Saturday, July 23, 2016

cation gamble memorable

“As far as painting is concerned there is only Degas and myself.” (Whistler)

Cute pillow but I'd move it before leaning-  he may scratch!

Saturday, all day.  Didn't get much done other than a vat of spaghetti sauce from my own feral tomatoes and a few jars of this and that.  Got the pita baked, but I didn't roll it thin enough so they came out more like English Muffins.  I'll give it another try in a day or two.  And I did a lot of knitting, will be done with the baby's blank in another foot or so. I stayed way from the studio but took my broken marble cupboard handle that gave itself to the stone floor in a collision that busted it into three pieces and a dozen or so tiny shards.  I fixed it once but it was bad, too much glue, so Xacto'ed it all off and started new with a piece of heavy Tyvek to hold it together from the back.  So I glued the pieces together and left them overnight but found that the joins were very visible and there was a big crater out of where the three pieces came together.  I added more glue and dumped on a handful of tiny shiny black beads to fill the holes and cracks-  it looks pretty cool.  If I could have found something viscous and silver to stick in the joints like Japanese pottery repairs, it would have been perfect.  Oh well. Im sure there will be a next time because I don't have any extra handles AND the company is no longer in business.

All that about a cupboard handle.  Shoot me now.

I did go to a Rock and Roll show last night with 'the girls', nothing to write home about when Dylan and Springsteen aren't mentioned, but one guy did interpretations of all skinny long haired screamers and they were so similar I couldn't tell who they were supposed to be even thought he also changed is jacket for each one.  They had one skinny black guy who of course got to be Michael and also Prince and a whole lot of Motown groups.  And a wonderful black woman who got charged with everybody from Whitney Houston to Aretha to Tina Turner.  It was fun, but lasted about an hour too long.  Because I am old and in the way.

And today has an ART PART

For his first ever public intervention in London, street artist Pejac created four installations of sneakers hanging from lampposts with a slight twist: the shoes dangle up instead of down. The head-scratching installations titled “Downside Up” can be found around East London and are a teaser ahead of a solo show that opens next month.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

curie burglarproof advantage

“A true friend stabs you in the front.” – Oscar Wilde

That's good, teach your kids that Squirrels are sub-human.

WHAT I DID TODAY~  swept up all the caterpillar carcasses again.  After I almost finished yesterday the landscape guy with the blower came through and blasted my piles o' death all over the deck.  Little curled up shells with nothing in them, we are inundated with the damn things, in the house now too.  When you step on 'em, they CRUNCH.  And they are getting caught in the doggie fur so they cannot be contained!  I don't know what they are but they climb the walls at night and then drop off, curled into a tight ball when they die.  I don't think they live too long judging from my pile of them, but can't find them on any caterpillar charts.  Somebody said they come in the mulch, and don't seem to respond to any quick death schemes.  They are ugly, brown and wormy looking and apparently dry up quickly when exposed to sunshine.  Ugh Ugh UGH.

I went to my Stitch group today and we had four whole people, a bonanza for summer time.  It was nice to see some humans for a change.  After my junk-hunting friend and I stopped by the new St Vinny's thrift store and were quite amazed at it's wonderful displays and merchandising-  nothing looked old or shopworn, a tightly edited bunch o' stuff.  I bought a big thermometer to hang outside, and another big crocheted bedspread I plan on dyeing-  are you listening Laurie?  I only have a front loader machine so it might not be done for a long time.    But in the meantime white is fine.  I'll use it on the extra bed in the new condo. 

Speaking of new condo, IKEA shows up today with their measuring tape and we are on the list for a new kitchen from them.  TY has handled the whole thing-  all I did was take him to the store with threats of no meatballs if he didn't behave or short-circuit at the size and scope- and lo and behold he LOVED it. I raced him right through and didn't allow him to get too overwhelmed but he was in awe of their marketing.  Whew.  So we pointed to a kitchen we both liked enough to (not!) cook in, signed some papers and made the appointment for today to finalize.  And he DID IT!  Now all I have to do is find a painter and get new carpeting in the 2 bedrooms before I get planters warts.  I'll deal with a few more issues next time I'm up there. 

But today has an ART PART , do not despair!

Danielle Clough's embroidery on tennis rackets and chicken wire

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

midway carbonyl brian

"Why pay money to have your family tree figured out - run for office and your opponents will do it for you."
                        ~Author unknown~ 

Yup, It's about a snuggle tooth squirrel.  Looks like a movie to skip, even with grandkids.

