Tuesday, January 16, 2018

kazoo embroidery alcohol

“Cooking is like painting or writing a song, Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors — it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.” (Wolfgang Puck)

Sometimes it pays to be an ostrich

OK, back again from Boston and I escaped just in time!  It was 62 when I got up early in the morning, it was 44 when I got in the cab 4 hours later, and it was 38 as I got out of the cab at the airport.  When I landed at West Palm it was 68.  Still very comfortable and hopefully healing for the damn 4 week cold!  I managed to stay warm and dry by mostly staying inside and not getting wet.  It was great to see the kids and for the most part they were adorable.  Mister has entered somewhat of a naughty stage but hopefully it will work its way through before too much longer.  Glorie is adorable and funny and in constant motion but always happy, no matter what.  A good day and one step closer to a lesser peanut reaction.  

The day I had open was unfortunately rainy all day and everything I tried to accomplish was thwarted, so I went home and played around Netflix.  And loved  sitting there and watching the storm through the big windows on the world.  No fireplace, no marshmallows, but cozy and quiet, something I don't get often.
The slice I took out of my finger before I went to Boston was painful but I took care of it by changing the bandaid a couple of times a day-  BE CAREFUL around your mandolin while slicing a fennel bulb-  I thought I had several inches before I had to pay attention, and how wrong I was!  Today is the first day in over a week it hasn't opened up to bleed.  Hope this is the end but it still really hurts when that finger hits a key-  I'm trying to keep it up and out of the line of fire like a pinky with a teacup, except not the right finger!  

Nothing more to report about the trip.  I kept knitting on the giant fat scarf I started a trip or two-  I love having some hand work when I am able to sit and this was perfect.  Its too thick to wear, too bulky to race through the airport, but as a keeping-hands-busy project it's perfect.  When I finish I can unravel it and reknit with bigger needles to get an airier fabric.  But I still have a way to go.

A very special ARTY PARTY
Last summer when I was in Santa Fe we visited my favorite all time museum ever (excluding the V&A and the PEM but let's say it's in the top three...), the Folk Art Museum.  As usual I made a fool of myself over one exhibit after another , and when I got to the exhibit on Tramp Art I thought it would kill a bit of time.  You, I was right-  it killed about 3 hours!  This was an amazing exhibit with examples covering a wide range of the 20th century.  The reason I like Tramp Art so much is that it so reminds me of my dad and his hours of working at pieces of wood- usually from branches of a tree felled in our yard.  He would find the best branches and season them for awhile in the basement before working therewith his pocket knife.  He would carefully carve out a ring and then another ring that intertwined the first until he had the beginnings of a chain.  It would be added to until a ring split or a cut went too deep-  whatever made it suddenly imperfect.  And he would toss out the little chain to one of us to treasure for a day or two.  They didn't last long.  Next he would fashion a little cage and then work a ball inside the cage so it would rattle.  Sometimes he would get several cages together with different balls in each.  My dad always used his pocket knife and he worked outside in the summer evenings because my mother wouldn't put up with the shavings inside.  




This unending chain is AMAZING!  My dad was good, but he didn't;t have anything like this...  Look carefully at the three pieces in the center-  notice the little balls inside the cages!

To the uninitiated, the phrase “tramp art” probably evokes a stereotypical hobo, train hopping with a cartoonish bindle or drinking moonshine around a fire pit. This was even the case for Laura Addison, curator of North American & European Folk Art at New Mexico’s famed Museum of International Folk Art, who organized No Idle Hands: The Myths and Meanings of Tramp Art, a massive survey of work within this genre.
“It was a learning occasion for me, because I had the idea that it was made by tramps,” said Addison, in an interview with Hyperallergic. “But more and more, it appears that’s not the case.”
“[Tramp art] was made by family men with settled home lives,” writes Addison in an article for the spring 2017 issue of El Palacio. “Signed tramp art pieces and anecdotal evidence demonstrate that is was a working class pursuit characterized by pragmatism and thrift.” Indeed, it is difficult to imagine someone with an itinerant lifestyle having any need for the decorative boxes, picture frames, furniture, and devotional objects, decorated with repetitious and painstaking care that are characteristic of tramp art.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

twirl lacuna airway

Still life art portrays subjects that do not move, and draws meaning from the Latin phrase, memento mori (remember you must die). Morbid? Possibly. Vain? Yes. Meaningful? Oh, you betcha.  Still life is a form of art that can often be overlooked. However, it can be just as meaningful as any conceptual piece."
Poppy, Artfinder's Chief Curator

Nutella?  Hazelnut butter?  He's never gonna leave.

