Monday, September 01, 2014

appendixredone begun lass

"Creativity takes courage." (Henri Matisse)

One last visit with Mister tonight and he was in full toddler mode.   Absolutely the most enjoyable kid I've ever been around-  he doesn't know how to fuss!  It's lovely to have him visit.  The little family is off to Austin tomorrow morning for Nate to do some editing on his commercial, I hope they have time for some BBQ -  assuming they have some roasted vegetables for Jackie too.  TY and I are off in the morning with the doggies for The Ride, illustrated above at a rest stop.  I'm the human.  Hope we make it.  But because of the Ride, I won't guarantee any blogging, but you don't want to hear a post that's 
"Hey, I'm in Hagerstown",  or "Rolling into Roanoke."  Maybe I'll announce my first Waffle House sighting, but that's about it.  I'll see you officially Friday if not before.

Meanwhile, let's have a look at Tree Abuse:
A tree devouring a bench

Suffering the effects of too-tight Christmas lights

It liked this motorcycle leaning on it so grew a root to hold it tighter

Somebody left the sap bucket on a few years too long

And it didn't like the sign and nobody spray painted it so the bark oozed over it

Pesky fence got in the way of the traveling' tree

Careful text placement changes everything!

These next tree abuse chandeliers were meant to hang in trees and sparkle with reflected light

Do you know how heavy ice-laden crystals can get?  (But aren't they pretty?)
Designed to be hung from tree branches during winter, Arturo Erbsman's "Polar Light" is an ice chandelier composed of a metal structure covered with a soft white woven fishnet that catches water and gradually freezes it and turns it into beautiful stalactites. At nightfall, the chandelier glows as rays from a light source pass through the ice, highlighting the beauty and delicacy of the crystallization of water. Via his website, "This project considers factors of climate as potential drivers that can interact with manmade objects. It is the first result of my ongoing experimental research on relationship between manufactured objects and the four elements of nature."

It's exhausting, just exhausting.  Beam me up!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

buttons shuffled resident

“To escape criticism – do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” – Elbert Hubbard

Packing Packing Packing.  This sucks.  But after tomorrow it will all be in the car and away we go.  I've copied down the addresses of where we're headed so the GPS lady will help out.  I had one last afternoon out with a friend to take advantage of the 20% off the already marked down stuff at a favorite haunt.  When I was checking out they asked me about my birthday and I got another % off on top of the 20% so I made out like a bandit.  I shoulda bought more but already I am into the next trip waiting for room to schlepp this stuff all back.  Very cool here, heavy rains expected momentarily- I am not exactly anxious to go from sweater weather to 90 degrees and humid but my AC works great in the studio so all will be well.

 Livio De Marchi is a Venetian sculptor who works loves wood so much that he made everything in his home out of it and I do mean everything from furniture to clothing!  He even made an amazing wooden car that actually works... as a car and a boat!

  For his latest body of work, artist Maskull Lasserre acquired a number of souvenir sculptures, the kind found in antique stores or craft fairs that have been mass-produced by anonymous artists, which he then used as a foundation for his own artwork. In a process he refers to as “re-carving,” Lasserre removed details from the artist’s original work to reveal intricate skeletal structures

And there ya go.  One more day of weekend, and then there *I* go!

Squirrel Earbuds, well, earBUD.  The other earBUD is an acorn!  Yeah, I want these too.

somewhat Rochester homicidal

You can't get there by bus, only by hard work, risking, and by not quite knowing what you're doing. What you'll discover will be wonderful: yourself. (Alan Alda)

By now you all know I tout the rabbit as a perfect house pet, based on ONE out of four I've been the keeper for.  One was my ideal apartment single-gal-in-the-city pet I had for seven years, through several apartments, a marriage, and the birth of my first kid.  He was wonderful, my best confidant who I 'treated' with mini chocolate chips.  The next rabbit, acquired several years later, was also wonderful but as a baby, fell out of my BIL's arms and shattered his back leg.  After casting and waiting for healing, he became infected and we had to put him down.  The next two-  OMG...  Amelia would sit in her cage and growl at us, if we would let her out to hop around she would attack whatever moved near her.  We finally gave her to the bunny farm up in NH, and had a choice of bunny from her first litter.  That was Lily, and Lily turned out to be even larger and more intimidating than her mother.  We really gave her a chance, but what good id a pet you can't pet???  She went home with my cleaning woman never to be seen or heard of again.  I hope they lived a happy life.  ALL THIS is the buildup to this August 30th anniversary today:

   FedExed a box to myself with stuff I've been throwing in for the last week, nothing important, just a bit here a bit there.  I got pushed for time and didn't get it as full as I intended but my ned trip will have to be an empty suitcase trip and I'll fill it with the rest of the stuff I want to drag down.  The trip to Fed Ex was fraught with difficulty-  the 1st of September is moving day in Boston, all the leases are keyed to that date.  And the college kids are back, all 57,000 of them and their ratty U-hauls clog every street anywhere near their schools.  Moms and Dads are rampant, wandering around like deer in headlights.  Dad wants a beer and sandwich, mom wants to coordinate the kids bedding so there wasn't a family unit I saw that wasn't looking pretty stressed.  
So, we are almost halfway through the Labor Day weekend and I am on the hour countdown to leave.  Today I ate crackers with old chutney on them-  emptied another jar and it's sort of a tiny victory.

So-  lets celebrate with another couple of pictures of some related stuff-  I had fun finding it since the computer was tied up of days now.  I almost feel normal again~

Mile Long Hopscotch in Mile End!  It goes for blocks through a neighborhood in the city of London.

Aakash Nihalani's urban architecture

                                  Squirrel fun---until somebody gets hurt...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

circulatory proclaim wife

"So cheat your landlord if you must, but do not try to short-change the muse.
 It cannot be done. You can't fake quality." (William S. Burroughs)

Oh lordy-  I am feeling so Uncreative these days.  Frustrated at everything I try to get done, and scared to get back to the studio for fear this ennui will remain with me.  I've been away too long.  I've been packing with TY in mind-  he likes to travel with an empty trunk but I (unfortunately) got here with 2 months worth of clothes that didn't have a TSA inspection, plus for 'entertainment' I have scoured the closets here and at TJMaxx for treats-  not to mention the new 30# bag of dog food and their own suitcase of old chewed toys and extra poop bags and bottled water and food dishes-  no sense leaving any of it here because they aren't coming back.  I guess maybe I am treating my own stuff that way too, now that I think about it!

With great expectations of all the fabulous dinner parties I will be giving in my new kitchen, (!), I keep buying new dishtowels and napkins-  sort of a fetish thing now that I think about it.  And a huge bag of cookbooks I can't even lift.  I never use cookbooks any more, don't know why I am suddenly gonna need my formerly-favorite Time Life book I bought before I got married 40+ years ago.  I did leaf through it and wowie, things have changed as far as what's being eaten in THIS life, probably yours too.

TY took his car in for servicing last night to get it ready.  We have plans to go out every night before we leave so the refrigerator is emptying bit by bit.  And I've been making all my appointments to get caught up when I get back-  the usual stem-to-stern checks.  I always make the appointments around my birthday so I don't forget any of my parts that need attention- though as I get older I seem to have more parts somehow.

On the computer front-  I took back the worthless cable and continued migrating from the old to the new over our home network-  the initial estimate was it would take 31 hours (yeah, that's not a typo).  So I started it, let it run all night and into the afternoon and the lat time I checked I had 8 hours and 57 minute to go... and it stopped.  I could not get it started again to save my soul so I folded it all up and put the new one in my suitcase and will deal with it when I get back.  The woman at the Apple store lowered her voice and said if she had waited on me she would have sold me the cables and told me to return them the next day!  Bless her heart, and not in that Southern way!  

So, my friends, I am cleaning out the file of stuff I want you to see today-  hope there is something in here for your entertainment-  the theme is cardboard, obviously driven by the boxes I have piled up here!

One look at the art of Chris Gilmour astounds as normal cardboard is shaped into life-sized replications of everyday objects.

If you want to create detailed and imaginative flying machine sculptures that look like they’re about to take flight, cardboard is hardly the material to use. Unless of course you’re artist Daniel Agdag , who has been toiling away creating a series of new works each more detailed and fascinating than the next. “The Principles of Aerodynamics” is Agdag’s first solo exhibition where his series of cardboard contraptions that portray his “ongoing pursuit of escape through the metaphor of flight” will be on display through Aug 31, 2014.

(ground) squirrel PDA