When the dogs weren't looking I snuck out today and put in a good day's work at the studio.  Finally I realized I was about to fall over from hunger so packed it up to go home to the needy canine companions.  All is finished on their task list so my mind is turning back to a new piece i started.  Since my tower doesn't fit the show I had imagined I am rethinking the whole thing.  The other day I told you I had pulled off all the squares and set them aside.  Well today I put them all back on the pole but in a more random sequence.  i finished four more pieces and have a nice backlog of extras ready to on but I need to intersperse then with whatever quilts I cut up next.  I think I am well over 40" now, that's 2/3rds to the top goal and I do see the end in sight.  No, I was so busy reforming the tower that I didn't get pictures except these:

Clamshells!   We'll see where that leads me-  I have no time to mess with things, just gut intuition.  'This goes here, that goes there', Willy Nilly. 
 Sandy Scissorshands

And we have an ART PART too, before I go away.

Japanese artist Tomoko Shioyasu was born in Osaka in 1981 and majored in sculpture at the Kyoto City University of Arts. Her immense floor-to-ceiling tapestries are meticulously cut by hand from enormous sheets of paper using utility knives and soldering irons. Her work evokes some of nature’s most complex creations: the organic patterns of cells, the flow of water, and the forces of wind. How these are hung without tearing seems nearly impossible.
Her latest work, “Vortex” (first two images) is currently on display as part of the show Bye Bye Kitty!!! Between Heaven and Hell in Japanese Art at Japan Society in New York which opened today and runs through June 12. 50% of all proceeds from ticket sales to Japan Society programming including this show are being donated to relief efforts in Japan right now. 

To check mate this work, here's another one, also Japanese.  

Don't you feel inadequate now?  I need a nap.

Japanese artist Mr. Riu takes paper cutting to an intricate extreme, crafting mandalas and elaborate figures with a precision work tool called the swivel knife. This tool allows him to cut curves more fluidly, as the head of the knife can turn 360 degrees. With this movement, Riu produces asymmetrical imagery that is often filled with hidden details—winged horses that sprout from points in a star and snakes that wrap themselves around the eyes of his figural works.
Riu’s captions for his Instagram images are often inspirational and speak to the dedication and patience he has developed during his paper cutting practice. “It’s not that I can do it because I originally have a great patience,” says Riu in one of his captions, “I think that my patience grows stronger gradually because I want to do it.”

I can't wait for fall.

Monday, July 18, 2016

force deformation bogota

” I think of my studio as a vegetable garden where things follow their natural course. They grow, they ripen. You have to graft. You have to water.” (Joan Miro)

A wee Squirrel Girrel

WHAT A WASTE OF CLEAN CLOTHES TODAY!  I've been internet-less here for a week now, plus a couple of weeks before, my own fault because I lost the main password and 'thought" I knew it and kept punching it and it's variations in until the system locked me out completely.  I called the service provider and they sent someone right over who told me he didn't install that router and couldn't mess with it, had to call the guy who installed it.  That meant I had to call TY to ask who in hell installed, he had to find the number and call me back, I called the Guy, he couldn't answer my question so he had the Boss call me back.  So basically I hung around here receiving phone calls until after 3.  Ugh.  But I got the buttons sewn on the wee sweater, I got another 6" done on the blank, and I spent 2 hours sweeping up caterpillar carcasses all around the house.  Still a couple of piles of them outside but the next part involves the vacuum to get 'em out of the slider tracks where they are three-deep.  Ugh ugh ugh.  They just appeared here a few years ago, supposedly came in with the mulch but they keep putting the same mulch around.  nothing kills them but a day in the sun, they die, fall off the walls and bend ito a doughnut shape and disintegrate.  I step on them everywhere and they crunch and shatter into little pieces.  The dogs get them caught in the fur and bring them inside.  Awful disgusting things.  

And this sampler doesn't help my attitude much.

And today has an ART PART, thankfully I will now stop talking about this terrible infestation.

 Lithuanian artist Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė uses cross-stitch embroidery to soften metal objects that seem materially opposed to the craft, having previously worked with car doors, spoons, pots, pans, and shovels. In her latest exhibition “Kill for Peace,” Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė used helmets from armies of various countries, stitching roses, violets, and thorns onto their surfaces. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

enumerable beplaster chafe

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” – Linda Grayson

Taking a break from taxidermy today.

Yeah, I REALLY got to the studio today! I was bummed out because I have been pushing through on my tower project for a show in the next town here.  So yesterday I got out the prospectus and they don't have provisions for free standing sculpture!  So I called the queen-in-charge to verify it and nope, ONLY wall art.  Shoot me in the foot.
But it forced me back to the studio to re-think and see if I can get something in.  A rarity to be able to exhibit close by here in the sawgrass weeds, so I am MULLING over an idea.