I'm all signed in for my flight to Boston tomorrow, but just as I was throwing stuff in my bag TY brought out a 'thing' that hadn't arrived for our son at Christmas.  It was sealed in a box and called something like 'Jet-Pro-Pack' so I thought I had better open it 'cause it sounds a bit iffy for a TSA inspection.  Good thing-  the main part is shaped like an electric hand drill, it has two very heavy boxes sealed in bubble wrap with knobs on the sides, plus another odd piece I can't even indentify as 'looks like...'.  I just know this is going to be confiscated because all the wires and connections will X-ray just as clear as can be.  Since I have to actually carry a suitcase because of this thing, I am thinking I need to check it.  But that will cost me $50.  I don't think this THING cost that much.  What is it, you ask?  A heavy duty tire blower-upper he can use for kid's bikes and basketballs and pool floats.  See, the last time I flew they took out a bottle of sweet hot pepper relish as questionable.  Told the TSA guy to make sure and confiscate it for his own table, but I was pissed, its my favorite relish and isn't sold down here.

Still hacking and coughing here, and not getting better, but apparently we are just going to have rain in Boston, no more snow the rest of this week so I should be OK if I can stay warm and dry.  HA!  

The bocce triptych is in a bidding war which is quite entertaining.  There was a bid or two on it the other day but when I got in to see it today there was a list of new bids-  made by two crazy friends upping each other by 32 cents, or $1.12.  Since high price was at (I think) $320 these tiny increases and giant signatures as they try to outplay each other as so funny.  The party and playoffs scheduled for tonight was rained/flooded out, don't know what will happen next but you can be assured I didn't;t want to stand around in the rain tonight.  Whew.

Now I find I am requisitioned to paint up a step stool for the Play for Pink auction, so that will commence when I get back, not quite sure where it will go, but I have some ideas.  Gonna do decoupage so I should start finding images over the week in Boston.  Hopefully a few people will work with me in the studio so that would be fun for a change.

And away we go to the ~PARTY DE ARTE~
yup, corrugated cardboard-  amazing.

Warren King began sculpting with cardboard as an attempt to add fantasy to the lives of his children, creatively crafting masks and helmets out of the recyclable material. This slowly evolved into a more time-consuming arts practice as King began focusing less time on costumes, and more time making large sculptures of his own.

OK, I know these are a little large, BUT maybe that means I am dying' to own these squirrels!  I want to take up a Kickstarter to fund me buying art, think that will fly?  No, me either.  My great old friend Deanna found these for me, probably already found out how to buy them for herself!

Metal sculpture, Barbara Franc, UK:  I have always been fascinated by the shapes and sculptural forms of animals, they present a never-ending source of inspiration to me. I try to capture a feeling of their movement and presence in my sculpture. For this I use wire and other materials in a way that suggests drawing in three dimensions. This allows me greater freedom to add changes whenever I want during the construction to keep the feeling fluid and to reflect the diversity of movement and form. "I increasingly use recycled and discarded materials as I enjoy the challenge of transforming something with a past history into something new and exciting."

Saturday, January 06, 2018

dewan perennially municipalized

“All of us, more than we recognize, are products of the thinking around us. And much of this thinking is small.” -David Schwartz

Still hacking and wheezing here, tried for all week to fight  it but it just stays the same of gets marginally worse.  If you heard me around the corner you'd run for your lives- I sound like a Mastiff when I cough.  Kind of look like one too with my lapse in personal grooming and sleep!

