.  The sliders in the kitchen are in, the last of the windows and doors except for the front door and interior doors.  I've taken some measurements to start looking for wallpapers and have a couple on my radar.  I am going to be very careful about where I do my black walls because the house is pretty dark with the huge berm protecting it from sun.

 But I simply have to have some black walls...  probably will use chalkboard paint in kids room on one wall, the rest of the room will be painted white with some minimal geometric black stenciling OR some cool stick-on dots that might even be easier.  No need for curtains anywhere.  The other guest room will be some Anthro wallpaper I bought even before the plans were drawn.
This one is a given so don't tell me how much you hate it.
I picked this one because that stand of birch trees is so overdone, plus it won't work in Florida.  Who wants to see gray palm trees?  This is for the bedroom that overlooks all the tiled roofs for miles-  almost (!!) like being in Firenze!

I'm not sure that it's enough for one wall, so I may have to frame it out to look right.  We'll see.  And then the upstairs is pretty much under control.  The living room is still the thorn in my side-  too tall!  I am thinking maybe to paint the bottom half off-white and the top half a few shades darker to break it up.  Giving up on the black living room wall, you'll be glad to hear.  This is the mural I like for the guest bath, a long, tall and narrow room:
I do love me some messy book shelves!

Or maybe this one:
like a message from the heavens every time you have to pee!

Or this one- imagine it blown up to wall size and surrounding you:
I bet you find this too intense...

I've been taking more pictures to use as sources for some collages-  here's one from a few seasons ago with the rolls of rusty nails and rebar:

think Ill hang this one in the garage.  I've got about thirty of these collages.


With apologies for not showing some great art today.  I am overcome with wallpaper lust.

Friday, March 20, 2015

gas ayers hemorrhage


"It often takes two to do a good painting - one to paint it, and another to rap the painter smartly with a hammer before he or she can ruin it." (Richard Schmid)

I finally got to my regular doctor for some serious doctoring to deal with my dog bite on the leg.  I thought it was a scrape but it turned out to be two punctures-  the little guy that got-me-good has very small and very sharp teeth.  So I am now on even heavier duty antibiotics, second round, and got a big jump-start shot in the ass-  something that hasn't happened to me since I was maybe ten.  But in a few hours I noticed improvement so lets hope it continues.

In other critter news, I found out that the pile of shavings, in the studio next to the refrigerator that looked like chewed up paper and appeared every morning actually belonged to somebody.  Yes, I was vacuuming around the refrigerator and somebody got mad and the next thing I knew I had thousands of huge ants swarming me.  Well, maybe hundreds...Fortunately I was armed with the vacuum cleaner hose and grabbed a bunch but it was like Waterloo in there for awhile.  They all disappeared, but I found their trail through the rubber gasket on the refrigerator door-  they apparently trek through a groove to dump their refuse on the floor.  ICK ICK ICK.  I have to find an exterminator because my research tells me these are the new 'Crazy Ants' that are responsible for eating all the Fire Ants but their bite is worse.  And yes, I did get bit- one brave soul escaped the hose end but hopped on and ran the length to then jump on my hand.  I was squealing like a girl...

I'm still showing the house it seems every day, what a chore to keep things put away and sparkly.  I was not meant for this.  Today the dogs got groomed and I got to the mall while they were in the house.  No report yet, but we really REALLY want to sell it.  The new place got the floor leveled today and the lighting strip around the living room installed.  Also they are putting up the screening all over the outside to slap up the stucco.  Everything on the ceiling will be done first, then wallboard installed throughout so they can get the floor in.  Of course I am compressing a month into a few sentences.  

On our way out for some Indian food-  one of my favorite places so it will be fun.  

I haven't been showing as much graffiti or urban art lately, but this guy Bordalo came across my desk and I love his free form painting.  He's from Portugal.

Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Shetland, Shona Skinner creates beautiful free-machine embroidery using a wide variety of textiles. She is perhaps best known for her experimentation with fabrics. Some of her methods including burning and deconstructing fabrics, as well as fusing different types of fabric together.

A Squirrel and a Half
to hang your stuff from.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

backfill crispin exhort

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. 
Imagination encircles the world." (Albert Einstein)

Buttoning things up around here:
Seems a lot of you noticed I moved my Colorwheel Page from the blog menu on over to Pinterest-  it seemed a more appropriate place to continue collecting them-  all part of my desire to neaten and tighten up all the junk I have stashed in various webs of my own making.  Meanwhile a bunch of you also seem to like color wheels and have pinned them all over the place!  Great.  Take it all!  Yea Pinterest.  I am thinking I need to let the webpage go-  I am just not all that interested in keeping it up, and am posting things I do here where it's easy peasy.  I pay a friend to keep it up but I never send anything for her to do.  Time to re-think.  

Busy day, staring with a dog walk to the new house and a trot through.  The windows are mostly in and they are starting on the pans in the showers.  Wiring done, as pipes ready to go, and they are preparing the wire screening they put all over the house to hold up the stucco.  Roof tiles are at the ready stressing the trusses in preparation.  So, here's the pictures, slightly tainted by the angels singing hallelujah in your head...
Bedroom Patio Doors (with angel voices)

Living Room (right) and Lanai (left) windows.  I love these industrial windows!

Front of the house, door will be inside that cave on the left.  TY's toy car will be in the Cart Garage on the right.  Above center is the room between the 2 guestrooms.  More fabulous industrial windows.

The front door cave

Giant windows in the stairwell.
More tomorrow-  I got a million of 'em, but for now we are on to more important stuff:.


 Eleanor Rose  Kissick graduated in 2013 from University of Ulster Belfast in Textile art, and specifies in making miniature pieces of highly detailed work. To create her delicate pieces she uses traditional techniques in a non-traditional organic way, such as crochet, embroidery, smocking, needle lace and wire sculpture. Her inspiration comes mostly from nature. I invite you to see more of the artist’s work here.

And while we're talking TINY-  here are some closer views of what is displayed in the desk:

HORRORS: You may be struck with the lightning of awareness today, but you must make the effort to follow through and do something with your brilliant idea. This arrangement seems fair, but if someone else suggests another plan, why are you still the one who has more work to do? Unfortunately, changing these inequitable dynamics appears to be beyond your reach. Although you want more control of your own life, it's wise to do what's expected of you now. You'll have a chance to put things back in balance soon enough when the spotlight is back on you.   WHERE'S MY DAMN SPOTLIGHT???
I do need one of these.

Poor little guy needs to sleep it off!  Thanks to Gerrie for finding this for me- 
 a classic MORALITY 'TAIL'!

Don't drink and hop.