While mulling I need to move the freakin tower to a place I can leave it undisturbed as it grows and I can get decent pictures someday.  This system isn't working:

 So I disassembled and piled the leaves willy nilly and think I have about 300 stacked up now, I lost count at 100 and that was about 1/3rd through. 

I pinned up brown paper to the design wall and extending out on the floor so it will at least be less jumbled with the whole studio as backdrop.  That's 10' of brown paper x 3.  

And then I moved one of the 4x8' worktables at a 90 degree angle to see if that makes working and access easier. 

 That meant moving my sewing table too so it's all upside down now and I'll be bumping into stuff for awhile until I get used to it.  I sm contemplating keeping these pieces I've slapped up on one of the design walls so I can 'study' which ones are most obviously autobiographical.  I've already cut up three so far because I found out that ALL my stuff is autobiographical.  So, now I don't need this bloody thing until 2018 probably.  Guess I better figure out where to put it for the duration.

And I finished the new baby's sweater, was thinking of a hat too but I ran out of one of the yarns that is crucial so I will finish up the half-done blankie while I decide what to do about that.  This is that classic Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket that's knit as a lumpy wavy rectangle until you fold it once and it suddenly becomes a jacket.  I found some wooden oval buttons in the knit shop the other day so I'm hoping it will work for either a girl baby or a boy baby since they won't TELL me...  And a cute one if I do say so.  I've been up to 1 AM every night knitting like crazy and watching Scandal, but now I'm finished with that series and need to find another one that I don't have to actually see with my eyes.

Note:  I started 'Shameless' last night- it's a bit chaotic BUT it has William Macy as the drunk father of six or seven kids.  And I was laughing out loud at the situations.  Plus it doesn't have seven seasons so I won't get bored.

And today has an ART PART

Ninja Turtle boots!  Love the expressions!
The turtles have moved out of the sewers and into your wardrobe, with Dr Martens and Nickelodeon releasing a collection of boots inspired by the beloved ‘80s TV series.

                                                                                                              back in the groove!

Friday, July 15, 2016

animosity calm hypocycloid

“Art and joy go together, with bold openness, and high head, and ready hand – fearing naught and dreading no exposure.” (James Abbot McNeill Whistler, 1834-1903)

What a boring drawing.

And actually, what a boring life I have going right now!  I picked up the canine companions only to find Pepper was so stressed out having his nails clipped that he peed on the groomer.  And that dog is more like a camel-  don't know what she might have done to him, but first of all I KNOW he doesn't like to be held or especially picked up.  Left hr a big tip and now I have to find an alternate toenail clipping place.  Rats.

Basically I just hung with the dogs all day and evening.  They mostly slept which is normal after a 'resort' stay, but certainly they wouldn't allow me to be 20 minutes late with their dinner.  I sweat they are wearing watches under all that fluff.  One good thing is they must have had to rely on each other more because they are interacting and playing nicely together.  AND Pepper is barking at her to play or chase him or something.  Very funny because he simply doesn't bark-  he must have learned that trick too but he sounds like he must be a mastiff or a Swiss Mountain Dog and not a 30# puffy guy.

I finished the little baby jacket and went off to the yarn shop to see if I could find sexless buttons for it, I found some perfect tiny purple ones but got nervous at the size, settled on some larger wooden ovals that at least one could see to button! Tonight I will sew up the seams and finish the i-cord around the front, neck, and bottom.  And tomorrow I start some fabulous rayon hand dyed to make a top for me-  tiny yarn, so it will keep me busy for months.
I ended up not going to the studio this afternoon, felt too guilty over leaving the doggies for too long, but tomorrow I will go back to the rotary cutter and hacking away at the piles!  

I did get some good news the other day-  apparently my '2x20' quilts are in an article in the August/Sept issue of 'Quilting Arts' so I hopped online to get a digital copy.  Wouldn't you know that as soon as I downloaded it the UPS guy rang my bell and he had a real copy from the publisher for me-  Nice!  The article is really interesting as far as working in a series goes plus there is a long list of things that can make a series on the last page so, if that's an interest for you, go grab a copy. 

On my way to go stick my suitcase in the closet and then put the rest of the stuff away.  TY is still in Boston playing golf in a tournament, but yesterday he managed to corral a bunch of 'college hunks' to come move the crap in it's entirety out of my bedroom up there.  All I kept was one recliner, one mirror, and a rug I couldn't part with-  Don't quite know what I will do with it but I remember how much we paid for it and just cannot see it go to trash.  The 'guys' donate, or sell, or whatever anything useful and that's fine-  all I cared about is that it was put to good use. 

And today has an ART PART, more playing with our food!