TY took one look at me this afternoon when he got home and said I need to hydrate so he brought me a giant cafe of water and I drank it right down, guess he was right.

This morning I stuck a half pound of pork belly in the oven so it will cook 6 hours, then cool, then get refrigerated so tomorrow I can crisp it up and have a feast.  Tonight we are invited out to friend's house where they have house guests here from France and they have decided to cook for them.  I am over the moon because they are making Foie Gras, with Limoncello ice cream for dessert-  they need to borrow my ice cream maker for that.  Gonna take another Day-quill to be able to stay awake for that
It's in my top four food groups... most of which contain liver in some form.  What can I say.  TY still tells the tale about how we went to Zurich and went to an old artists haunt for dinner,  the Kronenhalle a fabulous place that's been there since the 20's where artists traded paintings for a meal-  you wouldn't believe the art on the walls!  (I could have my liver stops at different countries mixed up, but back to the story)  I ordered liver dumpling soup to start, then a small order of country pate, followed by fried slivers of veal liver with onions.  Never had a better meal, but TY was frankly appalled. Told him I was American and can get away with acting like a Neanderthal because they expect us to.    So much for liver.  And pork!
Image result for bocce
There is a Bocce tournament here on Tuesday-  probably bocce because we don't have a shuffle board court, but anyway, the men's winning team from last year is playing the women's winning team and it should be good-  the men are all chubby drunks and the women are all former athletes that scare the shit out of me.  They take it very seriously and actually practice and work at it. The only smiles come when a point is scored and they all fist pump.  The guys pour another glass of Italian wine.  TY is on the men's team and I am certainly torn as to who I will bet on!  There is also an affiliated Bocce Art Auction, where some of us artier inclined folks have done a small project to auction to anyone who wants it. 

In progress

Outta progress, Bocce Triptych, 12"x36"

I did a triptych of bocce balls, a fabric collage on a painted and combed background to look like the packed courts we used to play on.  I was quite surprised that I had a couple of offers last night-  they stay displayed until the game so it may even go higher, one would hope, but the price now almost equals the going price per square inch of my quilts so that's good.  I DO NOT donate to things like this as a solidarity policy since it takes advantage of artists, most of who can ill afford working for free, but dammit it, here I am donating my work!  I unfortunately handed it over without a picture so I have to get that before it's gone forever.


James Ostrer, not much info on this guy other than he likes to cover his subjects with junk food! Perhaps he had trouble making a living from it?  Whatever, these came from 2014-ish and I can't find anything newer.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

tissue retiringly seabird

“Art is a guaranty of sanity. That is the most important 
thing I have said.” (Louise Bourgeois)


Sometimes you just sort of drift off, no matter what.  At least that appears to be what's going on around here!   

It's 34 degrees here- hasn't been that chilly in years!  

We finished up our last parties on New Years Day and oh, what a season it's been.  I guess being invited to everything isn't what it's cracked up to be. Both of us are happily retiring to one event at a time, moderation in all things, and embracing down time.  So, don't invite me to your party and Ill gratefully thank you.  The festive stuff is still hanging up but it seems to far to go to climb up the stairs to turn on the wreath.  Next year I will get it on a timer.  Next year WE will have the party so we can just slip out without notice and lock the bedroom door.
I did also make it to the studio too, but didn't stay long, just diddled around for a bit before being called away.  My bocce triptych is almost finished, Ill check tomorrow to see if it needs more details or just a swipe more matte medium.
Can't wait to get bak to sewing!  

Today I also slipped back to the doctor and get another shot and a pack of steroids to knock this darn cough and cold right out.  The first visit brought a level of relief, but I only got so far before a plateau was hit and I was coughing all the time and trying to explain I was 'all better'.  That's all until I lost my voice and croaked like one of my live-in toads.  I could move around but that's about all.  So, an hour after the shot my cough was so much better and I am HOPING that I will be done with this by Wednesday when I have my assignment back in MA.  I actually cooked dinner tonight, first time in weeks somebody else didn't supply it!  I had seen a few references to a pannetore bread pudding so I made it today, very odd-  the only cake I could find was balsamic cherry infused but I went ahead anyway.  Definitely odd flavors but sort of addicting-  seems we made a pretty big dent in it.

I have so many ARTY PARTIES backed up! Maybe today I'll find two.  

Tree Jeans:
A jaunty selection from Peter Coffin's 2006 series, "Untitled (Tree Pants)."
have you ever wondered what trees would look like in jeans?

Up until a few years ago, a quick trip to Sweden would let you find out. 
Dispersed about the grounds of Malmö’s storied Wanås Konst sculpture park stood “Untitled (Tree Pants),” a series of trees dressed up by the New York-based artist Peter Coffin   who has always enjoyed playing in the overlap between human and natural systems.* His works include a human-sized version of a bowerbird’s nest made entirely out of blue objects, and a model of the universe inside a hollow log.

Subversive knitting. Radical crocheting. These phrases may sound contradictory, but marrying “craft” to “cool” has become commonplace in the last decade, as once-dowdy domestic hobbies have metamorphosed into trendy pastimes for the creative set. (Think knitting-focused Instagram accounts that draw hundreds of thousands of followers, and viral articles featuring knitted pajamas for chilly elephants.) In this atmosphere, the art world, too, has seen an uptick in the use of knitting and crocheting as a medium. But this is by no means a new phenomenon among artists.Here's a present these elephants will never forget.

As the nights grow cold in the Indian sanctuary where the rescued animals now live, they can slip into these massive jumpers that have been specially knitted for them.In fact, with their outsize red legwear, it almost looks as if they are wearing pyjamas.Ladies in the village near the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura began knitting and crocheting the mammoth pyjamas last year. Their handiwork, which took months to complete, was in response to an appeal from staff at the centre, where temperatures at night dip close to freezing point – too cold even for an elephant’s thick hide.
Females Laxmi, Phoolkali and Suzy were the first of the centre’s 20 elephants to get to model their new nightwear.

Well, that kind of ends on a bang, doesn't it?  A lot of substance, not long on style!  See you guys soon, maybe I won't be hacking tomorrow?  Wishful thinking I bet.
                                                        not dead yet

Sunday, December 31, 2017

flashbulbs pave spouting

 ‘The fact that no one understands you 
doesn’t mean you’re an artist’

Sandy's Candid Camera, seemingly only used in TJMaxx.
A Squirrel in a hat throw pillow. 

OK, we are in the throes of shopping up all the stuff that nobly else wanted, but now they don't want it for half the price.  Witness these little babies that are in the current Nordstroms sale website direct to you from 1973. I suppose if you bought one of these beauties that you might possibly wear them once to a costume party assuming you could actually fit back in your WonderWoman costume- but hey, those days are gone.  So if you buy them please send me a picture of how you plan to STYLE them...  And also send me the other 50% that you, ahem, 'saved'.

would you believe, Nordstroms?


Was: $2080.00                                                     Now: $1039.98 50% OFF
or-  2 for the price of ONE

I am to be excused from good taste and keeping my mouth shut about things like this because I am under the influence of Da-Quil which is currently the only thing I've been consuming since we got back from Massachusetts.  We escaped before the temperature dropped the next day to a balmy 4 degrees where it has stayed ever since we hit Palm Beach where we are suffering at 40's and 50's.  Hey, it's just as awful when you are used to sleeveless shirts and toeless shoes!  I spent the whole MA week in my big Uggs and still caught the horrendous chest cold/cough/sore throat 'thing' going around.  Lots of folks here are sick, many on plane were hacking and wheezing, and of course there are four grandkids all with runny noses and low grade fevers.  I stayed in bed the whole day, next day gave in and called the doc who gave me the Christmas Cocktail of prednisone and some giant antibiotic 3 day wonder pill.  It helps but not quite enough.

Because this year for some ridiculous reason we have become the most requested couple at the hundreds of parties going on for the holidays.  Yeah, who woulda thunk that we would get noticed as party animals, and make everybody's lists...  at this age.  Well, maybe everybody else is bedridden or even dead, but we have finally been recognized for our esteemed drinking ability, sharp wit, and insider knowledge of all things conversational.  Of course it is a mystery because after 20 years here of hardly going anywhere we didn't invite ourselves, we have had something going every single night from Thanksgiving on.  I am exhausted, I am out of festive outfits, and it's damn cold out there so I am wearing the same ratty cashmere sweater from 1990 that I always turn to when it's below 65.  OK, so I admit that occasionally it's been slept in- on purpose!.  Tonight I am wearing fake gold star earrings to really spice it up.  Happy New Year.  Only two parties tonight and I'm sure that once they all get a load of my big red nose and hear my adorable cough that looses roof tiles, we will be right back to the 'D' list next year, and I will revel in my distain for all those people who party their lives away.  

And I cannot wait to get back to hiding.

More tomorrow, I need to get back on this bandwagon, and perhaps get to the studio-  it's been TWO weeks!  I am rusty in my gears.

So, hope your dogs are all in their Thundershirts and the fireworks don't last too long.  I'll take care of here, you do what you can There.  

Much love and Best Wishes for a Better Year ahead, and thanks for reading.

Monday, December 18, 2017

speleologist localizations siftings

“If I fail more than you, I win.” -Seth Godin

Art By Women Sells for 47.6% Less Than Works by Men, Study Finds

Go read this Hyperallergic article and weep, but it confirms what we already know.  

Finally we had a night without a party last night, gave me a chance to eat up last week's Blue Apron offering, yup more kale.  Tonight we finish up last week's box o' kale and then we are caught up to last Wednesday when I received two more meals.  Since we are leaving Tuesday and out Sat and Sun, I guess we will be eating kale and sweet potato breakfasts these next few days.  I am longing for a giant pot o' spaghetti with some fatty non-vegetative (read that as kale) sauce.  I have cancelled their deliveries until after the first of the year when I will reassess if it helps me or hinders me.  Food is good, just a bit kale and sweet potato oriented.  And I do like two days of food decisions made for me.  Hey, I also have built up a bunch of free meals so if you're interested, fire me off an email and I'll arrange to have it sent to you.  I can't use them myself, have to pass them out.

I don't have long at the studio today, just enough time to finish up a few of the piles of to-dos so I can see my tables again.  I lost a big button from a vest I was wearing the other night so have to fix that AND my quilt and the top of another quilt finally reappeared from the NEQM, but without my ingenious stick I made to fit into the 60" mailing tube.  Rats, it was perfect, basically two half sticks drilled on all 4 ends but able to be attached if desired at the centers.  It has a split sleeve so offered OPTIONS.  Didn't matter, nobody even looked at it and it was made out of 200 or so (I'll re-count when I re-hang today) of my cut up quilts.  

I don't think I started saving the centers until I was well into the project.  Hey, I'll take a picture since I sent it off without one last year about this time.  I kind of like it-  I had it draped over a chair when I pulled it from it's box yesterday and TY entered the room:  "Who's quilt is that, know it's not yours because it's COLORFUL!"  Well shit-  it's made out of all the quilts I have made over 40 years so I most certainly don't agree.  I think I counted 140 different quilts, guess it was over 200 in the tower, not this one-  I started this as the tower was about finished and I had already thrown out a lot of circles.  I WILL acknowledge it is a bit heavy on red.  Sigh.  But so many of mine are...

Yeah, I photographed it on the wall where the window light hits it, will re-do on the better wall later.

ARTY PARTY coming up next.  Meet Igor, my new hero.

 From heaps of scrap metal, old bike chains, and silverware, sculptor Igor Verniy creates birds, butterflies, and other unusual creations. Many of his steampunk and cyberpunk sculptures are made to be fully articulated, with dozens of moving or adjustable parts enabling each piece to be posed in several lifelike positions.  Aren't they wonderful?  I'm dyin' for that pigeon.